The english colonies
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The English Colonies. 1605-1774. The Southern Colonies. Founding a New Colony. Founding a New Colony. Jamestown founded May 14, 1607 40 miles up James River in Virginia Lack of preparation Surrounded by marshes Disease carrying mosquitos. Jamestown. 105 colonists 2/3 died by winter

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The English Colonies

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The English Colonies


The Southern Colonies

Founding a New Colony

Founding a New Colony

  • Jamestown founded May 14, 1607

  • 40 miles up James River in Virginia

  • Lack of preparation

  • Surrounded by marshes

  • Disease carrying mosquitos


  • 105 colonists

  • 2/3 died by winter

  • Lack of preparation

  • Disease carrying mosquitos

John Smith

The Real John Smith

John Smith’s Impact

  • John Smith

  • Took Control of Jamestown 1608

  • Colonists rewarded for harder work

  • Powhatan Confederacy of Native Americans

John Rolfe



John Rolfe’s Impact

  • John Rolfe made Jamestown profitable

  • Introduced new type of tobacco

  • Sold well in England

Powhatan Confederacy



Powhatan Confederacy

  • John Rolfe married Pocahontas in 1614

  • Strengthened relations with Powhatan

Powhatan Confederacy

War in Virginia

  • In 1622, colonists killed Powhatan leader

  • Powhatan retaliated later that year

  • Fighting continued for 20 more years

Headright System

  • Colonists paid passage to Virginia

  • Received 50 acres of land

  • 50 additional acres for every new person brought.

  • Richer colonists + relatives (servants) = large amounts of land

Indentured Servants

  • High death rates in Virginia

  • Majority of workers indentured servants

  • Contracted to work 4-7 years for person who paid passage

Expansion of Slavery

Expansion of Slavery

  • First Africans brought in 1619 by Dutch

  • Demand for workers soon outpaced supply of indentured servants

  • Cost of slaves fell

  • By mid-1600s most Africans in Virginia were kept as slaves

Jamestown Grows

  • Economy of Jamestown grew

  • Colonial officials asked for more taxes

  • Poor colonists began to protest

Nathaniel Bacon

Nathaniel Bacon

  • Opposed to trade with American Indians

  • Attacked friendly tribe in 1676

Bacon’s Rebellion

Bacon’s Rebellion

  • Bacon attacked and burned Jamestown

  • Controlled much of the colony

  • …But died shortly after of dysentery

Other Southern Colonies

  • Church of England v. Roman Catholic Church

  • English Catholics were not allowed to worship freely

  • English leaders feared English Catholics would join other Catholic nations like France and Spain


Fightin’ Turtles

…Technically it’s a terrapin


  • Proposed by Lord George Calvert as a haven for Catholics in America in 1620

  • Charter awarded in 1632 to Cecilius Calvert

  • Colony established in 1634 and named in honor of Queen Henrietta Maria


  • By the 1640s, Protestants began moving into the colony

  • Religious conflicts arose

  • Cecilius Calvert (a.k.a Lord Baltimore) proposed the Toleration Act of 1649

  • Made it a crime to restrict the rights of all Christians

  • First law supporting religious tolerance in the colonies

North Carolina

  • Settlers of North Carolina came primarily from Virginia

North Carolina

  • Split from South Carolina in 1712

  • Economy relied heavily on tobacco production

South Carolina

  • Settlers of South Carolina came primarily from Europe

South Carolina

  • Like Virginia, those who paid their passage from Europe received large land grants

  • By 1730, some 20,000 slaves lived in South Carolina, compared to 10,000 white settlers

Remember this fact for later


  • Charter granted to James Oglethorpe in 1732

  • Intended as a buffer between

    Spanish Florida and the rest

    of the colonies

  • Oglethorpe wanted a place

    where debtors could make a

    fresh start

What a nice guy…


  • In 1733 Oglethorpe founded Savannah

  • Did not want large plantations owned by a few

  • Outlawed slavery to accomplish this

  • But less than 20 years later….

  • New laws were passed and Georgia was soon filled with large rice plantations worked by thousands of slaves

Economies of Southern Colonies

  • Depended on agriculture

  • Many small farms and some large plantations

  • Warm climate and long growing season

  • Cash crops

  • By 1700s, slaves

    replaced indentured

    servants as main source

    of labor

Slave Codes

  • Slave Codes - Laws to control slaves

Virginia, 1705 – "If any slave resists his master...

and in correcting such a slave, shall happen to be killed in such correction...

the master shall be free of all punishment...

as if such accident never happened."

South Carolina, 1712 - Any slave who evades capture for 20 days or more

is to be publicly whipped for the first offense;

branded with the letter R on the right cheek for the second offense;

and lose one ear for the third offense;

and castrated for the fourth offense.

Alabama, 1833 - "Any person or persons who attempt to teach any free person of color,

or slave, to spell, read, or write, shall, upon conviction thereof by indictment,

be fined in a sum not less than two hundred and fifty dollars,

nor more than five hundred dollars."

“Tortures, murder, and every other imaginable barbarity…are practiced upon the poor slaves with impunity. I hope the slave-trade will be abolished.”

  • OlaudahEquinao

The Big Idea

  • Despite a difficult beginning, the Southern Colonies soon flourished

Main Ideas

  • Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in America

Main Ideas

  • Daily life in Virginia was challenging to the colonists

Main Ideas

  • Religious freedom and economic opportunities were motives for founding other southern colonies

Main Ideas

  • Farming and slavery were important to the economies of the southern colonies

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