Posix like ogsa soap services
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POSIX-like OGSA/SOAP Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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POSIX-like OGSA/SOAP Services. Arun Jagatheesan Architect & Team Lead, SDSC Matrix San Diego Supercomputer Center. GFS, Global Grid Forum-9 October 7, 2003, Chicago. Talk Outline. Grid File System The small big picture Need for Schema Need for Operation definitions Data Transport.

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Posix like ogsa soap services

POSIX-like OGSA/SOAP Services

Arun Jagatheesan

Architect & Team Lead, SDSC Matrix

San Diego Supercomputer Center

GFS, Global Grid Forum-9

October 7, 2003, Chicago

Talk outline
Talk Outline

  • Grid File System

  • The small big picture

  • Need for Schema

  • Need for Operation definitions

  • Data Transport

Grid file system
Grid File System

Applications (Astronomy, Physics, Life Science, business apps, . . .)

Hierarchical Logical Name space, ACL, metadata

Grid File System Service (POSIX-like Interface)


Virtual Directory Service

(Management of virtualization)

Data Services

Coordinated with other groups

Data Sources

The small big picture

OGSA/SOAP based interfaces for file operations

NFS or other standard interface over the virtualized schema

The small big picture


Grid File System Service (POSIX-like Interface)

XML Schema for Collections, Data Sets

Virtual Directory Service

(Management of virtualization)

Data Services

Data Sources

Grid collection schema
Grid Collection Schema

  • XML Schema based Description for

    • Collections or Virtual Directories

    • Data Sets

    • File System Meta-data (file size, date created, …)

    • Application Specific Meta-data

    • Access Permissions

  • Logical Name space

    • Extensible

    • Scalable (more federations)

    • Dynamic Composition of the name space

    • Import and Export

Operations on logical namespace
Operations on Logical Namespace

  • OGSA/SOAP based interfaces

    • Grid File System operations

    • Similar to traditional file systems operations / POSIX

      • Open (= Get a GSR?), Read, Seek’n’Read, Seek’n’Write, …

  • Simple Control (Context) Operations

    • Management of Logical Namespace

    • SOAP based bindings

  • Bulk (Content) Operations

    • Only SOAP bindings for data transport ??? (NOPE)

    • Alternative mechanisms needed in standard

Logical layers bits data information








Select … from srb.mdas.td where...

Logical Layers (bits,data,information,..)

Collections or Virtual Directories

Virtual Data Transparency

Data Replica Transparency


Data Identifier Transparency

Storage Location Transparency

Storage Resource Transparency

Storage resource transparency 1
Storage Resource Transparency (1)

  • Storage repository abstraction

    • Archival systems, file systems, databases, FTP sites, …

  • Logical resources

    • Combine physical resources into a logical set of resources

    • Hide the type and protocol of physical storage system

    • Load balancing – based on access patterns

    • Unlike DBMS, user is aware of logical resources

    • Flexibility to changes in mass storage technology

Storage resource transparency 2
Storage Resource Transparency (2)

  • Standard operations at storage repositories

    • POSIX like operations on all resources

  • Storage specific operations

    • Databases - bulk metadata access

    • Object ring buffers - object based access

    • Hierarchical resource managers - status and staging requests

Storage location transparency
Storage Location Transparency

  • Support replication of data for performance

    • Transparent access to physical location and physical resource

  • Virtualization of distributed data resources

    • Data naming managed by the data grid

  • Redundancy for preservation

    • Resource redundancy – “m of n” resources in list

    • Location redundancy – replicate at multiple locations

Data identifier transparency
Data Identifier Transparency

  • Four Types of Data Identifiers:

  • Unique name

    • OID or handle

  • Descriptive name

    • Descriptive attributes – meta data

    • Semantic access to data

  • Collective name

    • Logical name space of a collection of data sets

    • Location independent

  • Physical name

    • Physical location of resource and physical path of data

Data replica transparency
Data Replica Transparency

  • Replication

    • Improve access time

    • Improve reliability

    • Provide disaster backup and preservation

    • Physically or Semantically equivalent replicas

  • Replica consistency

    • Synchronization across replicas on writes

    • Updates might use “m of n” or any other policy

    • Distributed locking across multiple sites

  • Versions of files

    • Time-annotated snapshots of data


  • Lot of possibilities

  • Need for a Standard Grid File Schema and Global Logical Namespace for virtualization

  • Need for Standard description of Operations or Grid File System Service

  • Call for

    • Users, Projects

    • Developers, Vendors

  • It’s a stone’s throw away – together, we will do it.