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Cloud Server From Best IT. An enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure designed specifically around the business needs of SMBs. Agenda. Overview: Your Apps & Cloud Server Benefits: Maximizing Value & Eliminating Worries Features and Functionality

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Cloud Server From Best IT

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Cloud Server From Best IT

An enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure designed specifically around the business needs of SMBs.


Overview: Your Apps & Cloud Server

Benefits: Maximizing Value & Eliminating Worries

Features and Functionality

Managed Services & Support Overview

Packaging and pricing

Overview: Your Apps & Cloud Server

Cloud Server: It’s All About Your Apps

Cloud Server is an enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure designed specifically around the business needs of SMBs.

With a 99.999% SLA, it provides a worry-free experience that keeps you focused on your business—ensuring you use your business apps to their fullest potential.

Cloud Server: It’s All About Your Apps

  • Drive the greatest value from your application infrastructure

  • Keep costs predictable with fixed monthly pricing

  • Ensure superior performance, availability and data protection

  • Match your cloud environment to your use case

  • Balance broad ease-of-use with granular control

  • Firewall, VPN and 99.999% SLA come standard

  • Keep your focus on your business

  • <summarize your onboarding & migration assistance>

  • <summarize your support levels>

Cloud Server: It’s All About Your Apps

  • Cloud Server vs. On-Premise Servers

  • More consistent performance

  • Superior support

  • No CAPEX

  • Cloud Server vs. Other Clouds

  • Predictable costs

  • Familiar technologies

  • Pre-configured integrations

  • Full control over cloud environment

  • Designed specifically around the business needs of SMBs

Benefits: Maximizing Value, Eliminating Worries

Make an Impact On Your Company

  • Eliminate the risks of ownership

  • On-premise levels of control—without the risk or investment

  • You offload hardware, software and maintenance requirements

  • We ensure your infrastructure is always up and running at peak performance—99.999% SLA

  • Redirect your time, money and energy

  • Keep your key resources focused on your core expertise

  • Eliminate CAPEX requirements

  • No need for internal maintenance and support

Drive the Greatest Value from your Infrastructure

  • Performance

  • Best-of-breed components & virtualization software

  • Architected to maximize speed, minimize latency

  • Financially backed SLA of 99.999%

  • Security

  • Datacenter is SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II compliant and strictly access-controlled

  • Fully isolated tenant networks

  • Integrated perimeter firewalls come standard

  • Site-to-site VPN service comes standard

Drive the Greatest Value from your Infrastructure

  • Configurability

  • Multiple server configurations for matching your cloud environment to your application requirements

  • Customize with add-ons like memory, storage & processing

  • Scalability

  • Deploy efficiently around your existing needs

  • Add memory, storage or vCPUs without requiring redeployment

  • Provision entirely new virtual machines within minutes

  • Price

  • Fixed monthly pricing makes costs predictable and controllable

  • ROI calculations are easy

Drive the Greatest Value from your Infrastructure

  • Broad ease-of-use…

  • Pre-configured to integrate with your existing <company name> services

  • Simple management through a single online console

  • …balanced by granular control

  • Granular control over your virtual machines, firewalls and site-to-site VPNs, etc.

  • No need to learn unfamiliar technologies or systems

Keep Your Focus on Your Business

  • White-glove onboarding and migration

  • <detail about onboarding & migration>

  • <detail about onboarding & migration>

  • <detail about onboarding & migration>

  • Outstanding ongoing support

  • <detail about support>

  • <detail about support>

  • <detail about support>

Why Cloud Server From <Company Name>

  • vs. On-Premise Servers:

  • Predictability, affordability and responsiveness

  • Best-of-breed components

  • Enterprise-grade datacenter

  • Top-tier providers

  • 99.999% financially backed uptime guarantee

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership

  • <White-glove onboarding and migration>

  • Eliminate CAPEX

  • vs. Other Clouds:

  • Fixed costs, full control and pre-configured integration

  • Dashboard offers full visibility and control over your cloud environment

  • Flat monthly pricing makes costs predictable

  • No configuration and integration headaches

  • No need to learn unfamiliar technologies

  • Backed by the highest caliber of technical and onboarding support

  • Designed specifically for the business needs of SMBs

Features & Functionality

An Infrastructure Architected for Performance

Server Hardware

  • Enterprise-grade Dell PowerEdge servers

  • Full component redundancy


    • Redundant/Multipath Cisco Nexus 7010 Switches

    • 10 gigE Network Connections

    • Multiple high speed peering interconnects in top tier datacenter


    • EMC VNX 7500 10k SAS over fiber channel

    • Redundant/multipath Brocade switches

      VMware Cloud Director

    • Top-tier offering from VMware

    • Fully automated and elastic cloud layer

    • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise • vMotion, DRS, VMware HA • VMware vShield Edge

      • Integrated firewall, VPN and security features

    • Isolated management cluster and production compute platform

    • Agentless Symantec Backup

The Highest Levels of Security

  • Physical Security

  • Highly secure and reliable top tier datacenter

  • A consistently more secure environment than on-premise deployments can provide

  • Internal and external closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance

