Chapter 42a and 43 pages 55 and 60
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Chapter 42a and 43 Pages 55 and 60 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 42a and 43 Pages 55 and 60. By: Katie FitzPatrick. CHAPTER 43. VERB. for, fārī , fātus /a/um sum. I speak, say.

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Chapter 42a and 43 pages 55 and 60

Chapter 42a and 43Pages 55 and 60

By: Katie FitzPatrick


for, fārī, fātus/a/um sum

I speak, say

affability, affable, confess, confession, defamation, defame, fable, fabulous, fame, famous, fate, fateful, ill-fated, ineffable, infamous, infamy, infancy, infant, infantile, infantilism, infantry, preface, prefatory, profess, profession, professionalism, professor


pectus, pectoris N.

Breast, heart

angina pectoris, expectorant, expectorate, expectorates, expectorating,

expectoration, expectorative, expectorator, imopectore, in pectore = “In secret.”, pectoral, pectoralgia, pectoralis, pectoriloquy, pectorophony, pects (slang), unexpectorating

dīligō, dīligere, dīlēxī, dīlectus/a/um


I love, cherish

delectable, delight, delectation, predilection, delicious, delicate, delicacy, delicatessen, delightful, delighted, coil, collect, collectanea, collectible, collection, collective, collectively, college, collegial, collegian, collegiate, counter-intelligence, cull, culler, delegate, delegation, dialect, dialectic, dilectology, diligence, diligent, eclectic, elect, election, electioneer, elective, electively, illegible, indelicate, ineligibility, ineligible, illegitimately, intellect, intelligence, intelligent, intelligent design, intelligentsia, intelligible, intelligibly, irreligious, irreligiously, lectern, lection, lectionary, lecture, lecturer, legacy, legal, legalese, legalism, legalistic, legalist, legalistic, legality, legalize, legalization, legate, legatee, legation, legislate, legislate, legislation, legislative, legislative, legislator, legislatress, legislatrix, legislature, legist, legitimate, legitimate, legitimatize, legitimist, legend, legendary, legibility, legible, legion, legionary, legume, leguminivorous, leguminivore, leguminous, lesson, ligature, ligament, ligation, neglect, neglectful, negligee, negligent, negligence, negligible, negligibly, phonoselectoscope, predilection, pseudointellectual, recollect, recollection, religion, religious, religiously, select, selection, selective, sortilege, unintelligible, legitimacy, loyal, loyalist, loyalty, privilege, relegate, relegation



To such an extent, so


honor, honōrisM.

Honor, office

cursushonorum, dishonest, dish

onestly, dishonesty, dishonor, dishonorable, dishonorableness, dishonorably, honest, honestly, honesty, honor, honorableness, honorably, honoraria (pl), honorarium (s), honorary, honorable


dēsum, dēesse, dēfuī, dēfutūrus/a/um (+ dative)

To Fail (+ dative)

presence, present, presentation, presentative, presentable, presentee, presentor, presentment, essence, essential, future, futuristic, futurity, futurology, futurism, absence, absence, quintessence, quintessence, quintessential, quintessentialize, absence, absent, absentee, absenteeism, absente febre; abs. feb. = “While or when fever is absent.” , absenter, absente reo; abs. re. = “With the defendant absent.”, absently, absentminded, absentmindedly, absentmindedness, disinterest, disinterestedly, disinterestedness, essence, essential, essentialist, essentially, essentialness, essentiate, extraessential, in absentia, interesting, interestingly, misrepresent, misrepresentation, misrepresenter, omnipresence, omnipresent, omnipresently, presence, present, presentable, presentably, presentation, presentation, presently, presentment, quatressential, quintessence, quintessential, quintessentialize, represent, representation, representative, representatively, unessential, unessentially



In such a way, so, thus

pudor, pudōrisM.


depudicate, digitusimpudicus, impudence, impudency, impudent, impudently, impudicity, mimosa pudica, pendumfemininum, pudency, pudenda (pl), pudendagra, pudendal, pudendum (s), pudic, pudical, Pudicitia = Roman goddess of Modesty/Shame, pudicity, repudiate, repudiation, repudiationist, repudiative, repudiator, repudiatory breach[1].jpg

Shame, modesty


Ut (+ subjunctive)

