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Geography why is qatar a part of asia
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Geography Why is Qatar a part of Asia??!!. Done by Aditya & Maisha 6C. The map and flag of Qatar. The Geography of Qatar.

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Geography Why is Qatar a part of Asia??!!

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Geography why is qatar a part of asia

GeographyWhy is Qatar a part of Asia??!!

Done by Aditya & Maisha 6C

The map and flag of qatar

The map and flag of Qatar

The geography of qatar

The Geography of Qatar

Qatar is in the Middle East, a peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. The geographic co-ordinates of the country is: 25 30 N, 51 15 E. Strategic location in central Persian Gulf near major petroleum deposits.

History of qatar

History of Qatar!

Qatar was dominated by the Bahraini rulers until late nineteenth Century. This is when the Ottomans took over and the British made a treaty with Qatari nobles. The British left Qatar in 1971 and that is when Qatar became an independent state.

Qatar s primary resource

Qatar’s Primary Resource

Oil was discovered in 1940 at Dukhan. The Company was called Qatar Petroleum Company, a copy of the Iraq Petroleum Company. However, the start of World War II delayed the finding of Qatar's oil, and oil exports did not begin until 1949.During the 1950s and 1960s increasing oil brought rapid immigration, progression the economy, and the beginnings of Qatar's modern history. By mid-1971, as the end date of the British “treaty” relationship approached, Accordingly, Qatar declared independence as a separate country and became State of Qatar on September 3, 1971.

Geography why is qatar a part of asia

So why is Qatar a part of Asia??

Reasons why qatar became a part of asia

Reasons Why qatar became a part of asia…

  • I think that Qatar became a part of Asia because it was closer to the Asian subcontinent

  • And because countries surrounding it were in Asia.

  • Religious and cultural similarities with Central-Asia and Persia

  • Needed protection by araballies.

Similarities between the arabian peninsula and the continent of asia

Similarities between the Arabian Peninsula and the continent of Asia

  • Climatic Similarities

  • Cultural similarities

  • Religion: practiced in Arabian peninsula, Central-Asia and the subcontinent

  • Skin color and facial features

  • Eating habits/preferences(rice, meat-lamb/goat, tea instead of coffee, sweets)

  • Have traditional stories(The Arabian Nights etc.)

  • Some of the oldest civilizations flourished in Asia/Persia/Arabia



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