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Lesson 26 She didn’t like it because it was too high. Lesson26. Beifang Middle School 季芳. Have you heard of any English stories?. The Little Match Girl. Snow White. The Agly Duck. Cinderella. Answer the questions:

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Lesson 26She didn’t like it because it was too high.


Beifang Middle School


Answer the questions:

Have you heard the story called Goldilocks and the Three


What do you think the story is about?

What can you see in the picture?

What kind of person is Goldilocks?

Can you guess what happened between the bears and the girl?

To read the story and match the main ideas of each paragraph:


The porridge was very hot , so the three bears went for a walk.


A family of three bears and their chairs ,dishes and beds.


Goldilocks tried the bears’ beds.


Goldilocks tried the bears’ chairs.

3Goldilocks came to the house and tried the bears’ porridge.

To listen to the first paragraph and then fill in the blanks:

Once upon a time, there was a ______ of three bears

who ______ in a house in a forest. Each one had a _____

for breakfast and the dish was just the right size. Father bear

had a ______ dish. Mother bear ____ a medium-sized dish.

Baby bear had a ______ dish. And was the same with their

_______and with their beds, too. Everything was the

right size for __________.








each bear


1. What were their dishes like?

2.How about their chairs?

3.What about their beds?

To read the 2nd paragraph and answer the questions blanks:

1. What happened one morning?

2. Why did they decide to go for a short walk?

3. What’s the weather like that morning?

4. Is it a perfect time for a walk?

The bears made some porridge for breakfast and served it in their dishes.

Because the porridge was very hot.

It was very sunny.


To read the 3-5 blanks:th paragraphs and then fill in the table:

Father Bear’s porridge

Had too much salt

Mother Bear’s porridge

Didn’t have enough salt

Baby Bear’s porridge


Ate it up

Father Bear’s chair

Living room

Mother Bear’s chair

Too low

Sat there and broke it

Just right

Baby Bear’s chair

Father Bear's bed

Too hard


Too soft

Baby Bear’s bed


Fell asleep

Retell the story according to the given words. blanks:

Once upon a time, a family of ______ lived in a forest. They were ____,_____ and______.Everything was just ______size for each_____.

One day, the bears made_______and served it in their dishes. As the porridge _________, they decided to_________ .

While they were out, a___________called______came to the house.

She went inside the kitchen – tried porridge—ate up

the living room chairs -- broke

the bedroom beds -- fell asleep

1.After you learn about this story, can you tell me what kind

of person Goldilocks is?

2.So what should you do in the future in our life?

So everyone here, I hope you had better not learn from the

rude girl---Goldilocks.

  • Homework: kind

  • Try to retell the story better or read the text.

2. Try to write the end of the story by your own words.(for the students of Group 1)

3.To write the story shortly by your own words.

(for the students of Group 2)