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Immigration Workshop For International Students (F-1 & J-1) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Immigration Workshop For International Students (F-1 & J-1). Eugene Goldstein, Esq. Law Offices of Eugene Goldstein & Associates (212) 374-1544 [email protected] New York Film Academy June 10, 2010. Choosing an Immigration Lawyer. Four Tips

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Immigration Workshop For International Students (F-1 & J-1)

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Immigration Workshop For International Students (F-1 & J-1)

Eugene Goldstein, Esq.

Law Offices of Eugene Goldstein & Associates

(212) 374-1544

[email protected]

New York Film Academy

June 10, 2010

Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

  • Four Tips

    • #1: Lawyer Must be a Member of AILA

    • #2: Only Pay a Fixed Legal Fee

    • #3: Only Immigration Law

    • #4: Student Should Pick a

      Lawyer Via Reference

Where to get the Right Advice?

  • Foreign Student Advisor

  • The Appropriate Lawyer

    • Cheapest is not the best.

    • Find the specialist - don’t choose lawyers who advertise for general practice

  • New York City Legal Referral Service

    • 212-626-7373 or

  • Reliable Friends

  • Beware of Mistaken Perception of New Laws

Beware of Non-Lawyer Experts, Notarios, Travel Agents, etc.

  • To Report Unauthorized Practice of Law

    • N.Y. County District Attorney’s Office – 212-335-3600

    • Northern Manhattan – 212-864-7884

    • N.Y. Attorney General’s Office -

  • To Confirm Lawyer in New York

    • Unified Court System - 212-428-2800

    • Lawyer licensing is by state, please check

      each state’s board of bar examiners online.

  • The Various Federal Agencies:

    • DOS (Department of State) through its Visa Office and the U.S. Consulates issue Visas.

    • CBP (Custom and Border Protection) – the “Gatekeeper”, they stamp you in.

      • This is the first point of contact at airports or other ports of entry.

    • USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) -

      • Decides motions to reinstate, changes of status, and employment cards – and maybe one day, green cards.

    • ICE (Immigration and Custom Enforcement) –The immigration police who manage SEVIS and enforce compliance.

    • USDOL, HHS, Selective Service, Social Security

    Employment Options for F-1 International Students

    • Employment on Campus

    • Employment for Unanticipated Severe Economic Need

    • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

    • Optional Practical Training (OPT)

    Employment on Campus

    • Employment on campus within your school or with an independent company serving the school’s usual needs.

    • Limitations – Maximum 20 hours per week during school year, full time during vacation periods.

    • USCIS authorization not required.

    Employment Based on Economic Need

    • Employment after one year of study at each school if there has been unforeseen severe change in your financial position (such as a large devaluation of your country’s currency, loss of a scholarship, large tuition increase), sponsor’s death, bankruptcy, or natural disaster.

    • Eligibility – must be under F-1 status for at least one academic year, good academic standing, continued full-time status, inability to find campus employment.

    • Limitations – Maximum 20 hours per week during school year, full time during vacation periods; permission granted for one year at a time.

    • USCIS authorization required - EAD

    Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

    • Employment as part of a student’s educational experience, offered by an employer through agreement with the school.

    • Must be in college catalogue.

    • Eligibility – F-1 status for at least nine months (which can be waived for graduate students under certain circumstances) and/or continued student status.

    • Limitations – limited to internships, co-op education, alternate work/study program, required practicums. Maximum 364 days or no OPT.

    • Must be authorized by designated school officials.

    Optional Practical Training (OPT)

    • Employment for up to one year after graduation in a job related to your field of study.

    • Duration - one year for each academic level.

    • Eligibility - F-1 student applies 90 days prior or 60 days after completion of studies. Requires employment after approval.

    • Limitations – 20 hours if school not in session, deduct from full time of one year OPT.

    • One year + 17 months if STEM with E-VERIFY.

    • Must be authorized by USCIS and the designated school official – EAD.

