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SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES AT MALASPINA UNIVERSITY-COLLEGE Presentation co-created by Sandra Christensen and Angelique Nash-Thurmeier. Contents Facilities Faculty and Curriculum Student Led Initiatives Residence Programs Administration Contact Information. FACILITIES SERVICES

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Presentation co-created by Sandra Christensen


Angelique Nash-Thurmeier

  • Contents

  • Facilities

  • Faculty and Curriculum

  • Student Led Initiatives

  • Residence Programs

  • Administration

  • Contact Information




  • Retrofitting – BC Hydro Power Smart

  • Natural Resources Canada – EECS 2000

  • Geothermal Energy

  • DDC – programmed temperature control

  • LEED

  • Recycling

  • Energy Management Plan

  • Master Planning

  • Local energy & design consultants


Science Programming – Deep Bay Shellfish Farming

Applied Trades and Technology – New Energy Building

Geography – Campus Sustainability Assessment

Geology – Lifestyles Project

Anthropology – Sustainability Report for City of Nanaimo

Horticulture – Organic fertilizers, Appropriate practices

Culinary Arts – Composting, Food managed by Malaspina

Management: Recreation and Tourism – Heart of Gold project

Seawater Pipelines

Deep Bay Field StationShellfish Farming: Securing Sustainable Coastal Communities

Heart of Gold direct trade coffee project

Student Led Initiatives: Student Union Activities Solutions Sustainability Network

Student Union Activities

Consumer Products and Recycling

Campus Community Swaps

Technology - sensors

Awareness Events and Fundraisers

Solutions Sustainability Network

“To cultivate a campus community that practices and celebrates sustainable ways of living in collaboration with the wider community.”

Solutions Events

  • Climate Change Fair, Sustainability Fair

  • World Water Day, Earth Day

  • Recycled Craft and Seed Ball Workshops

  • Showing of An Inconvenient Truth & King Korn

  • Food-Film-Forums - ongoing and growing – World Bridger Connection

  • Critical Mass Bike Rallies

  • Community Gardens Building – demonstration site (North end library)

  • Work Opportunities – 5 Coordinator Positions to Date

Campus community works together

“Hi Angelique,

I spoke to our dean and he is completely supportive .... I know there will be some of our students who are interested in helping with the Solutions for Sustainability which will get us all some very important press on this. I would also like to link it to our webpage as I think as a campus and a program we should look at how they are inter-related. Incidentally, our Center for Shellfish Research field station at Deep Bay is focused on sustainable shellfish aquaculture which depends on clean waterways, as well as our Dean is working on a bio-diesel project for the future. There are a lot of initiatives on campus and we can drive this forward this fall when our students begin.

Keep in touch,


Critical Mass Bike Rallies

Residences & Ongoing Programs

  • Good Food Box (2004-present)

  • Weekly grocery store shuttle (2005-)

  • Recycling in Residence (2005-)

  • Composting in residence & on campus (2006-)

  • Housing conference presentation: Seeds of Sustainability (2007)

  • Campus Gardens Project (2007-)

Campus Community Gardens Project

Administration: TASMI

  • Reformed as “Campus Sustainability Committee”

  • Members from Malaspina’s board of directors, faculty, staff and student representatives

  • Parking proceeds + external funding = $60,000 reinvestment fund… “will be used to engage in projects designed to reduce Malaspina University-College’s ecological footprint. Priorities will include: waste reduction, energy efficiency, alternate transport, and sustainable development. The Committee will work with all areas of Malaspina to promote sustainability both on campus and in the community.”

  • Explore opportunities for greater collaboration with students, faculty, staff, and community

Many Hands

We are learning: “Many hands make quick work.”

~ Building community means working together, from planning to implementation … it means recognizing each others’ strengths and potentialities and helping to develop these

~ Networking and forming a group is important for idea development and project success

~ Creating a shared vision brings people together, encourages and brings focus to community planning and implementation

~ Sharing plans & connecting with community is instrumental to success (e.g. Attending, promoting and hosting events, ongoing dialogue)

~ Know institutional processes and protocol (e.g. Proposals and specific plans, who to get in touch with)

~ Gather resources & support

~ Cross-curricular connections - involve students, faculty, staff and members of the local (residences) and broader communities to further collaborate, build and work together to create possibilities for relevant and necessary future projects


Angelique Nash-Thurmeier:

[email protected]

Sandra Christensen:

[email protected]

Solutions Sustainability Network:

[email protected]

Thank You!!!

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