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Jg ljefu aa dxn @ efb
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cfly {s jif { @)^*.)^( jflif {s k|ult ; dLIff. jg ljefu aa / dxn @)^(, efb |. P1 cfof ] hgfx?sf ] jflif {s k|ult tyf vr { sf ] ljj /0f. P2 cfof ] hgfx?sf ] jflif {s k|ult tyf vr { sf ] ljj /0f. jg ljefusf ] cf };t k|ult. d'Vo d'Vo sfo { x?sf ] ;dli6ut k|ult ljj /0f.

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jg ljefu aa / dxn @)^(, efb |

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Presentation Transcript

Jg ljefu aa dxn @ efb

cfly{s jif{ @)^*.)^( jflif{s k|ult ;dLIff



@)^(, efb|

P1 cfof hgfx sf jflif s k ult tyf vr sf ljj 0f

P1 cfof]hgfx?sf] jflif{s k|ulttyfvr{sf] ljj/0f

P2 cfof hgfx sf jflif s k ult tyf vr sf ljj 0f

P2 cfof]hgfx?sf] jflif{s k|ulttyfvr{sf] ljj/0f

Jg ljefusf cf t k ult

jgljefusf] cf};t k|ult

D vo d vo sfo x sf dli6ut k ult ljj 0f

d'Vod'Vosfo{x?sf] ;dli6ut k|ultljj/0f

;fd'bflos jg pkef]Qmf ;d"x u7g-$() j6f_$$#

;fd'bflos jgsf] sfo{of]hgf tof/L tyf jg x:tfGt/0f-$#% j6f_$#%

;fd'bflos jgsf] sfo{of]hgf gljs/0f-!^)) j6f_!#%(

;fem]bf/L jg Joj:yfkg of]hgf tof/L-@ j6f_@

;+/lIft jg of]hgf tof/L-$ j6f_$

sj'lnotL jg sfo{of]hgf gjLs/0f -%(# j6f_%*!

lj?jf pTkfbg xhf/df-!*@$( j6f_ !$$%(

j[If/f]k0f-#@)) x]=_@*(^

Hotspot -r'/] If]q_ sf] k'g?Tkfbg ;+/If0f -%)) x]=_$$)

r'/] If]qsf ;f=j= sfo{of]hgf ;+/If0fd'lv jgfpg kl/dfh{g-&)) j6f_@&$

/fh:j ;+sng hDdf ? $! s/f]8 @@ nfv

Cfof hgf sfo s d cg f sf k ult ljj 0f

cfof]hgf . sfo{s|dcg';f/sf] k|ultljj/0f

;fd'bflosjgljsf; sfo{qmd -k|ult (^=%! k|ltzt_

  • ;fd'bflosjgpkef]Qmf ;d"x u7g-$() j6f_$$#

  • jgsfo{of]hgftof/L / jg x:tfGt/0f-$^) j6f_$#%

  • jgsfo{of]hgfk'g/fjnf]sg-!^)) j6f_!#%(

  • lj?jfpTkfbg -xhf/df Hof6«f]kf ;d]t_-&^@% uf]6f_&#)(

  • j[If/f]k0f-!#) x]=_!@!

  • ;f=j=leq s=j=;d'x u7g -!() xhf/_ !^#

  • X:tfGtl/t ;fd'bflosjg If]q x]S6/ $!!!(=)

Cfof hgf sfo s d cg f sf k ult ljj 0f1

cfof]hgf . sfo{s|dcg';f/sf] k|ultljj/0f==

h8La'6L pTkfbg sfo{s|d -k|ult *&=)% k|ltzt_

  • h8La'6L lj?jf pTkfbg -xhf/df_-($#_**(

  • h8La'6Lv]tL lj:tf/ tyf Joj:yfkg sf]lr8= lkmN8:t/-!)# uf]6f_((

  • h8La'6L ;+sng e08f/0f tyf k|zf]wg tflnd-$@ k6s_#*

  • pBd ljsf; tyf jhf/Ls/0f tflnd -@) uf]6f_!*

  • h8La'6L v]tL lj:tf/ tyf Joj:yfkg tflnd-$@ k6s_#*

  • h}t'g k|zf]wg s]Gb| :yfkgf jfh'/f-! j6f_!

  • kmf]sn 6Ldsf] j}7s-!@^ k6s_!!*

  • h8La'6L ;+sns, dWo:ystf{, Jofkf/L cGt/s[of-*$ k6s_&(

Cfof hgf sfo s d cg f sf k ult ljj 0f2

cfof]hgf . sfo{s|dcg';f/sf] k|ultljj/0f==

sj'lnotLjgtyfkz' ljsf; sfo{qmd-k|ult &!=%# k|ltzt_

  • sj'lnotLjgl;dfgf j[If/f]k0f -(@ ls=dL=_*@

  • sfo{of]hgfgjLs/0f -%(# j6f_ %*!

