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Why do schools self review?. Why do schools self review?. We live in an open societyAccountabilityImprovementKnowledgeStudent outcomesSchool systems. The Context. NAG 2 requires schools to develop a strategic plan which documents how they are giving effect to the

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School Self Review

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7. School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying what works and why

8. School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying what works and why

16. Source: Teacher Professional Learning and Development: Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration (Timperley et al., 2007).

19. Reading Writing Mathematics Key competencies NZC implementation Assessment, including formative assessment Inquiry learning ICT Maori Pacific Special Needs, including G and T Regular quality Physical Activity Career Guidance Reporting to Parents Reporting to the BOT Self review National Standards Professional Development Performance Management Major property projects Health and Safety Healthy eating

20. Targets Targets should be: Based on evidence / data C-SMART: challenging, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound Specific targets allow for more objective reviews

22. School self review What place do your schoolís vision, values, strategic plan, annual plan and targets have in school review? What reference is made to your schoolís vision, values, strategic plan, annual plan and targets during BOT meetings? During management meetings? What might YOU need to do to raise the profile of these key student achievement documents when you return to school?

23. Consultation Many reviews may require schools to consult with stakeholders. Community survey. Likert scale? Maori & Pasifika communities Community focus group(s) Staff survey BOT survey Student survey where appropriate

36. The New NAG NAG 2A (a) report to students and their parents on the studentsí progress and achievement in relation to National Standards. Reporting to parents in plain language in writing must be at least twice a year;

38. From 2010, schools are required to assess each studentís progress and achievement in relation to the NS and to report to parents, families and whanau in writing and using plain language at least twice a year. At least one of the these written reports should include 1 The studentís current learning goals 2 The studentís achievement and progress in relation to the NS 3 What the school will do to support the studentís learning 4 What parents, family and whanau can to do support their childís learning

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