Traditional inuit save alaska
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Traditional Inuit: Save Alaska PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traditional Inuit: Save Alaska. By: Student 2. Save the Environment. Oil drilling could ruin the environment completely. Before After. Cons of Oil Drilling. #1- Wildlife could be disturbed. #2- Possibility that no oil will be found.

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Traditional Inuit: Save Alaska

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Traditional inuit save alaska

Traditional Inuit:Save Alaska

By: Student 2

Traditional inuit save alaska

Save the Environment

Oil drilling could ruin the environment completely.


Cons of oil drilling

Cons of Oil Drilling

#1- Wildlife could be disturbed.

#2- Possibility that no oil will be found.

#3- It will highly disturb the environment.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting and Fishing

  • Many Inuit‘s hunt and fish for their main supply of food. Oil drilling could drive off or even kill the wildlife.

Traditional inuit save alaska


  • Oil is important but this oil( if there is any) could be saved for a reserve. Just getting to this oil could be a very long and expensive task.



  • Many Inuit's fish for food. If this oil somehow leaked into the rivers and lakes it could wipe out the entire population of fish. This could cause a food shortage.


Traditional inuit save alaska


  • Our government doesn't have the money to pay for the expenses of getting this oil. This could raise taxes even more.



  • The environment of Alaska is very fragile. The growing season is very short. Animals depend on plants for food. Oil drilling could kill many plants.



  • The people ( Inuits) that already live here would probably be very angry. They believe that the drilling for this oil would scare or kill all the animals off.



  • Alaska has hardly any paved roads so moving the oil but semis would be almost out of the picture. And making another pipe-line would take lots of time and money.

Transportation continued

Transportation Continued…

  • Even if they could find a way to move the oil it would take tons of gallons of fuel just hauling it. Not to mention the cost of that.

$4= 1 Gallon

Conclusion sources


  • Please vote against oil drilling in Alaska.

Thanks for your time.

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