  • g;{/L Joj:yfkgtflnd-( k6s_(

  • jgJoj:yfkgtflnd-^( k6s_^(

  • hl8j'6L v]ltlj:tf/ tyfJoj:yfkg -!@ k6s_!@

  • s=j= cled'lvs/0f tflnd -!# k6s_!#

  • jflif{s k|ult ;ldIffuf]i7L-% k6s_%

  • lj?jf v/Lb tyfpTkfbgxhf/df-##! j6f_##!

Cfof hgf sfo s d cg f sf k ult ljj 0f3

cfof]hgf . sfo{s|dcg';f/sf] k|ultljj/0f==

g]kfn /fi6«klt r'/] ;+/If0f sfo{qmd -k|ult *(=) k|ltzt_

  • r'/If]qsf] lhNnf:t/Lo jg ;+/If0f / Joj:tfkg Plss[t of]hgf tof/L -^ j6f_^

  • h}ljs, jftfj/0fLo Pj+ e" :jvngsf lx;fjn] ;+j]bglzn /x]sf jg If]qsf] k'g?Tkfbg ;+/If0f sfo{qmd-%)) X]=_$$)

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  • jgdf rfk sd ug{ ljkGg tyf blnt ju{ s]lGb|t jg pBd ljsf; sfo{s|d-#) pBd_ @(

Cfof hgf sfo s d cg f sf k ult ljj 0f4

cfof]hgf . sfo{s|dcg';f/sf] k|ultljj/0f==

/fli6«o jg ljsf; tyf Joj:yfkg sfo{qmd -k|ult ($=&! k|ltzt_

  • rSnf jg Joj:yfkg of]hgf tof/L-@ Jns_@

  • ;fem]bf/L jg Joj:yfkg of]hgf tof/L -@ uf]6f_@

  • ;fem]bf/L jg Joj:yfkg of]hgf sfo{s|d gd'gf-* uf]6f_*

  • kGrjlif{o lhNnf jgsfo{of]hgf tof/L -$ uf]6f_#

  • lhNnf jg If]q of]hgf tof/L b}n]v-! uf]6f_!

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  • ;+/lIft jg of]hgf tof/L-$ uf]6f_$

  • ;+/lIft jg of]hgf sfof{Gjog-* uf]6f_*

  • lj?jf pTkfbg tyf v/Lb-##%) xhf/_)

  • ;fj{hlgs hUuf cfocfh{g ;lxtsf] j[If/f]k0f -!)) x]=_!))

Cfof hgf sfo s d cg f sf k ult ljj 0f5

cfof]hgf . sfo{s|dcg';f/sf] k|ultljj/0f==

jf3 ;+/If0f ljz]if sfo{qmd -k|ult *!=&* k|ltzt_

  • jg Joj:yfkg / k'g/f]Tkfbg ;+/If0f -%) x]=_$#=%

  • cltqmd0f Joj:yfkg u/L jg k'g{:yfkgf -& :yfg_$

  • cGt/ lhNnf ;dGjo a}7s-#) k6s_@!

  • ;'/Iff lgsfo ljr j}7s-%! k6s_#$

  • jf3 jrfp :s'n lzIff sfo{s|d-$% k6s_#)

Cfof hgf sfo s d cg f sf k ult ljj 0f6

cfof]hgf . sfo{s|dcg';f/sf] k|ultljj/0f==

jg ;Daw{g tyf j[If ;'wf/ s]Gb| -k|ult (#=*$ k|ltzt_

  • jLp v/Lb tyfljt/0f -d;nf, nK;L, ?b|fIf, vo/_-#))) s]=hL_#)&)

  • l;8 :6\of08 Joj:yfkg-!) j6f_!)

  • l;8 :6\of08 :yfkgf -% j6f_%

  • jgk|hflt ;+/If0f tyfJoj:yfkg-# k|hflt_#

  • jgk|hfltsf j+zf0f'ut >f]tdfhnjfo' kl/jt{gsf] k|efjcWoog-! J6f_!

    k|rf/ k|;f/ sfo{qmd -k|ult ((=@ k|ltzt_

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  • jg jfl6sf pTkfbgtyf k|;f/0f-%@ j6f_%@

  • Xfd|f] jgk|sfzgtyfljt/0f-! K6s_!

Ag k bfjf af6 k fkt fhzj xhf df

ag k}bfjf/af6 k|fKt /fhZj ? Xhf/df

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;fd'bflosjg M %,(!,@&=)

lghLjg M ^,)#,&*=)

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A h km of 6

a]?h' km:of]{6

  • j]?h' km:of]{6 M $ s/f]8 $ nfv !& xhf/

Clts d0f x6fopsf

  • If]qkmn *!$ x]S6/

clts|d0f x6fOPsf]

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jg k}bfjf/ rf]/L lgsfzL lgoGq0f

Joj flos sj lnotl jg

  • !^$@=&$ x]S6/ jg x:tfGt/0f


D of tyf dfwfgsf pkfo

;d:of tyf ;dfwfgsf pkfo

Jg ljefu aa dxn efb


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