The development of civilization
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The Development of Civilization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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e. The Development of Civilization. Answer these questions from your text book. Complete the following sentence PAGES 4-8. Archaeologist learn how early people developed skills and tools by: To help them analyze a site, archaeologist make:

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The Development of Civilization

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The Development of Civilization

Answer these questions from your text book

Complete the following sentence PAGES 4-8

Archaeologist learn how early people developed skills and tools by:

To help them analyze a site, archaeologist make:

3. Archaeologist study and interpret their findings using:

4. Historians study how people lived by examining:

5. By studying the lives of both famous and ordinary people, historians can gain:

6. Geography can be described as:

7. The five themes that sum up the impact geography has had on humans History are:

The word Civilization comes from:

The Latin word Civitas-

meaning city

At the end of the Neolithic period

Other developments




Specialized Skills


Social Classes

Method of keeping Records

Early Cities developed around

6,000 B.C.E.

The developed by the 5 great river valleys


Yellow River

Huang He


Ganges / Indus


Why did cities developed around Rivers?

For a food supply (fishing), watering crops, watering animals as well as having water for themselves and Transportation.

Define the following terms:



Technology:Cultural diffusion:



Paleolithic Age:

Ne0lithic Age:

Group Assignment: Be ready to Present at the end of class

  • You will be working in small groups:

  • Each group will NAME their own village

  • Using the 6 Key Neolithic developments you will discuses and come up with your groups idea of building your village.

    • Government- what type?

    • Religion- what type?

    • Occupations- what are needed in building a successful civilization?

    • Specialized skills- what type of “workers” are needed to build your village / civilization?

    • Social classes- how are the divided? What are they? What will you name them?

    • Record keeping… how will you keep track of all the things that are going on in the village?

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