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Geography Bee. Round 3: U.S. Physical Geography. Which state has large areas of permafrost-Oklahoma or Alaska?. Alaska. Which state has an area or Mediterranean climate-California or Virginia?. California.

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Geography Bee

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Geography Bee

Round 3: U.S. Physical Geography

Which state has large areas of permafrost-Oklahoma or Alaska?

  • Alaska

Which state has an area or Mediterranean climate-California or Virginia?

  • California

Saginaw Bay, an inlet of Lake Huron, lies off the coast of which state-Michigan or Idaho?

  • Michigan

Which state is known for its geysers-Wyoming or New Jersey?

  • Wyoming

Mesas and buttes are part of the landscape of which state-Utah or New York?

  • Utah

Which state has a rugged coastline with many rocky islands-Maine or Delaware?

  • Maine

Hundreds of miles of limestone caverns lie beneath the central portion of which state-Louisiana or Kentucky?

  • Kentucky

A large bay extends into which state-New Hampshire or Rhode Island?

  • Rhode Island

A hurricane is more likely to make landfall in which state-Texas or Michigan?

  • Texas

Barrier islands lie parallel to the coastline of which state-North Carolina or Oregon?

  • North Carolina

The Snake River and Sawtooth Mountains are located in which state-Ohio or Idaho?

  • Idaho

Which state has a broad coastal plain-California or Georgia?

  • Georgia

The landscape of which state is characterized by a series of mountain ranges separated by basins-Nevada or Mississippi?

  • Nevada

The Great Plains extend into which state-Oklahoma or Virginia?

  • Oklahoma

The saguaro cactus is native to which state- Arizona or Alabama?

  • Arizona

During the last ice age, continental glaciers deposited large amounts of material in which state- Texas or Illinois?

  • Illinois

The Missouri River originates in which state-Montana or Colorado?

  • Montana

A mountain range creates a rain shadow in the eastern part of which state-Wisconsin or Washington?

  • Washington

Which state has oxbow lakes that were once part of the channel of the Mississippi River-Arkansas or Michigan?

  • Arkansas

Which state has areas that are prone to avalanches-Colorado or Kansas?

  • Colorado

Coral reefs are found off the coast of which state-Florida or Connecticut?

  • Florida

Extensive grasslands are the natural vegetation in which state-Nebraska or Ohio?

  • Nebraska

Which state has a mountain range along its coast-Massachusetts or Oregon?

  • Oregon

Lake-effect snows are more likely to occur in which state-Oklahoma or New York?

  • New York

Which state has an arid climate-Tennessee or New Mexico?

  • New Mexico

Which state has a lower average elevation-Wyoming or Delaware?

  • Delaware

Which state has swampy bodies of water called bayous-Massachusetts or Louisiana?

  • Lousiana

A region of rolling hills called the Piedmont lies between the mountains and the coastal plain in which state-Rhode Island or Virginia?

  • Virginia

Broadleaf deciduous forest is the predominant natural vegetation in which state-New Mexico or Indiana?

  • Indiana

Continental glaciers created most of the lakes in which state-Minnesota or Oklahoma?

  • Minnesota

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