  • Biometric scanners control access control to datacenter floor

  • 24x7 on-site security staffing

  • Logical Security

  • Dedicated security staff and employee controls

  • Every employee, regardless of their role, undergoes a rigorous background check

  • Employee access to electronic credentials is strictly controlled and audited regularly

The Highest Levels of Security

  • Network Security

  • Fully isolated tenant network for each customer

  • Integrated perimeter firewall and site-to-site VPN services

  • VPNs facilitate hybrid cloud scenarios between on-premise and cloud-based environments

  • Compliance

  • Cloud Server’s datacenter is SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II compliant

Designed for Reliability, Flexibility & Scalability

  • Capacity, scalability, and resource allocation

  • Provision a maximum of8 CPU cores, 1TB of storage, 32GBs of RAM

  • Add resources to your cloud in minutes from within the control panel

  • Platform is sized for performance, NOT density

  • Highly available

    • VMware HA Active-Active clustering & N+1 component redundancy at server, storage and network layers

    • Datacenter with redundant network topology, UPS and generator backups; redundant HVAC; and fire detection & suppression systems

  • Choice of optimized images

    • Windows 2008 Enterprise 32bit or Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64bit

    • Windows 2003 SP2 (R2) 32bit/64bit workloads can be migrated

Reduce Management Complexity

  • Self-service Cloud Server management

    • Dashboard with server status & health reporting, power management, remote desktop access, server console access

  • Automated provisioning & capacity management

  • Managed services include all infrastructure components, nightly backup, and monitoring for each Cloud Server

  • Full admin access & permissions for each Cloud Server

Scalability and Disk Management

  • Storage can be easily upgraded

  • Storage can be allocated to one or more disks

    • As a best practice, Volatile and Non-Volatile data should be separated across multiple disks

  • Adding or expanding disks will add RAW disk space to the server

  • If a disk was upgraded, the existing partition can be expanded using “Extend Partition” option

  • If a new disk is added, it needs to be “Initialized”, set “Online” and then formatted

Granular Control with Virtual Consoles

Manage your server as if you were on-site

  • Visualize the OS startup screen

  • Diagnose system errors

  • Control the server through its native graphical user interface

  • Access and troubleshoot your server when Terminal Server is not up and running

  • Access power management capabilities

  • Mount local CD/DVD/ISO to Cloud Server


  • Requires installation of the VMware Remote Console Plugin (available for download from within the control panel)

  • IE8+ and Firefox browsers are currently supported

  • Console does not work over proxies, so please disable them

Simplify Monitoring with Resource Utilization Alerts

  • Key resource information lets you predict your needs

  • Resources are averaged over a 24 hour period

  • Yellow and red alerts are provided for CPU, memory or storage usage above 70% and 90% respectively

Flexible Software-Based Firewall

  • Included with every Cloud Server

  • Enabled by VMware vShield Edge

  • More flexible than hardware firewalls

  • Tightly integrated with VMware HA and vMotion

  • Self-service firewall management

  • 5-tuple stateful inspection firewall allows users to control network access using source and destination information

  • Inbound and outbound connection control with rules based on:

    • IP-address—Source/destination IP address

    • Ports—Source/destination port

    • Protocol—By type (TCP or UDP)

    • NAT & DHCP support

Hybrid Clouds via Site-to-Site VPN

  • Included with every Cloud Server

  • Enabled by VMware vShield Edge

  • Secure communication between the customer’s network in the cloud and VPN endpoint on premise

  • IPsec VPN, based on the IKE (Internet Key Exchange) protocol

  • Apply firewall rules to VPN traffic

  • Site-to-Site and client-to-site tunneling

  • Self-service VPN management

Managed Services & Support Overview

Management & Support Service Levels

  • Fully managed services included with each Cloud Server

  • Management of all infrastructure components

  • Nightly backup

  • Basic monitoring

  • Managed firewall/VPN

  • <24x7> support

  • Additional Managed Services <partner determined>

    Examples of additional services partner can provide Include:

    • Application management

    • Anit-virus

    • Etc.

    Packaging and Pricing

    Cloud Server Usage & Packaging

    Potential uses:

    • Active Directory, File Server

    • QuickBooks, ACT!

    • Dedicated SharePoint, MS Project

    • Terminal Services, SQL Server


    VPN • Firewall • 99.999% SLA • Fully Managed Services

    All Cloud Server accounts include:

    99.999% SLA, firewall, VPN, public IPs, infrastructure management, nightly backups, monitoring, Windows 2008 Enterprise OS and IIS

    Available add-ons and services:

    Ask about additional vCPUs, memory, storage, extended backup, bandwidth, SQL Server and additional IPs.

    • Cloud Server I

    • 1 vCPU

    • 1 GB Memory

    • 50 GB Storage

    • 50 GB Bandwidth

    • Cloud Server II

    • 1 vCPU

    • 2 GB Memory

    • 100 GB Storage

    • 100 GB Bandwidth

    • Cloud Server III

    • 2 vCPUs

    • 3 GB Memory

    • 150 GB Storage

    • 200 GB Bandwidth

    • Cloud Server IV

    • 3 vCPUs

    • 4 GB Memory

    • 200 GB Storage

    • 300 GB Bandwidth

    Cloud Server Pricing—Add-ons


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