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September-1. Who is the protagonist ( and narrator – the person telling the story ) of the novel? What grade was he in? Who is the antagonist? What role did she play in Holling\'s life? How much support did he get from his father? Why?. September-2.

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september 1
  • Who is the protagonist (and narrator – theperson telling the story) of the novel? What grade was he in?
  • Who is the antagonist? What role did she play in Holling\'s life?
  • How much support did he get from his father? Why?
september 2
  • At school the next day, what did Holling imagine Mrs. Baker had done to his desk? How did he handle that situation?
  • Who did Holling think was spying on him from a window? Did he actually see her?
  • As the class diagrammed sentences, what did Mrs. Baker do that Holling thought proved that she hated him?
october 1
  • What skill did Holling get good at? What did he do an incomplete job of?
  • Why didn\'t Holling complain to his father about the chores he was assigned at school on Wednesdays?
  • Instead of going outside at lunch time, where did Holling go? Why?
october 2
  • How had Mr. Hoodhood found out abut the cream puff incident? What was his major concern?
  • Where did Holling intend to buy cream puffs? How much would they cost him?
  • After the incident with the rats, what activity took up the rest of the afternoon?
november 1
  • What did Meryl Lee do that caused herself embarrassment? How did she cause Holling misery too?
  • Who was Holling referring to when he said, "Pied ninny"? Who heard him? What did it actually mean?
  • Why was Mr. Hoodhood so happy? How did his good fortune extend to Holling?
november 2
  • Why didn\'t the students get to eat the cream puffs that Holling got from Mr. Goldman? How did Meryl Lee and Mai Thi react?
  • What did Holling do that caused Meryl Lee to cry?
  • What magically happened to the five cream puffs Holling bought and brought to class?
december 1
  • Over the P.A., what reason did Mr. Guareschi

give for students to do well on the upcoming

state test? What do you think of that reason?

  • What was Holling\'s biggest concern regarding his part in The Tempest? What was his sister\'s main concern?
  • What misconception did Holling let the other students believe? In your opinion, could he have handled their questions better?
december 2
  • After Mrs. Baker found out how Holling was doing in the play, how did she help him? How welldid Holling progress while working with Mrs. Baker?
  • Who stayed at school on Wednesday along with Holling?
  • What did they each get from Mrs. Baker? Who had donated the items
  • In the gym, what thrills awaited the boys?
january 1
  • Was Doug a good friend to Holling? What evidence do you have for your answer?
  • How did Meryl Lee help Holling? Did that surprise you? Why?
  • In the morning, what did the radio announcement verify?
january 2
  • What had Holling done that caused him to be in such a good mood during the testing?
  • Who was walking across the street in the path of the bus? What was Holling\'s immediate reaction? As a result of Holling\'s action, what happened to him? What happened to the other person?
  • What did Mr. Hoodhood do for Holling at the hospital? Is that what you would expect a parent to do? Explain.
february 1
  • What happened that startled the whole family? Who was the most upset?
  • What were three ways Holling\'s father showed his anger?
  • What was the next play Mrs. Baker assigned Holling
february 2
  • What did Holling and Meryl Lee talk about while drinking their sodas? How did Holling help Meryl Lee understand what his father was designing
  • How did Holling and Meryl Lee treat each other at school the next couple of days?
  • For what purpose did Holling go to Meryl Lee\'s house? Was he success
march 1
  • What purpose did Mr. Vendleri come into the classroom with a mallet and ladder?
  • What job was Holling assigned by Mr. Vendleri? How did that go?
  • Was Mr. Hoodhood angry with Holling\'s sister? Whose viewpoint did Holling side with?
march 2
  • What\'s the name of Holling\'s "new coach"? Did Holling heed the new training instructions?
  • Why did Holling run faster and then close himself into the tennis courts?
  • How did Mrs. Bigio make up with Mai Thi?
april 1
  • What news had improved Mrs. Baker\'s mood?
  • Why did Holling feel Meryl Lee\'s use of his phrase "Toads, beetles, bats" was exactly right?
  • What did the TV news report say about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? How did Holling\'s sister cope with that incident?
april 2
  • What standard did Coach Quatrini use for the tryouts?
  • Who came to cheer for the CJH team? In your opinion, who wasn\'t there but should have been?
  • Whose encouragement did Holling get right before his own race started? What else was in his mind that motivated him a lot?
may 1
  • Of the annoyances that were mentioned, which would you have found the most disagreeable during the bomb drills?
  • Why was Mr. Hoodhood especially quiet during dinner?
  • What did Mr. Hoodhood purchase? Did Holling like it?
may 2
  • How did Holling feel about his home now? What happened to change that?
  • Where was his sister? How much money did she need to get home?
  • Rather than go directly home, what did Heather and Holling do after she got off the bus?
june 1
  • What did Mrs. Baker dislike about camping? In your opinion, why did she continue to take the class there anyway?
  • How had Lt. Baker helped himself keep alive and well in the jungle? Who else helped him?
  • Where did Holling and Heather go together? What was the only bright spot that kept Holling from losing faith?
june 2
  • Which of Danny\'s fellow class members came to his bar mitzvah? Which of Holling\'s family came?
  • When Holling says, " - the miracle came after all," to what was he referring?
  • What point was Mrs. Baker making when she talked to Holling about his future?
vocabulary september
Vocabulary September

nefarious - wicked or evil

stance - a way of positioning the feet while standing

vocabulary october
Vocabulary October

diction - clarity of spoken words

foiled- prevented from happening

nefarious- wicked or evil

remnants- small remaining parts of something

wafted - moved gently in the air, as by a light breeze

vocabulary november
Vocabulary November

coagulate - gather together as into one mass

nefarious - wicked or evil

wafted - moved gently in the air, as by a light breeze

reconnaissance - a mission to gain information, usu. for military purposes

remnants- small remaining parts of something

vocabulary december
Vocabulary December

advent- arrival or beginning

conclude-to bring to end; finish

careen- move wildly while swaying from side to side

seclusion–an act of secluding

exquisite– extraordinary, fine or admiring

insubstantial - not large or sufficient

vocabulary january
Vocabulary January

careen - move wildly while swaying from side to side

remnants - small remaining parts of something

vocabulary february
Vocabulary February

dank - unpleasantly moist and cold (Page 31)

contemporary– modern (Page 148)

innovative–something new; technology (Page 148)

vocabulary march
Vocabulary March

dispatch- promptly send off

plummet – something that weighs down

soothsayer - one who tells of the future

stance - a way of positioning the feet while unscathed- unharmed; uninjuried

vanquished-to conquer or subdue by superior force

diction- clarity of spoken words

vocabulary may
Vocabulary May

meandered - wandered aimlessly

absolute- complete and without restrictions or exceptions

hawking- offering for sale

vocabulary june
Vocabulary June

nurturing- supplying care or training

blithe - lighthearted or casual

ascending - moving upward