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Introduction of Tokyo 6to4 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2009.1.22 JANOG23 Kochi Tokyo6to4 Project Shin Shirahata <shin@tokyo6to4.net> Translation by Akira Kato. Introduction of Tokyo 6to4. Motivation. Trial IPv6 environment for IPv4 users Initially focus on 6to4, which has been developed widely Teredo and ISATAP will be considered.

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Introduction of Tokyo 6to4

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Introduction of tokyo 6to4


JANOG23 Kochi

Tokyo6to4 Project

Shin Shirahata <shin@tokyo6to4.net>

Translation by Akira Kato

Introduction of Tokyo6to4



  • Trial IPv6 environment for IPv4 users

    • Initially focus on 6to4, which has been developed widely

    • Teredo and ISATAP will be considered.

  • Deployment of co-existence technologies of IPv4 and IPv6

    • Share config/operation techniques

    • Configuration and operational status will be published

What is 6to4

What is 6to4?

  • A technique to send IPv6 packets over IPv4 network

    • No explict tunnel configuration required

    • Require a Global Ipv4 address

      • Can not be used through a NAT

  • Maps an IPv4 address to a IPv6 address

    • In a case of

2002:c000:022a: (/48)

/80 (*1)






(*1) Lower 80bit shows an

example of Windows XP SP3

Motivation for users

Motivation for users

  • To encourage many IPv4 users to try IPv6 with automatic tunnel techniques such as

    6to4, Teredo, ISATAP

    • 6to4 is implemented in Windows XP, Vista, and some broadband routers including AirMac Extreme

    • 6to4 is just a trial environment for introduction phase of IPv6

      • Until global deployment of production quality IPv6 network

  • No 6to4 relay router operational in Japan

    • One operated by KDDI Laboratories (http://www.6to4.jp/) completed operation in Mar 2006

Motivation for network operators

Motivation for Network Operators

  • Introduction of automatic tunneling as a co-exsiting technique of IPv4 and IPv6

    • We wish many 6to4 relay routers operational

    • We wish native IPv6 network widely deployed

  • Current Project overview

    • A Dell PE1850 w/ Quagga is used for 6to4 relay

    • Disclose information for a reference of IPv6 environment operation

      • Hardware and software configuration

      • Traffic information

      • No privacy information is disclosed

6to4 relay router and the ipv4 ipv6 internet

6to4 Relay Router and theIPv4/IPv6 Internet





Relay router

IPv4 host


Relay router


IPv6 host2001:db8::1



Relay Router

2002:c000:022a::c000:022a and 2002::/16 are AnycastedAsymmetric routing results frequently

Issues in usage of 6to4

Issues in usage of 6to4

6to4 Relay Router



6to4 Relay Router

  • If a JP user use 6to4 (unintentionally), the packets are routed via a 6to4 relay router in US or in Europe

    • Larger RTT

    • Lower network performance

To identify your 6to4 relay router:

  • IPv4IPv6: traceroute

  • IPv6IPv4: traceroute6 2002:c058:6301::

After tokyo6to4 project bootstrapped

After Tokyo6to4 Project bootstrapped

6to4 Relay Router



6to4 Relay Router


  • Tokyo6to4 Router results in improvement of

    • Smaller RTT

    • Improved network performance

      It provides IPv6 connectivity until native IPv6 network is widely deployed.

The result

The Result

  • RTT to www.kame.net via 6to4:

    • About 190ms to less than 10ms

Overview of the project

Overview of the Project

  • Tokyo6to4 Project

    • Volunteer based group from younger ISP/iDC engineers and researchers

    • Neutral to all existing institutions

  • Those who contributed:

    • Yuichiro Tahara, Shin Shirahata, Shuichi Okubo, Miyoko Kumaki, Ryoko Nakanishi, Katsuhiro Horiba, and others

  • Advisors:

    • Akira Kato, Osamu Nakamura, Hiroshi Esaki, Yuji Sekiya

The operation

The operation

  • A limited operation period planned

    • 2 years?

    • Scalability issues

    • Separation of production IPv6 services

    • Its biz model is difficult to establish

      • 6to4 is a kind of public service

  • Difference to 6to4.jp by KDDI Lab.

    • IPv4 Anycast (



  • Oct 25, 2008 to 26 dawn

    • Installation of a server in a Keio campus

  • Nov, 2008

    • Performance test in a iDC

  • Nov 6, 2008

    • AS number (AS38646) get allocated

  • Dec 2, 2008

    • Server installed in KDDI Otemachi building

Recent progress

Recent Progress

  • Dec 6, 2008

    • Advertise 2002::/16 to WIDE Internet

  • Jan 20, 2009

    • Peering over DIX-IE started

    • Advertise to the peers

  • Current peering status

    • Established with 17 ASes (ISP,R&E network)

    • Peering solicited over DIX-IE

      • Especially these ASes which only has oversea 6to4 relay routes

Initial configuration

Initial Configuration

IPv6 Internet

IPv4 Internet

Advertise 2002::/16

:Forward packets to ::/0


Peering Partners

Tokyo6to46to4 relay router





Forward packets to

  • Peering

    • DIX-IE

  • Transit

    • Donated by WIDE Project

Traffic as of jan 20 2009

Traffic as of Jan 20, 2009

To Transit:


Traffic as of feb 28 2009

Traffic as of Feb 28, 2009


To Transit:



Peering is welcome write to peering@tokyo6to4 net or contact okubo or shirahata www tokyo6to4 net

Peering is welcome!

Write to peering@tokyo6to4.netor contact Okubo or Shirahata


Thank You!

Introduction of tokyo 6to4


  • 公開コンテンツの整備

    • 一般ユーザ用

    • ネットワーク管理者用

  • 他の自動トンネル技術の展開

    • 6to4に加え,Teredoでもサービスを提供

  • 好調な場合,多拠点展開も

Special thanks

Special Thanks

  • WIDE Project

    • DIX-IEポート提供

    • IPv4/IPv6トランジット提供

    • コロケーションスペース提供

  • ピアリングパートナーの皆様

    • IPv4ピアリング

    • IPv6ピアリング

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