Ffy 2013 child care health consultation cchc contract changes
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FFY 2013 Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC) Contract Changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FFY 2013 Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC) Contract Changes. Becky Hutchings, MSN, RN, CCHC Program Manager Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) Center for Local Public Health Services (CLPHS) [email protected] (417) 895-6919. Scope of Work (SOW): Purpose.

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Presentation Transcript
Ffy 2013 child care health consultation cchc contract changes

FFY 2013 Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC) Contract Changes

Becky Hutchings, MSN, RN, CCHC Program Manager

Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)

Center for Local Public Health Services (CLPHS)

[email protected]

(417) 895-6919

Scope of work sow purpose
Scope of Work (SOW): Purpose Changes

  • Enhance child care health, safety, and nutrition practices

  • Increasing the percentage of child care providers receiving health, safety, and nutrition consultation

  • Address priority health issues of immunization compliance and obesity prevention in child care

  • Provide outreach to child care providers who serve child care subsidy children

Sow basic cchc services
SOW: Basic CCHC Services Changes

  • Consultation

  • Training

  • Health Promotion

Sow deliverables dhss determined priority health issues
SOW Deliverables: ChangesDHSS Determined Priority Health Issues

  • Varies by Contractors

  • Must Use Standardized Curricula

    • Obesity Prevention Reimbursable Services

      • Consultation

      • Training

      • Health Promotion

    • Immunization Compliance Reimbursable Services

      • Consultation

      • Training

Sow deliverables consultation
SOW Deliverables: Consultation Changes

  • Consultation

    • Assessment of child care facility and/or staff

    • Assist to develop policy/best practice

    • Assist to develop Individualized Health Plans (IHPs)

    • Make referrals as needed, such as MO HealthNet for Kids, developmental screenings, and WIC

    • Document on CCHC Service Log (new: DVN, Goal/Outcome)

    • Maintain file on each child care facility served

Sow deliverables 2 types of consultation
SOW Deliverables: 2 Types of Consultation Changes

  • Specialized Consultation

    • Face-to-face no less than ½ hour

    • Conducted at mutually agreed upon location

    • Must identify goal that achieves outcome

  • Technical Consultation

    • Non face-to-face series of communications that do not exceed 20 minutes

    • Must be provider-initiated

    • Collective communication pertains to single topic

    • Must identify goal that achieves outcome

Sow deliverables training
SOW Deliverables: Training Changes

  • Training

    • DHSS determined priority health issue training

      • Must use standardized curricula posted at:


    • Contractor determined health issue training

      • Use Department standardized health issue curricula

        • May supplement materials; do not delete key points

      • Locally developed health issue training

        • Develop lesson plan on approved template

        • Submit minimum 2 weeks prior to conducting training

        • Lesson plans approved for 3 years

        • May be presented by guest speaker (if not paid by DHSS to conduct training)

    • Give paper certificates for clock hour training

    • Document using TrainingSign-in Sheet that includes

      established criteria (new: DVN)

Sow deliverables health promotion
SOW Deliverables: ChangesHealth Promotion

  • Health Promotion

    • Submit on approved lesson plan template

    • Shall not conduct back-to-back or same-day health promotions with same children

    • Appropriate staff/child ratio must be maintained (MO Statute)

    • Do not count toward clock hour requirements

    • Document on CCHC Service Log (new: DVN)

    • Maintain file on each child care facility served

Sow deliverables new requirements
SOW Deliverables: ChangesNew Requirements

  • Obtain Trainer Approval Notice prior to conducting training

  • Approved Trainers must obtain MOPD ID number at: www.openinitiative.org

  • Attend training on posting to the Missouri Workshop Calendar (when available)

  • Training may be conducted with 1 provider

Sow deliverables new requirements continued
SOW Deliverables: ChangesNew Requirements Continued

  • Standardized Health Promotions will count toward obesity prevention

  • 2 types of Consultation

    • Specialized (face-to-face)

    • Technical (non face-to-face)

