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The discover sailing program club implementation guide
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The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide. TITLE. DATE. The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide Program Introduction & Purpose Chapter 1 . TITLE. March 2013 . DATE. Welcome .

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The Discover Sailing Program Club Implementation Guide

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The discover sailing program club implementation guide

The Discover Sailing ProgramClub Implementation Guide



The discover sailing program club implementation guide program introduction purpose chapter 1

The Discover Sailing ProgramClub Implementation GuideProgram Introduction & PurposeChapter 1


  • March 2013




  • This presentation has an accompanying soundtrack you should now be hearing – if not check your audio and ensure you are in slideshow (full screen) mode

  • This presentation is for all club members with Gold Cards – the valued volunteers who lead our sport

  • This is Ross Kilborn, Sport Development Director at Yachting Australia, and this Program and presentation has been put together by the Sport Development Team at Yachting Australia, especially Participation Manager Daisy Brooke



  • This is the first of a series of 11 Chapters that will be released, one each month in 2013, that will go into the detail of the Discover Sailing Program that was launched in 2012.

  • There are explanatory materials and resources available to complement each Chapter

  • For further information your first contact should be your State Association or the Yachting Australia website under the tabs for

    • Participation

    • Education & Training

Launch communications 2012

Launch Communications 2012

  • December 2011 – Sport Development Plan 2011-14

  • January 2012 – gemba Report

  • March 2012 – Gold Card Newsletter Q1

  • March 2102 - Letter to YATC’s

  • April 21012 - Letter to Commodores

  • June 2012 – Renewal Letter to YATC’s becoming DSC’s

  • June 2012 – Gold Card Newsletter Q2

  • July 2012 – Instructor Newsletter

  • July 2012 – Discover Sailing Update

  • October 2012 – Gold Card Newsletter Q3

  • December 2012 – Gold Card Newsletter Q4

  • Communications from your State Association

  • Promotion through the sailing media

Outline of this chapter introduction

Outline of this Chapter – Introduction

  • Introduce the Discover Sailing Program

  • Present background data

Discover sailing program definition

Discover Sailing - Program Definition

  • The Program is an Australia wide initiative that engages Yachting Australia, the State Associations and Clubs in a common objective of increasing participation in safe sailing at member clubs. It is primarily an attraction strategy and includes everything Yachting Australia does that services Australians who are not yet sailing at clubs.

Prioritising participation

Prioritising Participation

  • Clubs indicated growing their membership is a priority

  • States want to assist clubs in increasing the numbers of people entering the sport

  • Yachting Australia aims to achieve the same success for States and clubs in the things that are important to them as it has achieved for high performance

Prioritising participation1

Prioritising Participation

  • 2010 Australian Sports Commission funded three major

  • priority participation programs for Yachting Australia:

  • Tackers – the Australia wide roll-out of a 7-12yo junior program

  • Sailability – inclusion of people of all abilities on the sailing pathway at clubs

  • A new entry brand / program, subsequently called “Discover Sailing”

Professional market research

Professional Market Research

  • Federal Government provided additional resource to conduct professional market research through gemba to inform the development of the Discover Sailing Program.

  • The gemba Report provides important information about the public perception of the sport and gives us an indication of what our existing members think about sailing.

  • More on the gemba Report in a later presentation

Opportunity to engage the public

Opportunity to engage the public

  • Success at the Olympics has sparked interest in sailing

  • The Discover Sailing Program was launched in time to help pro active clubs convert this interest into participation

  • 2013 is about a broader and deeper implementation of the professionally developed Australia wide Programs that we believe will help clubs grow participation and membership

Consultation with state associations

Consultation with State Associations

  • The Discover Sailing Program was developed in consultation with all the State Yachting Associations

  • Clubs point of contact for support in implementing the Discover Sailing Program is their State Yachting Association

Statistical background program rationale

Statistical Background (Program Rationale)

  • 350 sailing clubs in Australia - 120 of these clubs have more than 100 registered members

  • Total of 65000 on-water members sailing at clubs

    • 50% (half) of Membership is at the Top 25 clubs.

    • 66% (two thirds) of Membership is at the Top 50 Clubs

    • 80% of Membership is at the Top 100 Clubs

  • Approx. additional 45000 people participating in sailing who are not registered as participating at clubs (ABS Statistics).

Statistics for those under the age of 20

Statistics for those under the age of 20

  • Under 10,000 (15%) of the registered club members are under 20yo.

  • Only 14 clubs have more than 100 registered members under 20yo

  • Only 120 have more than 20 members under 20yo.

Statistical conclusions

Statistical Conclusions

  • Generational decline in participation

  • 30% Increase in the size of the Australian population in the same timeframe

  • Even accounting for inaccuracy in measurement and increased in compliance of registering members, participation in sailing is not growing

Comparison with other sports

Comparison with other sports

  • 90 recognised sports competing to get participants

  • Sailing is ranked 30

  • Sailing is ranked lowers than badminton, boxing, & water skiing

Sailing is a great sport

Sailing is a great sport

  • gemba confirmed that sailing is a sport Australians want to get into. It’s seen as:

    • Fun

    • Friends

    • Adventure

    • Responsibility

Sport development plan 2011 14

Sport Development Plan 2011-14

  • Provides a systematic approach to growing and strengthening sailing at clubs

  • Sport Services (competition management, officiating, risk & safety, & information technology)

  • Education & Training (Instructor education & training, public courses from introductory to advanced (including RYA) , Coach Development

  • Participation programs (Discover Sailing, Tackers, Sailability)

Premise of the discover sailing program

Premise of the Discover Sailing Program

  • Viewed from the “customer” perspective

  • Developed in response to professional market research

  • Considered in relation to successful participation programs offered in other sports

  • Recognises the need for significant change in the way sailing is presented and delivered to the public

  • Requires a commitment to focusing on participation

Program components

Program Components

  • Discover Sailing Days – Australia wide day and at clubs as often as they chose (2013 National Day is 27th Oct)

  • Discover Sailing Experiences – first step – new

  • Discover Sailing Courses – dinghy & keelboat

  • Tackers – juniors the highest priority (+ families)

  • Sailability - including 20% of the population who have a disability

  • Crewing for someone – most people don’t own a boat

  • Sailing Holidays

  • Sailing Pathways – for retention and mapping of participation



  • Where Discover Sailing Fits

  • The background

  • What it includes

  • Next Chapters

    • Planning and Prioritising

    • The gemba Report

Suggested club actions

Suggested Club Actions

  • At the end of every Topic we’ll suggest the actions Club Committees may want to consider taking.

  • For this one we suggest

    • Taking a look at the public face of the Program –

    • Take a look at the overview of the Program for Clubs on

  • Make sure your Club Committee are all aware of this initiative

The monthly chapters

The Monthly Chapters

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