    General Issues

    • Finding a Job

      • Employers CAN Discriminate Against International Students.

      • What to Say in the Job Interview?

        • Should I disclose that I will need to be “sponsored”?

        • What should I say?

          • Sell Yourself.

          • Please call my very reputable lawyer.

          • The employer does not need to advertise for the H-1B category.


    The Key to Enter the U.S.

    This is a Travel Document

    Consulate Laminates into Passport


    I-20 or Certificate from School (DS2019)

    I-94 Stamped at Entry

    Changed by USCIS while in the U.S. if in status

    Note  OPT is Under F-1 Status

    What is a Visa? What is Status?


    • Specialty Occupation = Professional

      • 4 year degree or higher

      • Major from degree Must Match Job Duties

      • Not What you Have – But What the Job Needs:

        • For example: Registered Nurses are not professional as job requires only a 2 year degree.

        • For example: Specialty or head nurse does qualify as job requires B.S. degree.

      • Full Time(35 hr+) vs. Part Time (must be able to support yourself)


    • 6 Year Limit (3+3, etc.)

    • 1 Year Outside U.S. Before Reenter in H-1B Cycle

    • Reclaim Time Spent Outside U.S.

      • Prove with Entry/Exit Stamps, Boarding Passes, Frequent Flier Records, Etc.

    • AC21 Extension if Pending Employment-Based Green Card Applications for 1 Year

    • Specific To Employer

      • Each Employer Must Petition.

        • One Employer/One Petition, Or

        • Multiple Employers/Multiple Petitions.

      • Use of an Agent Employer For Multiple Short Jobs.

    H-1B Cap

    • 65,000 +/-

      • Plus 20,000 Advanced U.S. Degrees

    • Government Fiscal Year is 10/1 – 9/30

      • DOL Permits Filing 6 months Early

    • File 4/1 – 4/5

    • If Over Cap  Lottery

    • If you win the H-1B lottery – OPT extended to 10/1 H-1B start date with employment – but no travel.

    • If you lose – continue in school or consider alternative visa categories, or go home.

    H-1B Jobs Exempted from Quota

    • Employment at a U.S. Institution of Higher Education (Colleges or University) or a Related/Affiliated Non-Profit Entity.

    • Employment at a Non-Profit Research Organization or a (Federal) Government Research Organization, or State or Local Government Benefiting the Federal Government.

    Six Year Maximum

    • When Should H-1B Petition be Filed?

      • Give Up OPT Completely or Partly.

      • Gamble each year to capture Your H-1B When Available – Uncertainty.

    • Can change or add employer with a new petition and begin when filed.

      • Official USCIS Receipt, or

      • FedEx/UPS Receipt

    Employer Files for H-1B:

    • Labor Condition Application – LCA

      • Not Labor Certification – No Newspaper Advertising

    • I-129

    • H-Supplements (Statistics, Fee Exemption), Explanation Letter, Supporting Documents (Credentials, Employer Bona Fides)

    • Costs =

      • Filing Fee $320

      • Training Fee $750 (for companies of 25 employees or less/$1,500 if 26 employees or more) by Employer

      • Fraud Detection Fee $500 by Employer

      • Premium Processing Fee $1,000

    Change of Status

    While in the U.S.

    Consular Notice

    To Obtain Visa Outside the U.S.

    Change Status or Consular Notice

    Other Categories

    If H-1B is Unavailable or Not Appropriate:

    • E-1: Treaty Trader

    • E-2: Treaty Investor

    • L-1: Intercompany Transferee

    • O-1: Extraordinary Individual

    • P-1: Entertainment Group

    • TN: NAFTA (Mexico, Canada)

      • Free Trade: Chile, Singapore

    • A: Diplomat

    • G: Non-Government Diplomat

      • Ex: National Monetary Fund, U.N., World Bank,etc.

