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What is it?. New Small Format Lighting Console Designed to properly control LED Fixtures Designed specifically with LED fixtures in mind but works just as well for conventional dimmers. 12 Fixture Controls using “Channel Strip Concept” Mimic LEDs - to visualise colour of fixtures

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What is it?

  • New Small Format Lighting Console

  • Designed to properly control LED Fixtures

  • Designed specifically with LED fixtures in mind but works just as well for conventional dimmers.

  • Comes preloaded with inbuilt colour presets chases and patterns.

  • Snapshot Button – Virtual two preset operation

  • Simple easy to use – Tap and point recording.

  • LTP operation

  • Ethernet – Artnet control

  • 2 USB ports

  • Kensington Lock

  • In built microphone for audio triggered chases.


  • No support for moving lights or any other features other than Intensity and Colour.

The Channel Strip patterns.

Dedicated saturation encoder. Control the colour from full saturation to white.

Dedicated Hue Encoder

Control the Colour of your fixtures

Easily. Press the encoder down to quickly select frequently used colours

RGB Mimic LED.

Shows preview of your fixtures colour.

Select Button.

Group Fixtures together and control them with any encoder.

Intensity Fader.

Controls Intensity of LED

From 0 – 100%

Flash button

Tap and Point Record patterns.


  • Scenes are a stored look or scene

  • Can be on a fader – like a traditional submaster or on one of four scene buttons

  • 8 Pages of scene faders.

  • Buttons have a fade in and out time attached to them

  • Can store chases into scenes

Tap and Point Record patterns.


  • Chases are dynamic effects

  • Can be stored by manually recording each step, auto chase or use prebuilt

  • Chases can be stored on one of four buttons or on any scene

  • speed controlled by rate encoder or tap tempo or audio triggered

Tap and Point Record patterns.


  • Full theatrical style cuelist.

  • Cues can contain any look or chase

  • Fade between cues over any time.

  • Can edit any cue or insert cues between other recorded cues.

  • Unlimited number of cues.

  • Allows for follow cues

The patterns.Touchscreen

Hard menu buttons


  • Coloured icons are easily recognisable

  • Easy navigation with menu encoder

Navigation Encoder

Home Button

Autochases patterns.

Just set a pattern. Then make it move

Snapshot patterns.

The new version of two preset live operation

Inbuilt Chases and Patterns patterns.

  • 54 colour patterns to apply to your fixtures

  • Plus 18 prebuilt chases that you can either apply how they are or edit to suit your show.

  • There are also 18 preset colours – that you can edit

  • PLUS a hue saturation colour picker.

Auto Pilot patterns.

  • Choose inbuilt or user chases

  • Timing between change of chases

  • Use audio triggering to determine speed or use chase rate

Markets patterns.

  • AV services

  • Houses of Worship

  • Weddings, Party and Event Rental

  • Clubs, Pubs and Bars

  • Karaoke Bars

  • Retail

Resources patterns.

  • Brochure

  • Technical Specification Sheet

  • User guide

  • Website (pictured)

  • Product review

Questions? patterns.