george washington and the french and indian war
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George Washington and the French and Indian War

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George Washington and the French and Indian War - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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George Washington and the French and Indian War. The Appalachian Mountains prevented settlers from expanding westward. The Ohio River Valley. The English and the French both wanted to control the Ohio River Valley. The English wanted the land for farming.

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The Ohio River Valley

  • The English and the French both wanted to control the Ohio River Valley.
  • The English wanted the land for farming.
  • The French wanted the land to trap and sell beaver fur.
native americans take sides
Native Americans take sides
  • Most Native Americans sided with the French since they did not want to take the land.
  • France=Huron
  • British=The Iroquois Confederacy with the British.
  • This upset the balance of power in North America.
and so it began
And so it began
  • The French and Indian War (FIW) started in 1754 by attacking Fort Necessity.
  • The British are outnumbered, ambushed, and massacred.
British navy could control the Atlantic coast

Larger population in the colonies


Secret weapon – bagpipes

Guerilla warfare tactics

Strong, large network of forts

Huron Indians

albany congress meets
Albany Congress Meets
  • July 19 – 11, 1754
  • Benjamin Franklin suggested a union of the colonies.

First political cartoon in America

Colonies Rejected his Plan

Benjamin Franklin presented his plan of union (Albany Plan of Union) to the other English Colonies.

The plan called for a council made up of representatives that would have the authority to make war and peace, and to provide a defense against the French.


In 1755, General Braddock leads the British army and the colonial militia to drive the French out of the ORV. Washington tried to warn Braddock that their bright red uniforms and style of marching would not work. They would be easy targets for their enemies to spot.


burial of braddock
Burial of Braddock
  • After dark of the day General Braddock died (July 13th), Col. Washington buried the body in the middle of the army\'s road and had the troops march over it the next day. This was to hide the remains from the scavenging Indians who would want to plunder the grave and mutilate the body.
william pitt takes charge
William Pitt takes charge
  • William Pitt was made Prime Minister
  • He put England in debt by promising to pay all the costs of the war.
treaty of paris 1763
Treaty of Paris1763
  • Territorial changes in North America take place.
  • Britain took from France all its land east of the Mississippi River except for New Orleans.
  • Spain had to give up Florida since it had entered the war on the side of France.
  • To make up for that loss, France gave Spain New Orleans and all of Louisiana west of the Mississippi.

Pontiac’s War

  • Pontiac sees the British as a threat.
  • Tries to organize the Indians together
    • Great Lakes regions
  • Penn and Virginia frontier
  • Ended in August 1756
    • Shawnee and Delaware people are defeated
  • Pontiac signs a peace treaty and is pardoned