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Name:. 10 th Grade World Literature Instructors: Ms. Fritz and Ms. Breindel Unit Three: Tempest Essay Prompts and Guidelines.

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10th Grade World LiteratureInstructors: Ms. Fritz and Ms. BreindelUnit Three: Tempest Essay Prompts and Guidelines

Guidelines: As the final assessment for unit three, you will write a five paragraph essay in which you analyze The Tempest in response to an MCAS long composition prompt. The purpose of this assessment is for you to show how much you understood the play and also to further prepare you for next month’s MCAS exam. Follow the steps below to complete all pieces of the assessment:

  • Turn the prompt into a kid friendly question (KFQ)
  • Identify the three parts of the prompt
  • Work with a partner to write a thesis statement that conveys an accurate and sophisticated understanding of the play and that addresses all three parts of the prompt.
  • Identify the parts of the body paragraphs by filling in the parts of the essay outline.
  • Complete an essay outline.
  • Work on improving your analysis by using sentence chaining.
  • Use the rubric to revise/improve your essay.
  • Use writing time in class wisely!
  • Ask for help if you get stuck!

Final essay is due the Monday after February Vacation: Monday Feb. 28, 2011!

the tempest essay writing prompt
The Tempest Essay WRITING PROMPT

The protagonist is the main character in a work of literature who often changes in some important way by the end of the work.

Select a character from The Tempest who changes in some important way by the end of the work. In a well-developed composition, identify the protagonist, and explain why the protagonist changes in some important way by the end of the work. Finally, explain how this change impacts the work as a whole.

Thesis statement due Friday, 2/11

Outline due Tuesday, 2/15

1st draft (emailed) due Friday, 2/18

Final draft due 2/28

unpacking the writing prompt

LG/SWBAT: Identify three parts of the MCAS prep long comp. prompt and compose a thesis statement that addresses all three parts of the prompt

Unpacking the Writing Prompt

Step One: Turn the Writing prompt into a KFQ (a question in your own words). What are they asking you?




Step Two: Identify the three parts of the writing prompt.

thesis statement
Thesis Statement

Name: ____________________________________________

Sample Framework for thesis statement: You don’t necessarily have to use this, but if you’re stuck you can.

___________________, one of the main characters from The Tempest by William Shakespeare, changes by the end of the play because …This change is significant because …This change affects the entire play as …

My Thesis: