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Homosexuals in film… Fantastich !

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Homosexuals in film… Fantastich ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sex in film can provide a light, approachable, and educative avenue to difficult sexuality issues for young adults; helping teens come to terms with what sexuality means to them. Homosexuals in film… Fantastich !. Dealing with gay parents. The Kids Are Alright- 2010.

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Sex in film can provide a light, approachable, and educative avenue to difficult sexuality issues for young adults; helping teens come to terms with what sexuality means to them.

Homosexuals in film…Fantastich!

dealing with gay parents
Dealing with gay parents

The Kids Are Alright- 2010

Most recent box office film depicting gay parents as “normal”

- Film is not centered around the same sex relationship ; incorporated as mundane, and simply ordinary. Not focal point of film

- Julianne Moore and AnetteBening each give birth to a child using the same anonymous sperm donor. When the older child turns eighteen, she asks her brother to contact the biological father.

- 2010 Sundance hit.Out of 1-100 rating system from 37 critics film received an average of 86

- Widely accepted and acclaimed film; outpour of positive feedback.

gay parents
Gay Parents.


  • One of the longest ran studies ever; gathered 154 lesbian moms and studied the psychological adjustment of their children concieived through artificial insemination from conception to 17 years of age
  • The 17 year old daughters/ sons of lesbian mothers rated significantly higher in social settings, academia, and total competence
  • Rated significantly lower in social problems, rule breaking and aggressive behavior; compared to equally aged counterparts.
  • Study supported that these children had perfectly healthy psychological adjustment
  • In 2005, there were 270,313 children living with same sex parents; number continues to grow

Some argue these results are because:

  • Same sex couples do not get pregnant by accident! It is a methodical, serious decision
  • Most couples are financially stable- Insemination+ adoption ‘aint cheap!
  • Most couples are very open and liberal; makes for a more approachable and understanding parental figure
  • Most couples discuss sex and other awkward topics with their kids at a younger age.
dealing with gay parents1
Dealing with gay parents


The Birdcage: 1996- highest grossing GLBT film at the North American Box Office

-Portrays the empathetic struggle of coming to terms with gay parents, and the struggle to gain social acceptance as well.

Mixed reviews for this film; scored 72% based on reviews


i ndividual o rientation
Individual Orientation

Films depicting the struggle of the protagonist to identify with his/her sexual orientation is a medium in which young adults can seek comfort through relation.

past statistics
Past Statistics
  • 11.5% of gay/ lesbian youth have been physically assaulted by a family member. 1988
  • 30% of gay & bisexual adolescent males attempt suicide at least once. 1991
  • 68% of adolescent gay males use alcohol; 44% use other drugs. 1992
  • 83% of adolescent gay females use alcohol, 56% use other drugs, 11% use crack or cocaine. 1992
  • 42% of homeless identify as being gay/ lesbian. 1991
  • 80 % of teachers reported negative attitudes towards gays/lesbians. 1993

Over 30% of teen suicides each year are committed by gay/ lesbian youth. 1989

50% of all gay/ lesbian youth report that their parents reject them due to their sexual orientation. 1988

26% of gay/lesbian youth have been forced to leave their parents home due to their sexual orientation. 1989

March on Washington 1979

progress is being made
Progress Is Being Made!

recent stats

  • Gay marriage is legal in six states- MA, CT, IA,VT,NH,DC
  • Gay marriage recognized in CA & NY
  • Gay couples are on the rise- 2010; 594,391 gay couples in U.S
  • Make up 1-4% of population in most cities, more concentrated in metropolitan areas.
  • 90% of people in the U.S think homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals
  • DADT looks as if it is on its way out
  • 13 states + District of Columbia have policies in place to protect gender identity/ sexual orientation discrimination regarding employment
  • 2010- 41% support gay marriage, 40% oppose, 10% not sure