The 4 h way
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The 4-H way. By: Taylor Holloway Keyboarding Period 6 January 29, 2010. Introduction. What is 4-H? History of 4-H What can you do in 4-H?. Type of Presentation. Informative. What is 4-H?. 4-H is a youth organization

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The 4 h way

The 4-H way

By: Taylor Holloway

Keyboarding Period 6

January 29, 2010


  • What is 4-H?

  • History of 4-H

  • What can you do in 4-H?

What is 4 h
What is 4-H?

  • 4-H is a youth organization

  • The goal of 4-H: Help children develop leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

  • The colors: white and green. White represents purity and green symbolizes growth.

  • 4-H is used in over 80 different countries.

  • Non-Profit Organization

  • Motto: “Make the best better”

  • Slogan: “Learn to do by doing”

History of 4 h
History of 4-H

  • 4-H has been around since 1902

  • First 4-H Camp was located in Randolph County, WV.

  • Camps used to be called “Corn Clubs”

  • 4-H membership increased in 1974

  • There are 6.5 Million members today and over 90,000 different clubs

How should you pick a club
How should you pick a club?

If you like the club, officially join it by paying dues, attending activities, etc.

Attend their first meeting to see if you like it.

Talk to a leader to find a club that you would like to join.

Find a 4-H Extension Office near you.

Choose what your interested in.

What can you do in 4 h
What can you do in 4-H?

  • You can be involved in 4-H many ways such as joining a club, volunteering, or being a teen leader

  • There are lots of clubs: Archery Clubs, Bug Clubs, Equestrian Clubs, Riflery Clubs, etc.


  • What is the 4-H motto?

  • How many members are there in 4-H today?

  • What did 4-H clubs used to be called?

  • What are two ways that you can be involved in 4-H?

  • What are the 4-H colors?


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