That (expressing consequence or result)'70s_Show_logo.png





prīvātus, prīvāta, prīvātum

deprivable, deprivation, deprive, depriver, privacy, private, privateer, privately, privateness, privation, privative, privilege, privily, privity, privy



nāscor, nāscī, nātus sum

I am born

adnascent, agnate, antenatal, cognate, connate, connately, denationalization, denationalize, denaturalization, denaturalize, denature, innate, innately, impregnate, international, internationalism, internationalist, internationalization, internationalize, internationally, intranatal, naive, naively, naivitee, nascence, nascency, nascent, Nascentesmorimurfinisqueaboriginependet = “From the moment of birth, we begin to die and the end hangs from the beginning.” (From Manilius, in his Astronomica. An alternate meaning: "Every day, starting from birth, we die a little."), natal, naticide, nation, national, nationalism, nationalist, nationality, nationalization, nationalize, nationally, native, natively, nativity, natural, naturalesque, naturalism, naturalist, naturalization, naturalize, naturally, naturalness, nature, naturopathy, naturopathy, naturopath, naturopathic, neonatal, neonate, neonatus, perinatal, perinatally, perinatologist, perinatology, postnatal, pregnancy, pregnant, pregnantly, prenatal, preternatural, preternaturally, puny, renaissance, renascence, renascent, supernatural, supernaturalism, supernaturally, ultranationalism, unnatural, unnaturally


ars, artisF

artful, artfully, artfulness, artifact, artifice, artificer, artificial, artificially, artificialness, artillerist, artillery, artisan, artist, artiste, artistic, artistical, artistically, artistry, artless, artlessly, artlessness, art nouveau, artsy, Vires, artes, mores = “Strength, arts, morals.”

ars, artisF

= art, skill, technique


indignus, indigna, indignum (+ ablative)


condign, condignly, daintily, dainty, deign, dignifiedly, dignify, dignigratory, dignitary, disdain, disdainful, disdainfully, indignance, indignant, indignantly, indignation, indignity, infra dignitatem; infra dig. = “Beneath the dignity [of someone]” = undignified


tangō, tangere, tetigī, tactus/a/um

I touch

anticontagious, atactilia, attain, attainable, attainder, attainment, attaint, attaintment, contact, contactual, contagion, contagiously, contagious, contain, contaminate, contamination, contiguous, contiguousness, contingency, contingent, contingently, dermotactile, disintegrate, disintegrated, disintegration, disintegrity, distaste, distasteful, distastefully, entire, entirety, intact, intangibility, intangible, intangibly, integer, integral, integrally, integrate, integration, integrity, redintegrate, redintegration, surtax, tact, tactful, tactfully, tactfulness, tactile, tactile hypoesthesia, tactility, tactilogy, taction, tactometer, tactor, tactual, tangent, tangential, tangentially, tangibility, tangible, tangibly, tango, tangoreceptor, task, taste, tasteful, tastefully, tasteless, tasteless, tastelessness, taster, tastily, tasty, tax, taxable, taxably, taxation, teletactor, thermointegrator, thermotactic, thigmotactic, traumatotactic, zygotactic


dōnō, dōnāre, dōnāvī, dōnātus/a/um

I give

donate, donation, donee, donor, Dorothea, Dorothy, Eudora, Fedora, Heliodore, Isidore, Theodore, pardon, pardonable, pardoner


redōnō, redōnāre, redōnāvī, redōnātus/a/um

I give back


donate, donation, donee, donor, Dorothea, Dorothy, Eudora, Fedora, Heliodore, Isidore, Theodore, pardon, pardonable, pardoner


patrius, patria, patrium

Of one’s father(s)


allopatric, allopatrically, allopatry, ante-patriarchal, compaternity, compatriot, compatriotism, compatriotic, depatriate, expatriate, expatriated, expatriation, misopaterist, opsipatria, pater, paterfamilias, patresfamilias, paternal, paternally, paternalism, paternalist, paternalistic, paternalistically, paternity, paternophobia, paternoster, patradelphy, patriarch, patriarchate, patriarchy, patrician, patricide, patricidal, plebeian, patriciate, Patrick, Patricia, patrilineal, patrilineage, patrilocal, patrilocality, patrimony, patriot, patriotic, patriotism, patripassian, patripotestal, patrist, patristic, patroclinous, patroclinic, patrocliny, patriclinous, patrogony, patrolatry, patrology, patron, patronym, patronymic, patronymically, patron, patrophile, philopater, philopatric, philopatry, repatriate, repatriation, sympatria, sympatric


mīlitia, mīlitiaeF

Military service, army

demilitarize, militancy, militant, militarist, military, militate, militia


parcō, parcere, pepercī, parsus/a/um

To spare + DATIVE case

parsimony, parsimonious