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Types of tie knots
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Diffrent Types of Tie Knots

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Types of tie knots

Ties are the explicit accessories which are put on by gentlemen so as to wear aesthetic looks and noble expressions during the professional meetings. Besides, ties are meant to enhance the overall appearance and thus have the potential to supplement the precise elegance which are initially sought through the bespoke suits. Nevertheless, as in the case of every object of charm and splendor, the ties have also undergone swift changes over the decades and today, 30 different tie knots are claimed by the fashion designers with global reach. Hence, given below are the 30 different styles by which ties can be put on (and can be flaunted) during a range of occasions while seeking style. But to begin with, let us content that every specific tie know is adjusted as per 4 different factors, namely, aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty and knot size. But the tie styles can be worn on any working and can also be chosen on special occasions simply to look different from the rest.

The given blow is the information about tie knots which you may never know existed:

Types of Tie Knots

The eldredge knot


This tie knot is hailed to be the most unique one and stands out among the array of tie knot. Such a tie knot can be woven by making optimum use of small end of the tie and thus a tapered fishtail braid-like effect is sought thereby. The knot reflects people at length and can also have a good impact upon your colleagues in office or at field.

The trinity knot


It is yet another most delicate knot which is characterized by a three-way symmetry and has the disguise of Celtic Triquetra. The pattern gathers around the central point and it enhances the overall attraction of the face above such knots manifolds.

The van wijk knot


It is characterized by third turning of the active end and when the tie is tied precisely, it casts an imposingly layered cylindrical effect. Moreover, fashion stalwarts claim such knot to be highly versatile with shirts of brighter shades and the knot is recommended for confined collars and is best paired with a vest.

The fishbone knot


It is a supreme artistic accomplishment of a tie and tie style is known by such name as the final appearance of tie is shown to be in such form. Though it is tedious to seek such a knot precisely but this knot has garnered a huge distinction in recent times.

The rose knot


Are you planning a romantic date ahead, then such a tie know will be an ideal elegance collateral. Though it has some resemblance with the trinity knot but still has been greeted warmly across the European and American muscular bodies and especially on a Valentine’s Day.

The ellie knot


It owe its appearance to Eldredge knot but tying such a knot type is pretty easier and even ties with limited lengths can be apt for it. It looks stunning with half opened collars and can be bound and loosened in a normal way like a windsor.

The truelove knot


It is just like any other sterling knot and 4 sections are created by such a knot. It is considered to be harsh to tie such a know with precision and ties with stripe are largely thought to be an ideal accessory for such knots. Fashion stalwarts claim that such knots are not meant for young boys rather it is for the livid lady killers.

The boutonniere knot


Long loops are the distinct features in such tie knots and wider collars are considered to be apt for such types. The implicit loops are, however, share drastic similarity with Fishbone knots but still such knot types showcase sterling finishes when they are put under the collars. These can be used during office hours as well as when one is on casual outings.

The krasny hourglass knot


Such a tie knot is developed by using 4 in hand while a supplementary knot is place with the help of small end but right below the main knot. Hence, it enables one to secure a typical hourglass looks in his tie. However, the downside with such knot is that it will be difficult to get it modified or adjusted in the subsequent attempts and hence it needs to be developed perfect in the maiden attempt itself. Stripe ties are best suited for such type of knots.

The merovingian knot


It is also known by the term Edity Knot and the looks of such a particular knot is enhanced by the Merovingian element. Besides, the knot is pretty special and it gives a feeling of yet another tie within the main tie.

The atlantic knot


It is considered to be a typical knot and it is a reserved depiction of Pratt Knot. The end result is an inside-out knot that is largely marked by complex knot structure which remains concealed on the back. Such a knot is considered for festivities and during family get-togethers.

The cape knot


Such a knot is a slight variation of Atlantic Knot and it further adds to the aesthetic value. Such a knot works best with the single colour ties and attracts the nerves of by-standers at length.

The capsule knot


It is just like the Atlantic knot and the Cape Knot but tying it, is a lengthy process. Such a tie knot is for the informal occasions and suites the half-wide collar openings.

