the custommerce national convention marriott jaipur 24 th january 2014
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The Custommerce National Convention Marriott Jaipur 24 th January, 2014

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The Custommerce National Convention Marriott Jaipur 24 th January, 2014. Creating and sustaining “iconic” people network. What two aspects do you think are common between this combined List of US Based and Indian Organizations?. US Based Organizations (some are also present in India)

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the custommerce national convention marriott jaipur 24 th january 2014
The Custommerce National Convention

Marriott Jaipur

24th January, 2014

Creating and sustaining “iconic” people network

What two aspects do you think are common between this combined List of US Based and Indian Organizations?

US Based Organizations (some are also present in India)

  • Wegman Foods 2. Publix Super Markets

3. Starbucks Coffee Company 4. USAA

5. Four Seasons Hotels 6. Marriott International

7. Rackspace Hosting 8. Recreational Equipment Inc.

9. Nordstrom 10.

11. FedEx 12. Southwest Airlines

13. American Express 14. Google

Indian Companies

  • MakeMyTrip 2. Blue Dart Express

3. NIIT 4. IndiGo Airlines

5. The Oberoi Group 6. Taj Hotels, Resorts, Palaces

7. Classic Stripes 8. Godrej Consumer Products

the two aspects common between all these organizations are
The two aspects common between all these organizations are -

They have won awards and repeatedly appeared on lists of companies whose products & services delight their Customers


They have repeatedly appeared either in Fortune Magazine’s annual lists of “100 Best Companies to Work For in the US”

or in The Economic Times’ annual lists of “Best Companies to Work For in India”

As organizations who attempt to and care for their Employees, thereby creating a strong sense of Trust, Pride and Camaraderie in them

Experience and belief of leaders, people managers and employees of “great workplaces” alike suggests that building and sustaining a great workplace for its employees is all important to delivering great customer service!!

They believe that there is not only a strong correlation, but causality between creating highly engaged, inspired and strongly networked workforce and delighted customers & superior organizational performance.


Great Workplaces significantly outperform Market (Indices) by around 4 times, in terms of cumulative long term returns to investors (US Data)!!

creating a great workplace has significant shareholder returns business benefits india data
Creating a Great Workplace has significant Shareholder Returns & Business Benefits … (India Data)



Even from a low starting point of not very trusting, proud and well bonded employees, the “journey to becoming a Great Workplace” can begin to yield all round results in a few years after purposeful efforts!! – Scripps Health


Why are highly engaged, inspired and networked employees the key? What are the ingredients of the recipe for caring for and delighting customers?

  • Service more often than not, involves interaction between people – the ones who seek service and the ones who provide it.
  • Seekers are seeking to fulfill substantive needs and emotional needs – only people can really fulfill both!!
  • Service seekers don’t always first encounter those who are qualified and tasked with providing service – their first point of contact could be anyone within the organization!!
  • Service experience is proximate in time and space.
  • Therefore, whoever the service provider on the spot must be:
    • Inspired & committed to serve the customer,
    • Capable & trained, and,
    • Resourced, networked & empowered to act

in a suitable manner to serve the customers.


What is being “networked?’ Isn’t it the feeling of Trust, Pride & Camaraderie, that prompt employees to share information and work cooperatively towards a common goal?

In such environment, employees are and feel:

  • Trusted and empowered,
  • Trained, supported and appreciated,
  • Involved in decision making, and,
  • Treated with respect and fairness

This results in employees:

  • Feeling pride in their own work, their team and their organization, making them “ambassadors” of the organization
  • Being friendly towards and caring about each other
  • Believing they are all part of a cohesive “team or family”
  • Being happy to always extend the hand of cooperation, and,
  • Committed to sustained excellence and going the “extra mile” for customers of the organization
a great place to work is one where you employees
A great place to work is one where you (employees) -


Trust the people you work for...

Trust is the Key Driver…



Other Employees

...have pride in what you do...

...and enjoy the people you work with

Relationships are the key…..


Great workplace culture enables

managers to


Align employees to achieve





Other Employees

... Encourage and enable employees to give their personal best at all times

... and work together as a cohesive team/family

in an environment of Trust…..

essential elements dimensions of a great place to work
Essential elements / dimensions of a Great Place to Work®







Two way Candid Communication

Managers’ Competence

Integrity – Reliability of Management

Professional Support


Demonstrated Caring







In Own Job

About my Team

In the Organization


Individuality is valued

Welcoming Atmosphere

Part of something larger

what do great people managers do to build great workplaces
What do great “People Managers” do to build great workplaces?

People managers at great workplaces consistently focus on 9 equally important areas of people practices

  • Hiring and Welcoming
  • Inspiring
  • Speaking
  • Listening & Collaborating

(and addressing Grievances & Appeals)

5. Thanking (Appreciating & Recognizing)

6. Developing

7. Caring (Balancing, Supporting & Including)

8. Celebrating & Enjoying

9. Sharing (Rewarding their People & Contributing to Society)

how do people practices impact employees positively
How do People Practices impact employees positively?

1. Alignment to achieve organizational objectives

3.Work together as acohesive team/family

2. Employees give theirpersonal best

Right practices of people managers enable them to achieve three key organizational objectives

four tiers of effective trust building and employee engagement at great workplaces
Four Tiers of Effective Trust Building and Employee Engagement at Great Workplaces

4 levels of actions for employee engagement to build trust and drive attraction, learning, performance and retention

Organization & Top Leadership - Inspiring, communicative, competent and demonstrate values and integrity

Employee Fit - Talents, strengths, values, passionate interests, needs & aspirations match with roles, organizational values and offering

Immediate Work Environment - People managers & peer group provide constructive feedback, positive reinforcement, learning, friendship, fun and camaraderie, which is highly engaging

Effective People Practices- Equitable & impartial, caring & inclusive, respectful & supportive, created in a consultative & collaborative manner, which create a sense of community

learning from annual studies aspects most positively correlated with overall employee perception
Learning from Annual Studies – Aspects most positively correlated with Overall Employee Perception

Aspects that are “statistically” best correlated with Overall Employee Perception (Final Outcome Statement)

Important to employees - Possible “Drivers” of Retention!?

  • Fair evaluation of performance
  • Providing opportunities for career growth
  • Providing special and unique benefits
  • Thanking and appreciating extra efforts & good work
  • Showing sincere interest in employees, creating an emotionally healthy place
  • Treating employees as full members regardless of their position (egalitarian culture)
  • Creating a “fun and friendly place to work”
learning from research annual studies seven key differentiators between the best and rest
Learning from Research / Annual Studies - Seven Key Differentiators between the Best and Rest

To become a great workplace, the following aspects seem to be critical, foundational and essential:

  • Open, honest, regular, two way communication
  • Strong ongoing demonstration of integrity by leaders – walking the talk and keeping promises
  • Consultative, collaborative decision making, particularly on issues that directly affect employees
  • Caring for employees, encouraging work-life balance & fun at work
  • Minimizing favouritism & politicking and ensuring fairness in performance evaluation, promotions & careers
  • Creating, in a caring manner, unique and special benefits tailored to expressed employee needs, preferably collaboratively
  • Equitable profit sharing and compensation