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Try These: How many Sig Figs in the following? .00234 20,002 29,000 2.3000 Solve 12.1012cm + 20.234cm + 11.12cm= 2.345cm X 11.023cmX.0023. Oh Wow…We need a review. Homogeneous Mixture-something consistent throughout Ex: Salt water

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Oh Wow…We need a review

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Try These:How many Sig Figs in the following?.0023420,00229,0002.3000Solve12.1012cm + 20.234cm + 11.12cm=2.345cm X 11.023cmX.0023

Oh Wow…We need a review

  • Homogeneous Mixture-something consistent throughout Ex: Salt water

  • Heterogeneous-Mixed composition throughout Ex: Alphabet soup, Sample of Dirt

  • Element- Basic Building Block (See Periodic Table) Ex: N,I,O

  • Compound-composed of elements

    • Ex: CO2

  • Pure substance can’t be separated with out a change of composition (O2, NaCl (salt), H2O) can be elements or compounds

How does significant digits relate to tools in science?

  • Significant Digits show how precise a tool is

  • Precision is How close measurements are to each other

  • This is different than accuracy which is how close you are to the correct answer

Explain what a precise dart player would look like. How would this compare to an accurate player?

What is in a Good Procedure?

What does it mean Control a procedure?

  • In a controlled experiment everything is the same except for the manipulated variable

How does this relate to an experimental control?

  • An experimental control determines if the environment has any affect on the data

You will design an experiment to determine the affect of temperature on Reaction Rate

  • Available Materials

  • Beakers, Ice, Water, 3 polident tablets, graduated cylinders

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