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Should you upgrade to windows 7
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Should you upgrade to Windows 7?. Presented by: David F. Soll Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Omicron Consulting. Agenda. Background What’s New A User’s Point of View Some Nice Stuff Frustrations What Choice Do You Have The Bottom Line. Introduction. Presenter: David Soll

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Should you upgrade to Windows 7?

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Presentation Transcript

Should you upgrade to windows 7

Should you upgrade to Windows 7?

Presented by:

David F. Soll

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Omicron Consulting



  • Background

  • What’s New

  • A User’s Point of View

  • Some Nice Stuff

  • Frustrations

  • What Choice Do You Have

  • The Bottom Line



  • Presenter: David Soll

    • Vice President & CTO, Omicron Consulting

    • Working in computing for 30 years

    • Experience with Windows dating back to 1989

      • Windows 2 and Windows 3 beta

    • Email:

  • This presentation can be downloaded at:




  • Windows 7 is Microsoft’s newest desktop operating system

    • Built on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

    • Retail Release due out October 22, 2009

  • Don’t Confuse Windows 7 with Office 2007

    • Office 2007 runs fine on Windows Vista, Windows XP & Windows 2000

    • Office 2000, Office XP, & Office 2003 run fine on Windows 7

Office 2007 on xp and 7

Office 2007 on XP and 7

This is Word 2007 on Windows XP

This is Word 2007 on Windows 7

Quick history of windows

Quick History of Windows

  • Windows 1.x, 2.x, /286, /386

    • Never a commercial “hit”

  • Windows 3.0, 3.1, and 3.11

    • 16 bit, ran on top of MS-DOS

  • Windows NT 3.1 and 3.5

    • First 32 bit Windows not reliant on MS-DOS

    • Runs utilizing protected mode of the processor

  • Windows 95, 98, and ME

    • 16 bit, still reliant on MS-DOS

  • Windows 2000

    • Next generation of Windows NT

  • Windows XP

    • Built from Windows 2000

  • Windows Server 2003

    • Server only platform built with Windows XP & 2000 base

  • Windows Vista

    • Built from Windows XP & Server 2003

    • Major security changes from XP and Server 2003

    • Many Look and Feel Changes

  • Windows Server 2008

    • Server only platform built from Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista

  • Windows 7

    • Built from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

    • Improvements to UAC and other security mechanisms

Major new features of windows 7

Major New Features of Windows 7

  • Accessibility

  • BitLocker Drive Encryption

  • Built-in Diagnostics

  • DirectX 10

  • Encrypting File System

  • Explorers

  • Fast Sleep and Resume

  • Flip and Flip 3D

  • Games Explorer

  • Instant Search

  • Internet Explorer 8

  • Internet Explorer Dynamic Security Protection

  • Internet Explorer Parental Controls

  • Internet Explorer Protected Mode

  • Live Icons

  • Microsoft Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer

  • Network and Sharing Center

  • Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Flip 3d

Flip 3D

Thumbnail task selection

Thumbnail Task Selection

New thumbnail task capability in win 7

New Thumbnail Task Capability in Win 7

Notice the controls at the bottom thumbnail

(i.e.: the Pause button)

Enhancements found in vista win 7

Enhancements Found In Vista/Win 7

  • Find, fix, and share photos

    • Organize, edit, and share your favorite photos with family and friends using Windows Photo Gallery.

  • Find almost anything

    • Find documents, e-mail, photos, and more in a snap through Instant Search.

  • Turn any room into a media room

    • Manage and enjoy digital photos, music, TV shows, and movies in your living room with Windows Media Center.

  • Play the way you want

    • Easily install, organize, and play games using Windows Game Explorer.

  • Make movie magic

    • Retain high-definition quality as you capture, edit, and publish movies from a video camcorder with Windows Movie

Enhancements found in vista win 71

Enhancements Found In Vista/Win 7

  • Help your kids stay safer

    • Help keep your children safer online with customizable Parental Controls.

  • Back up and restore files

    • Get improved backup and restore functions, including automatically scheduled backups, with Windows Backup and Restore Center.

  • Help safeguard sensitive data

    • Better protect your data against loss or theft if your mobile PC is ever lost or stolen with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption.

