Geometry is everywhere
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Geometry is everywhere. By Jackie L amphere. octagon. This is a octagon because it has eight sides. I found this shape on my road. Cone. This is a cone because it has no vertices, it has no edges, and one face. I found this out in my dads works driveway. perpendicular lines.

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Geometry is everywhere

Geometry is everywhere

By Jackie Lamphere


This is a octagonbecause it haseight sides. I found this shapeon my road.


This is a cone because it has no vertices, it has no edges, and one face. I found this out in my dads works driveway.

Perpendicular lines
perpendicular lines

This is perpendicular lines because they make a perfect T. I found this in thewoods .


This is a rectangle because it has for sides , two pairs of parallel lines. I found this on my car.


This is a square because it has four sides and they are all the same size. I found this square in a gorge on a tire.


This is a sphere because it has no vertices or no edges or no faces. I found this sphere on the back of a old truck.


This is hexagon because it has six sides. I found this in a gorge on the floor.


This is a cylinder because it has two bases and no edges or no vertices. I found this cylinder on a muffler .

T riangle

This is a isosceles triangle because it has two sides that are the same size. I found this isosceles triangle on a lift in a gorge.

Parallel lines
Parallel lines

this is parallel lines because it has two straight lines that if they keep going they will never cross ever. I found this parallel line in the back of a gorge yard.