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MILITARY . Evolution of the Military. Mesopotamia (4000 B.C.)- some of the first military records come from ancient Mesopotamia with the development of stone and bronze weapons and armor. Evolution of Military.

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Evolution of the Military

  • Mesopotamia (4000 B.C.)- some of the first military records come from ancient Mesopotamia with the development of stone and bronze weapons and armor.

Evolution of Military

  • Sumer and Akkad (3500-2000 B.C.) – First records of structured armies of the bronze age.

Evolution of Military

  • Military Revolution (1500 B.C.- 100 A.D.) – This time period is known as a time of constant war, weapons wereconstantly being produced from ironand every villagein the Mid-East andGreece had a military.

Evolution of Military

  • Roman Invasions, Muslim Conquests and Attack of the Huns (100 – 1000) – This age marks a notable progress in the uses of military; as every village around Europe, Asia and Middle East finds it necessary to have a military in fear of invasion.

Evolution of Military

  • 1001-1200:Norman Invasion of England, the Crusades, Reconquista, Anglo-French Wars, Wars of the Lombard League

  • 1201-1400:Mongol Invasions, Albigensian Crusade, Wars of Scottish Independence, Teutonic Knights, Hundred Years' War, Byzantine-Ottoman Wars

Evolution of Military

  • 1400- 1600 Knights- Were protective forces of kings and their kingdoms. With this came new weapons and armor. They used swords, bow and arrows, maces, war hammers, and axes.

  • Armor also advanced and knights began using chainmail.

Evolution of Military

  • 1600 – 1800: Militaries grew with the rise of revolutions such as the French/Indian war and the American Revolution, also in these times came some of the first military uses of firearms.

Evolution of Military

  • 1900- 2000: the 1900s mark a turning in warfare, militaries became more structured with multiple branches. Many new weapons and vehicles were introduced such as planes, tanks, artillery and automatic weapons.

Evolution of Military

  • Modern and Future- Rise of technology, drones, robotic weaponry and use of guerilla warfare/stealth tactics.

5 Branches of the United States Military

  • Army

  • Navy

  • Marine Corps

4. Air Force

5. Coast Guard

United States Army

  • The main ground force of the US

  • Main function is to protect and defend the united states

  • The army uses ground troops, armor (tanks), artillery, attack helicopters, ect

  • America’s oldest force

United States Navy

  • Mission is to maintain the freedom of the seas

  • Helps supplement Air Force

  • Navy also supplies and works with sumarines

United States Marine Corps

  • The United States’ rapid reaction force

  • Fight on land and sea

  • Some of the world’s fiercest worriors

United States Air Force

  • The United States’ means of air and space fighting

  • Use planes, helicopters, satellites, drones and more

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