  • Documentation will include

    • DVN on CCHC Service Log, Training Sign-in Sheet, and Final Report

    • Goal/outcome for all consultations

  • Use approved CCHC Lesson Plan template

Sow additional requirements and clarifications
SOW: Additional Requirements and Clarifications Changes

  • Primary Consultant shall be a RN

  • Primary Consultant shall complete orientation (submit evaluation)

  • Primary Consultant, or designee, shall complete annual contract opening (submit evaluation)

  • The CCHC contract does not allow for the provision of direct clinical services

  • CCHC services shall not be conducted in conjunction with LPHA inspection activities

    • Additional tools/references for the CCHC contract can be found at: http://clphs.health.mo.gov/LPHS/lpha_info.htm

    • DHSS will notify CCHCs of updates

Sow final report
SOW: Final Report Changes

  • CCHC Final Report must be submitted by October 31, 2013

  • May be submitted via postal mail, or electronically

Sow budget allowable costs
SOW : Budget & Allowable Costs Changes

  • Consultation Services


    Specialized ½ hour $90.00 per hour 

    Specialized in ½ hour $100.00 per hour


    Neighboring Area

    Technical 1 unit $30.00 per unit

Sow budget allowable costs continued
SOW : Budget & Allowable Costs Continued Changes

  • Health Issues Trainings for Child Care Providers


    CCHC program ½ hour $80.00 per hour

    Guest trainer(s)

    CCHC program/ ½ hour $90.00 per hour

    Guest trainer(s)

    in Contracted

    Neighboring Area

Sow budget allowable costs continued1
SOW : Budget & Allowable Costs Continued Changes

  • Health Promotion


    CCHC program/ 1 unit $50.00 per unit

    Guest trainer(s)

    CCHC program/ 1 unit $60.00 per

    Guest trainer(s)

    in Contracted

    Neighboring Area

Sow budget allowable costs continued2
SOW : Budget & Allowable Costs Continued Changes

  • Services provided free of charge

  • Prep time/travel built into payment schedule

  • Written approval needed from DHSS to provide services in neighboring area

  • DHSS may reallocate/reduce contract funds

  • Administrative costs not to exceed 5%

  • Follow competitive procurement practices assuring all purchases are at reasonable prices

Sow invoicing and payment
SOW: Invoicing and Payment Changes

  • No more than 4 invoices/year will be accepted

  • Invoices must include:

    • Vendor Request for Payment Form

    • CCHC quarterly Invoice Documentation packet including the

      • Topic List

      • Data Description (separated into 3 pages for each service) and

      • Invoice Worksheet

  • Vendor Request for Payment forms and required invoice documentation can be sent via postal mail, fax, or electronically

Sow invoicing and payment continued
SOW: Invoicing and Payment Continued Changes

  • Use format of CCHC followed by beginning 2-digit month followed by ending 2-digit month, then 2-digit year “CCHCmmmmyy” and submit according to the following quarterly schedule:

    Billing Period forInvoice NumberDue dates

    Services Provided

    October-December 2012 CCHC101212 January 15, 2013

    January-March 2013 CCHC010313 April 15, 2013

    April-June 2013 CCHC040613 July 15, 2013

    July-September 2013 CCHC070913 October 10, 2013

Sow monitoring and evaluation
SOW: Monitoring and Evaluation Changes

  • DNCs conduct on-site CCHC contract site visits that include:

    • Monitoring compliance with terms of contract

    • Verifying progress toward meeting DHSS priority health issues

  • Contractor shall provide:

    • CCHC Service Log(s)

    • Copies of Training Sign-in Sheet(s)

  • Contractor shall maintain administrative file with copies of invoices and required supporting documentation

  • DHSS has the right to request an audit

Professional development and cchc
Professional Development and CCHC Changes

  • Moving toward online system

  • Collaborating closely with SCCR

  • Trainers (CCHCs) and providers will need MOPD IDs

  • Transition during FFY 2013

  • You will be notified of developments