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Emma McDonald & Alison Rowlands

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Emma McDonald & Alison Rowlands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emma McDonald & Alison Rowlands. Context: Wyndcliffe Primary School Large inner-city school, Birmingham 760 children (Nursery – Year 6) 3 form entry, occasionally 4 95% children are muslim from Pakistani origin Next Steps: Alison – Year 6

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Presentation Transcript

Emma McDonald & Alison Rowlands

Context:Wyndcliffe Primary School

Large inner-city school, Birmingham

760 children (Nursery – Year 6)

3 form entry, occasionally 4

95% children are muslim from Pakistani origin

Next Steps:Alison – Year 6

Topic: Fashion – Explore issues of Fairtrade

PSHE: Human Rights

Literacy: Argument – Development

Emma – Year 4

PSHE: Human Rights/Rights of the child

Literacy: Report Writing: Endangered Animals (causes)

Science: Habitats: Link to Literacy

Peer coaching:To observe each other – focus on enthusiasm and response from children

To compare similar lessons taught (PSHE)

To work together to identify ease of International Links into the planning. (Liasing with other staff members)


Alison – Year 6 – P4C

P4C Literacy link – ice melting and the effect on animals.


Alison – Year 6 - PSHE

What is a need? What is a want?

What top 5 needs do you think should always be met? Why?


Emma – Year 4 - PSHE

Human Rights

What are they going to do?

Who knows about this?

When will they become happy?

Who will help them?

Where are they?

Where is their home?

Where are their shoes? Warm clothes?

Where is their food?

What has happened?


Emma- Year 4 - PSHE

  • Children’s Rights
  • Discussing whether children around the world have these rights?
  • How can I be heard?

Alison – Year 6 - Topic

What are the working conditions like?

What information have you found out about the workers lives? How does this make you feel?

What is happening in each picture?

Where do you think this is happening?

Post-its were used to respond to images and written information about workers living in developing countries.


Videos from the ‘Fairs Fair’ resource pack supported children’s understanding of ethical/fair trade.

Drama activities were used to support children’s understanding and develop empathy: role play as a character, completing own task against the clock and hot seating.


Persuasive writing – to the executive at Nike – STOP using pesticides! Use FAIR TRADE cotton!


Alison – Responses from the children

Feedback from other Year 6 teachers – Children enjoyed the session (P4C) and found it interesting


‘Everyone participated and shared ideas.’

‘When we had to agree or disagree.’

‘When we had talk partners, we could express ourselves.’

‘Taking it in turns to talk.’


‘Use a video.’

‘If we could choose one more question.’

‘More time to discuss and talk.’


Alison & Emma – Engaging others/Taking things forward

  • Continue with Human Rights/Rights of the child
  • Olympics (Whole School)
  • Water (Year 5 Topic)
  • Fairness/Importance of Sport (Unicef: Day for Change)
  • Rainforest (Year 2 and 6 Topic)
  • Beautiful Nature (Year 4 Topic) – Recycling
  • ISA – Full Award