The entertaining 80 s
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The Entertaining 80’s. By Victoria Brimmer. The beginning of Pac-man. 1980. The game Pac-man was released on May 22 nd , in Japan. The U.S released the game a couple months later. The inspiration of this game is… FOOD!!. Pac-man himself was inspired by a slice of pizza.

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The Entertaining 80’s

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The Entertaining 80’s

By Victoria Brimmer

The beginning of Pac-man


  • The game Pac-man was released on May 22nd, in Japan.

  • The U.S released the game a couple months later.

  • The inspiration of this game is…


  • Pac-man himself was inspired by a slice of pizza.

  • The little dots that are power ups, are really cookies.

  • And the ghost are just ghost

The first women in the supreme court


  • The first Woman in American history was appointed to the U.S Supreme Court.

  • Her name was Sandra Day O'Connor.

  • She was nominated by president Ronald Reagan.

Sandra O’Connor’s Personal life

  • She was born in El Paso Texas on March 26, 1930

  • She married John Jay O’Connor and had three sons with him

  • She is still alive as of July 11, 2011

The rise of the Mary Rose


The Mary Rose

  • The Mary Rose was King Henry's favorite ship.

  • It was made the same year he became king.

  • It was pulled out of the water took time and brought up many artifacts.

How the Mary Rose is now

  • After that the Mary Rose was restored and is now waiting for a new museum to house her.


v The firstwomen in space v

  • The first womanin spacewas Sally Ride

  • She was born in Encino, California

  • There was one time when she wanted to be a pro tennis player. But later said that it was to much for her to handle.


She first went to Westlake school for girls on a scholarship. Then she attended Sworthmore College but dropped out because the pressure for being a pro tennis player. When she came back to get more education she when to Stanford University. After that she continued to get education and strive for better.


The gas leak in India

  • It caused havoc all over the city leaving people with abnormal body parts

  • Many that died by choking on their own bile

  • The poor city where the gas had leaked in housed 900,000 people.

How it happened

  • The companyUnion Carbide was to blame it was one of their storage tanks that the gas leaked out of.

  • The dangerous gas was there in the first place because the company was trying to make their pesticide cheaper.

How it happened (Cont.)

  • The worker complained about it but the owners did not listen.

  • It was a faulty water valve the let the gas leak out in to the city.

  • After that happened the company made a memorial to the victims.


The new Coke uproar

  • IT was on April 23 when the Coca-Cola company changed their famous recipe for Coke.

  • They changed the recipe to compete with Pepsi, who at the time was battling them for the number one title of the best soft drink in America.

Why it caused the uproar

  • When the new coke was put out on the shelf the old coke was no longer made.

  • That caused people to start hording it. Selling some case for $30 each.

  • Some people could not stand the new coke’s taste.

What happened because of the uproar

  • People where so upset the they started things like “ Old Cola Drinker of America”

  • Because of that the company brought the old coke back as the classic.


The disaster of the decade

  • Everyone who was alive at the time remembered this event .

  • It was the Challenger accident.

  • It happened on January 28

  • It was also was the first time and last time a teacher went in to space.

  • It left the nation scarred.

  • The crew included Dick Scobee, Mike Smith, and other like the most remembered Christa Mcauliffe.

  • She was a High school teacher at Concord High school in New Hampshire.

  • It was a real honor for her, she was selected from over 11,000 people.

  • The was some signs that the accident would happen but was ignored because NASA was behind schedule.


Black Monday

  • This event was when the stock market hit an all time low.

  • The cause for it was nothing but panic.

  • The stock market dropped 22% in one day. The was the most it had ever dropped at the time

  • Now there are some preventive measures now to keep it from happening again.

  • Like trading curbs and circuit breaker


Pan Am Flight 103 is bombed

  • On December 21, a terrorist attack frightened the nation.

  • The plane was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland.

  • The bomb was made out of plastic explosives which was popular at the time for terrorist.

Pan Am Flight 103 is bombed (Cont. )

  • The plane bombing killed 261 people, 250 of which were on the plane. Sixteen of them were crew members. The 11people that were killed on the ground were killed form the falling debris of the plane.

The fall of the wall


The fall of the Berlin Wall

  • The famous wall fell on November, 9.

  • The wall was first built by the east side, which was acting as the capital of German Democratic Republic.

  • Garbotshov (The leader) was the one to let the wall be deconstructed.

  • The fall brought changes with it. At first chaos than happiness to the new united nation.

  • As you can see this decade was full of remarkable and disappointing events.


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