Egtc in practice
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EGTC in practice. Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives Gyula Ocskay. Lovasberény, 28 February 2012. 11th October 2011: inauguration of the renewed Maria Valeria bridge. Where did we get our experiences from ?. István Pálfi MEP (1966-2006).

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EGTC in practice

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Egtc in practice

EGTC inpractice

Central European Service for

Cross-Border Initiatives


Lovasberény, 28February 2012

Where did we get our experiences from

11th October 2011: inauguration of therenewed Maria Valeriabridge


István Pálfi MEP (1966-2006)

The Ister-Granumeuroregion

Egtc in practice

21st September 2005: presentation of ourdevelopmentplaninthe EP

Establishment process:

following an unknownpath

8th May 2008: foundingceremony of Ister-Granum EGTC


Ister granum egtc the fields of co operation

Ister-Granum EGTC: thefields of co-operation


Egtc in practice

Participationinthe EGTC Urbact II project lead bythe MOT


Egtc in practice

  • The main objectives of CESCI:

  • providing professional support for cross-border cooperation along the Hungarian borders as well as in several other states of Central and South-eastern Europe

  • incorporating the Euroregions, the EGTCs and the local and regional authorities participating in the cross border cooperation into a network

  • promoting good examples from Western European initiatives

  • establishing strategic cooperation with the competent decision making and decision preparing institutes of the European Union as well as with Northern and Western European networks created with the same purpose

  • strengthening the internal cohesion and mutual rapprochement within the region by establishing partnerships between the nations of Central and Southern Europe.


Egtc in practice

  • Ourportfolio:

  • Informationproviding and network building

  • Researches, analyses

  • Spatialplanning

  • Institutiondevelopment

  • Project development

  • Project management


Egtc in practice


Egtc in practice


Egtc in practice

The EGTC: is it a duckora rabbit?


Egtc in practice

The EGTC: what is itfor?

(11) An EGTC should be able to act, either for the purpose ofimplementingterritorialcooperationprogrammesorprojectsco-financed by the Community, notably underthe Structural Funds in conformity with Regulation (EC)

No 1083/2006 and Regulation (EC) No 1080/2006 ofthe European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July2006 on the European Regional Development Fund (5),or for the purpose of carrying out actions of territorialcooperation which are at the sole initiative of theMember States and their regional and local authoritieswith or without a financial contribution from the Community.

SLO: it is completelyimpossible

SK: specificobjectives (differencesneededbetweenthestatutes of theEGTCs)

RO: it is an ETC basedtool

„Specifically, the tasks of an EGTC shall be limitedprimarily to the implementation of territorial cooperationprogrammesor projects co-financed by the Community

through the European Regional Development Fund, the EuropeanSocial Fund and/or the Cohesion Fund.” (Art. 7.)


Egtc in practice

Competencies, tasks and legalbarriers


Egtc in practice


  • What is thecontent of theConvention and theStatutes? What is thedifferencebetweenthem? (e.g. theplace of thelistofmembers)

  • Is itpossibleforthe EGTC torun a business on a non-profit manner? Ontheotherside of theborder?

  • What is thesituationif a memberleavesthecooperation? (The Statutes and theConventionareto be amended; newapprovingprocedure.What is aboutthecommonassets?)

  • Public procurement, VAT, ownershipissues


Egtc in practice

A successful EGTC

  • Ingredients:

  • Clearjointobjectives, interests (commonstrategy)

  • Intention and capacity of financing

  • Strong, well-basedpartnership (commonfirm, wellbalancedcompetencies)

  • Professional management

  • A long-termstrategicapproach

  • Humble and hardwork


Egtc in practice


Ocskay Gyula


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