    • I: Journalist

    • R: Religious Worker

    Green Card Categories

    • Family-Based

    • Employment-Based

    Green Card Quotas

    • Limited Number of Places Each Year for Specific Family and Employment Categories.

    • Place in Line Set by Petition Filing Date.

    • Changes Each Month – Check the Visa Bulletin Website

    • There Could be Long Quota Delays.

    • In Order to Adjust Status in U.S., Must Remain in Lawful Status.

    Family-Based Green Card (The I-130)

    • Immediate Relative (Above the Quotas):

      • Marriage to Citizen (USC)

      • Parents of USC (Includes Under 21 Children)

    • Preference Categories:

      • Unmarried Sons and Daughters (Over 21) of USC (Age Out Provisions)

      • Spouses, Children and Unmarried Sons and Daughter (over 21) of LPR.

      • Married Sons and Daughters of USC

      • Siblings of Adult USC

    • To Adjust Status in U.S. – Remain in Lawful Status.

    • If Unable to Adjust Status in U.S. – Consular Process if Able.

    Family-Based Green Card

    • Relationships must be bona fide.

    • Relief is available for spousal abuse

    • VAWA Applies to Both Women and Men.

      • Go to hospital

      • Call police

      • Take photos of injuries

    • Private Agencies:

      • Sanctuary for Families

        • 24hr Hotline  (800) 621 – HOPE

        • NYC (212) 349 – 6009

    • New York State:

      • New York State's 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline:(800) 942-6906 (English) (800) 942-6908 (Spanish)

    EMPLOYMENT Green Card Categories (The I-140)

    • EB-1

      • Extraordinary (no Sponsor)

      • Exceptional

      • Outstanding Professor or Researcher

      • Investors

      • International Transferees (Managers/Executives)

    EMPLOYMENT (cont.)

    • EB-2

      • Waiver of Labor Certification in the National Interest:

        • Work in National Interest

        • First Among Equals – Able to Make Unique Impact

        • No Petitioner

    EMPLOYMENT (cont.)

    • EB-2/3: Labor Certification

      • Schedule A - Not the LCA (Labor Cert. Exempt) – Nurses, Physical Therapists.

      • Special Handling – College Teachers

      • General Workers

        • If job requires Masters+5 years experience, EB2, Otherwise EB3

    EMPLOYMENT (cont.)

    • Labor Certification

      • PERM

      • Delays

      • U.S. Job Offer:

        • Objectively describe duties, experience, education.

        • Requirements must be open to U.S. workers, not particularized to applicants’ skills.

        • Must show no U.S. worker is able, willing, qualified or available at the prevailing wage.

    EMPLOYMENT (cont.)

    • Quotas

      • Limited Pool of Places Each Year by Category and by Country.

      • Fewer Places in EB3, Therefore Delays Up to Many Years

      • EB-2 Delays for China and India

      • If Legal in U.S. Adjust Status in U.S.

      • If Out of Status, Consular Process, but, May be Banned for 3 or 10 Years If Unlawfully Present (180 days grace period)

        • Exempt From Unlawful Presence if D/S.

    Diversity (DV) Lottery - Fall

    • 50,000 places each year for citizens of countries with low representation in U.S. immigrant flow.

    • If you are outside the U.S., or within the U.S. and in legal status, apply through during eligibility period.

    • Paying someone to file for you will not help.

    • Winners are notified by snail mail.

    • Winners should act on reliable advice within the one year window of eligibility.

    • 10/2/09-11/30/09 

    Contact Information

    Eugene Goldstein, Esq.

    Law Offices of Eugene Goldstein

    & Associates

    150 Broadway Suite 1115

    New York, NY 11038

    (212) 374-1544

    Fax: (212) 374-1435

    [email protected]

    Immigration Workshop For International Students (F-1 & J-1)

    Eugene Goldstein, Esq.

    Law Offices of Eugene Goldstein & Associates

    (212) 374-1544

    [email protected]

    New York Film Academy

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