  • Guard against external threats

    • Help protect your PC from external threats with Windows Firewall.

  • Find and remove spyware

    • Help protect your PC by regularly scanning your computer for spyware with Windows Defender.

Lets get real

Lets Get Real

  • Most enhancements or new features in Vista and Windows 7 are available to XP

    • Some as free downloads

    • Some as extra cost, third party products

  • The biggest enhancements are:

    • Security

    • Look and Feel

A user s point of view

A User’s Point of View

  • New Start Menu

    • Search for programs

    • In-place expansion

Some nice stuff

Some Nice Stuff

  • Gadgets

    • Hundreds of free gadgets are available

Some nice stuff1

Some Nice Stuff

  • Aero

    • Provides a very attractive display

    • Provides infrastructure for

      • Translucent title bars

      • Flip

      • Flip 3D (task switch)

      • Thumbnail Previews

    • Uses GPU to offload CPU and improve performance

The mixed bag

The Mixed Bag

  • Microsoft enhanced the security of Windows Vista and Windows 7 over all previous versions of Windows

    • This makes it harder for viruses and malware to install or spread

    • It also makes it harder for legitimate software

      • Lots of software will have to be upgraded

    • Every time you install something, you presented with annoying prompts (User Access Control)

      • In Vista, UAC can be disabled, but you are reminded of it every time that you log in

      • In Windows 7, UAC can be configured to be less obtrusive



  • Oh where, oh where did my options go

    • Can’t find “Add Remove Programs”

      • Now its “Programs and Features”

    • Wireless Networking configuration has changed

      • Supposed to be easier

      • I find it harder … it tries to read my mind and fails

  • But it worked in XP…

    • Many applications will have to be updated for Vista/Windows 7



  • Most Windows XP drivers won’t work

    • Fortunately, Windows 7 uses the same drivers as Vista

    • Finding Vista/Windows 7 drivers for older hardware may be difficult



  • Resource Utilization

    • Vista uses more memory than XP

    • Vista runs slower than XP (i.e.: it needs more CPU)

    • Aero Glass requires better video than XP

  • Fortunately

    • Windows 7 runs faster than Vista

    • Windows 7 is better on resources than Vista

  • You will still need “modern” hardware

What choice do you have

What Choice Do You Have?

  • Windows XP officially went off the market on June 30, 2008

    • Some computer manufactures supplied XP until January 31, 2009

    • Some ultra-low cost machines will be available with XP until June 2010

  • Mainstream support (i.e.: free) for XP was terminated April 2009

  • Extended support for XP (free for security fixes and paid for other help) ends in 2014

  • New hardware will likely have drivers for Vista/Win7, but not for Windows XP

The bottom line

The Bottom Line

  • Windows 7 does provide a more secure, better looking user experience than XP

  • Windows 7 requires more up-to-date hardware than XP

  • Windows 7 requires more memory than XP

  • Windows 7 may require upgrading applications

  • Support for XP has already started to fade

Windows 7

Windows 7

  • Windows 7 has been called the O/S that Vista should have been

  • It Windows 7 is an improvement over Vista

    • But does not have the huge internal changes from Vista that Vista has from XP

  • Recommendation: Look into Windows 7

    • You may not have a choice




Versions of windows 7

Versions of Windows 7

Windows 7 version features

Windows 7 Version Features

  • Windows 7 Home Premium

    • Aero Glass & advanced Window navigation

    • Windows Touch (Multi-touch and handwriting support)

    • Windows Media Center

    • Internet Explorer 8: Web slices, accelerators, InPrivate Browsing

  • Windows 7 Professional

    • Domain Join

    • Group Policy Controls

    • Location Aware Printing

    • Encrypting File System

    • Advanced Backup

    • Offline Folders

    • transparent caching, background sync for offline files

    • Remote Desktop Host

    • Windows Mobility Center

  • Windows 7 Enterprise

    • DirectAccess keeps mobile users connected on the go

    • BranchCache makes file access faster

    • Search information on the PC, mail or SharePoint

    • BitLocker protects data on a PC and portable drives

    • AppLocker lets you control what user's can run

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure made better

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