The grantchester knot


It is usually a giant, thick and gives out an amorphic looks. Trend setters compare it with the St Andrews Knot since it has an additional angle at the end. Such ties are made up of silk or other lightweight materials only as other ties of fabrics will look awkward in regard to such knots.

The linwood taurus knot


Such knots are implemented to secure a style statement and it is largely a symmetrical art. It appears to be bull like and hence it looks stunning during the casual outings. It is meant for thick ties and are precisely matched with open collar shirts.

The windsor knot


It is hailed to be a fabulous necktie that is largely recommended for business meetings. It is a thicker, wider tie knot which is triangular in shape and that underlines confidence. It is exclusively meant for the cutaway collars.

The half windsor knot


It is simply the reinvention of Full Windsor Knot and when it is precisely tied, it reflects a vivid symmetrical triangular and it thus looks mesmerizing with any shirt. It is extremely accomplished while it is worn on jobs or while at leisure.

The nicky knot


It is just mulled to be an improved version of Pratt Knot where lesser turns are needed but it produces a symmetrical knot which compensates for half-spread collars. Ties of wool are held to be apt for such type of knots.

The plattsburgh knot


Unlike the St. Andrews Knot, it gives out a symmetrical knot which is largely characterized by a broader cone like shape and with a shrink opening. The knot is overall pretty sophisticated one and which is considered to be an ideal for jobs and for parties. However, knitted and woven ties are termed best for such knots.

The balthus knot


Such a knot type is typically meant for occasions like weddings and formal events. It is considered ideal for paisley ties and wide collar shirt which is supplemented by a nice-looking vest. Additionally, a long neck tie is recommended with such knots, since the knot type consumes a lot of fabric.

The onassis knot


Such a knot is held to be pretty simpler than the Windsor Knot and the person needs to simply draw the wide end of the tie behind and over the main knot. It gives out stunning looks with wise collar openings and such a knot calls for ties which are lengthier in size.

The pratt knot


Such a knot looks elegant and it requires lesser fabric as well. Moreover, it best suits any shirt and wider neckties are developed from light to medium fabrics. Fashion gurus regard such knots for formal meetings as it gives out an impression of great accomplishment.

The four in hand knot


This is an easy to tie, slender, tapered, asymmetrical, self-releasing knot. It's best suited for the standard button-down dress shirt and works best with wide neckties made from heavy fabrics. Use for semi-formal events, when you want to be discreet.Such a knot is simple to tie and then it is slender, tapered, asymmetrical and a self-releasing knot. It looks stunning with button-down dress shirts and looks pretty elegant with wider neckties which are developed from heavier fabrics. It is largely used with semi-formal events, when one wants to have a discreet appearance.

The christensen knot


Such a knot is long, narrow, and an asymmetric one that is held to be perfect for shirts with smaller collars. It suits ties of any design and shade and is recommended for formal occasion as well as casual moments.

The persian knot



It is characterized by a large, elegant and triangular knot that suits the slim neckties and is easily paired with narrow or half-wide collar openings. It can be tied for casual times and also on jobs.

The cavendish knot



If one aims for the asymmetric looks for Half Windsor, but still insists on slightly bigger and longer knot, it will be the apt option for him. It can be put on for official hours as well as for casual outings. A confined collar opening will be termed as ideal for such type of knot.

The eric glennie braided knot


It is widely used for formal as well as for casual outings. Such knots look astonishing with ties with stripes and also with those which are knitted-patterned ones.

The four rings knot


Sans doubt, it is hailed to be the great tie knot and it is meant to be tied loosely and the end result is that a puffy knot is sought at the end which is marked by 4 rings. Ties with darker shades but that are of silk fabric are the best options for such knots. Such a knot is highly recommended for parties and they look stunning for casual weekends too.

The diagonal knot


This is a highly asymmetrical and unusual knot that's best served for evening occasions. It goes well with a tie made of light fabric, in a solid color, and with a subtle pattern, so as not to make the knot look overly confusing while still giving it some additional details.

Diffrent types of tie knots

Finally, it is yet another profoundly symmetrical and a distinct knot that is best suited for leisure evenings. It is best suited with the ties which are made up of light fabrics but are of solid colour and with subtle and simpler patterns.

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