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A global vision of the event

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A global vision of the event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genoa Meeting. May 2005. A global vision of the event. The schools participating in the Edurobot Project. Area metropolitana. Necessities. reflect on the experiences that have taken place ; exchange information, problems, solutions, techniques, methodo-logies …;

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Genoa Meeting

May 2005

A global vision of the event

  • reflect on the experiencesthat have taken place;
  • exchangeinformation, problems, solutions, techniques, methodo-logies…;
  • experiment in the same surroundings during the final competition;
  • visit a historic and cultural European city;
  • allow for as many people involved in the project to participate in the event;
  • contain the expenses.
general objectives
General objectives
  • discuss how inter-relational and cooperation skills have been established by means of the project portal (forum, video-streaming, video-conference, chat);
  • illustrate
    • how the students and the teachers have analysed problems concerning the construction of the robot and how they have experimented with “innovative” solutions;
    • how they have used basic or re-cycled materials;
    • how they have created a common robotic platformand have carried out hardware and software personalisations;
    • how they have improved their ‘know-how’;
    • how they have checked that the final product (the robot) is the result of group research and cooperation.
objectives for young people
Objectives for young people
  • the realization that they have taken part in an important transnational experience, which has allowed them
    • to share the same objectives and values, spirit of initiative and creativity,
    • cooperating in the creation of a common project,
    • creating a network of schools
    • and using online communication tools (forum, chat etc,);
  • experimenting in the field using a common language (English), developing a robot for the competition, “challenging” other competitors.
objectives for the teachers
Objectives for the teachers

 allow for the exchange and comparison of “good practice”, illustrating

  • programmes,
  • learning and teaching methods,
  • the use of new information and communication technologies for teaching;
objectives for the teachers1
Objectives for the teachers

 understand and evaluate

  • the teaching methodologies adopted
  • and the importance of the contributions offered
    • by cooperative e-learning,
    • by ICT,
    • by Robotics,
    • by new technologies in the teaching and learning processes
    • and by the technical, scientific and methodological updating of the teachers that work in the technical and professional secondary schools.
common elements
Common elements
  • weekend (Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday) or including a Sunday (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday): in order to allow the participants to use discounts offered by airlines;
  • ½ day to experiment the route and read the competition rules: during this time the participants can exchange information, see the work carried out by their colleagues, exchange tactics and prepare their robot…
common elements1
Common elements
  • ½ day for the competition: through this game the quality of the work undertaken will be become apparent
  • ½ day for a guided tour of the city: discover a city that was declared European Capital of Culture in 2004
common elements2
Common elements
  • Event folderfor each participant, containing (event leaflet, city map, sticker, a synthesis of the first results emerging from the monitoring of the activities carried out…)
  • A moment to play together with football, basketball and volleyball challenges …
for the organization of the meeting in genoa


for the organization

of the meeting

in Genoa

1 st hypothesis minimal
  • One representative per cluster (6 robots) or per school
  • 3 days, including:
    • arrival,
    • experimentation of the competition route,
    • tour of the city,
    • competition,
    • departure;
  • Accommodation or in a gym (sleeping bags) or in a hotel
  • Meals: self-service (buffet in the event locations)
  • Closing address
  • Other: …
2 nd hypothesis medium
2ndHypothesis (medium)
  • Numerous representatives for each cluster or for each nation;
  • 3 or 4 days, including:
    • arrival,
    • brief welcoming address c/o CNR,
    • tour of the city,
    • visit to a technologically advanced company and meeting with researchers,
    • experimentation of the competition route,
    • tour of the city,
    • competition,
    • departure;
2 nd hypothesis medium1
2ndHypothesis (medium)
  • Hotel accommodation;
  • Meals: self-service (buffet in the event locations);
  • Closing address;
  • Souvenir of the city;
  • Other: …
3 rd hypothesis maximum
  • 4 or 5 days, including:
    • Visitsto one or more technologically advanced companies;
    • Guided tour of the city (in two ½ days; in groups; guides can be students from Genoa or some teachers who agree to carry out this service);
    • Experimentation of the competition route;
    • Competition;
    • Participation in a conference (or part of it?);
    • Officialclosingaddress (?);
    • Meeting with researchers;
    • “Evening” / “afternoon” final event by the students from Genoa with photos, films, songs, jokes, slogan…
3rd hypothesis maximum
3rd Hypothesis(maximum)
  • All schools represented;
  • Hotel accommodation;
  • Meals: self-service (buffet in the event locations) except on the gala evening;
  • T-shirt of the event;
  • Souvenir of the city;
  • Other: …
to be determined
To be determined
  • DATE of the event:
    • 6-8 may
    • or 13-15 may
    • Or another date?
  • DATE within which the exact number of participants should be established