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Lungstur. Game Final Presentation Cathy Bailey (cmb0028) COMP 7976 Game Design & Development April 25, 2012. Lungstur. Gameplay. Game Play Objectives:

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Game Final Presentation

Cathy Bailey (cmb0028) COMP 7976 Game Design & Development April 25, 2012



  • Game Play Objectives:

    • The objective of the game is to remove (clicking on them) all of the asthma triggers to prevent Lungstur from having an asthma attack.

  • Rules:

    • The player has until the end of the level to remove all triggers. Lungstur will have an asthma attack, if a predefined number of triggers are not selected by the player. The stars in the sky turn yellow when a trigger is selected, to help the player monitor progress.


Screenshot: World with Triggers


Screenshot: World with Car Exhaust Triggers


Screenshot: World with Feedback to Player


Screenshot: Lungstur Gives Feedback to the Player


Screenshot: Player Progression Feedback – Stars turn yellow when a trigger is selected


Screenshot: Education Component at the End of the Game

Strength of game animation
Strength of Game - Animation

Cat jumps on Lungstur

Exhaust from lawn mower


Development platform
Development Platform

  • Alice 2.2 for Windows (12/01/2011)


  • Windows Vista

  • Objects available in the Alice gallery

Usability testing
Usability Testing



  • Lungstur’s progression through the game was slow.

  • Need to communicate instructions.

  • Too many triggers appear at the beginning of the game.

  • Some triggers moved too fast.

  • Move camera with the player.

  • Good feedback to the player.

  • Game was revised to speedup Lungstur’s progression.

  • Instructions will be added before the final submission.

  • Timing of when triggers appear was modified.

  • Slowed timing of one trigger.

  • This would hinder gameplay.

  • Thank you.

Status of alpha release
Status of Alpha Release

  • Level One Completed

    • Level Name: Lungstur outside at home

    • Characters: Lungstur walking around the world, man smoking, lady breathing hard near tree, cat and dog lingering, and teenagers talking and playing

    • Objects: House, Corvette, Hummer, pets, grass, smoke, car exhaust, flowers, lawn mower, cigarette, bicycle, fire pit, and mobile phone

    • Actions: Click on the triggers to remove them from the world

    • Animation:

      • Lungstur walks from place-to-place in the world going about his daily routine without any consideration to his asthma and exposure to triggers

      • Dog and cat jump on Lungstur

      • Lungstur has an asthma attack

      • Cars have exhaust fumes

      • Man smokes a cigarette

      • Fire pit

    • Sound Effects:

      • Lunstur says “AWESOME” when a trigger is selected

      • Lungstur wheezes, coughs, and sneezes.

      • The dog barks

      • Mobile phone ringtone

  • Level One Incomplete – will be completed before final project submission

    • Add title screen with background, education component, and gameplay instructions