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Elements of Art. The Elements of Art. Point ~ the smallest element, the center, a dot. The Elements of Art. Line ~ a never ending series of points, the edge of a shape, a directional force. The Elements of Art. Shape ~ an area of space that is trapped by a closed line

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Elements of Art

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Slide1 l.jpg

Elements of Art

The elements of art l.jpg

The Elements of Art

Point ~ the smallest element, the center, a dot

The elements of art3 l.jpg

The Elements of Art

Line~ a never ending series of points, the edge of a shape, a directional force

The elements of art4 l.jpg

The Elements of Art

Shape~ an area of space that is trapped by a closed line

  • Organic - natural, curvy

  • Geometric - angular, measurable

The elements of art5 l.jpg

The Elements of Art

Form~ a collection of shapes that create a

3-D object or the illusion of a 3-D object

Point line shape form l.jpg

Point, Line, Shape, Form

  • Points become Lines

  • Lines become Shapes

  • Shapes become Forms

  • Forms are 3 Dimensional

Georges seurat sunday at the park points in a painting pointillism l.jpg

Georges Seurat: “Sunday at the Park”Points in a Painting: Pointillism

Pablo picasso mother and child 1922 l.jpg

Pablo Picasso “Mother and Child” 1922

Follow the bold black lines in this painting beginning at the bottom right corner to the top left.

Picasso three musicians 1921 l.jpg

Picasso “Three Musicians” 1921

  • What type of shapes does the artist use here; organic or geometric?

  • What do you think the subject of this abstract collage?

Slide10 l.jpg

Picasso: “Guernica” 1937 Identify points, lines and shapes. What do you think the subject is in this work of art?

Now what about color l.jpg

Now, What about Color?

  • Hue - Pure Color

  • Value - Light to Dark

  • Intensity -Brightness

Natural color diego rivera flower festival 1925 l.jpg

Natural ColorDiego Rivera “Flower Festival” 1925

  • Colors from the natural world, colors that you see in nature, colors that would be realistic.

Expressive color huichol yarn painting l.jpg

Expressive ColorHuichol Yarn Painting

  • Colors chosen for their brilliance, colors chosen because of their impact

Texture l.jpg


  • Texture - the way something feels or appears that it would feel

Space ansel adams moon over half dome 1960 l.jpg

Space Ansel Adams “Moon Over Half Dome” 1960

  • Space - the spaces in and around the objects in a work of art, positive or negative

Contemporary artist dale leys l.jpg

Contemporary ArtistDale Leys

Dale leys junior microscope l.jpg

Dale Leys: “Junior Microscope”

Dale leys in his studio l.jpg

Dale Leys: in his studio

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