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Multiple Pressing Defenses. Mark Harming Chamberlain High School Girls Basketball. General Overview. 2-2-1 Zone Press (box) 1-2-1-1 Zone Press (diamond) Full-court Man to Man (jump and run) ½ Court Zone Trap 2-2-1 1-3-1. Personal History . First year - 1996 McLaughlin

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Multiple pressing defenses

Multiple Pressing Defenses

Mark Harming

Chamberlain High School

Girls Basketball

General overview

General Overview

2-2-1 Zone Press (box)

1-2-1-1 Zone Press (diamond)

Full-court Man to Man (jump and run)

½ Court Zone Trap



Personal history
Personal History

  • First year - 1996 McLaughlin

  • Second Year - add Box press

  • 3rd Year - Wessington add Diamond

  • Byron Hand – 2-2-1 Half court trap

  • Troy Wanner- DRSM – FC Man to Man

  • Currently we use all four types

Reasons for multiple presses
Reasons for multiple presses

  • Keep your opponent guessing

  • Dictate to them

  • Different presses are successful against different teams

  • Helpful in late game situations

  • Additional benefit – since you run them all, you practice against them all, and will help you in running your press break.

2 2 1 zone press


Easiest to learn

Least risk

Don’t need to be super fast or athletic


The middle is wide open

You do need 2 quick guards

Don’t always get a trap

Not real aggressive

2-2-1 Zone Press

2 2 1 zone press1
2-2-1 Zone Press


  • Teaching Points

  • Make them inbounds to the corner

  • Force the ball to dribble to the sideline…overplay and do NOT allow them to dribble middle

  • Halfcourt defender on ballside will come forward and trap.

  • Opposite side will rotate to that spot, and take first pass ahead

  • Opposite Guard Takes away anything to the middle.

  • #5 plays the safety man –don’t get beat deep!






1 2 1 1 zone press


Aggressive – affects team mindset

Should always get a trap

Puts pressure on them to make something happen


Vulnerable – if beaten

You need the right personnel

Need a good “safety”

1-2-1-1 Zone Press

1 2 1 1 zone press1
1-2-1-1 Zone Press

  • Teaching Points

  • Pressure the inbounds

  • #4 must trap the ball on entry

  • #3 (halfcourt) takes away first pass ahead

  • Off-ball Guard takes first pass to the middle

  • #5 Plays Safety Position






Full court man jump and run


Never know where the trap is coming from

Very versatile – Can play many ways



You need to have the talent to run this well

Vulnerable – if beaten

Can be broken by a great ball handler

Hardest to learn and teach

Full Court Man (Jump and Run)

Full court man jump and run1
Full Court Man (Jump and Run)

  • Teaching Points

  • Pressure the inbounds, but don’t give up the “homerun”

  • “On-Ball” -make them put it on the floor, either direction.

  • All players- must watch ball, and if ballhandler comes within 3 strides of them….leave their man and trap.

  • Other players must rotate, and cover and recover…. Communication is key!

  • If the ball is ahead of you… Sprint!

Court trap 1 3 1


Good for a “change of pace”

Can get some easy turnovers

Don’t need too much team speed


Tough to trap a good ball-handler

Leaves open quick shot from the baseline

Tough to rebound out of

½ Court Trap (1-3-1)

Court trap 1 3 11
½ Court Trap (1-3-1)

  • Teaching Points

  • Point (#1) Force the ball to a side.

  • Wings (#3 & #4) Will trap on ballside, opposite will take first pass to the middle.

  • Interceptor (#2) will take first pass ahead

  • #5 will play safety











Using multiple presses
Using Multiple Presses

  • Year to Year different teams will have different strengths…stronger in one press than another

  • You can still use them all, just change up which one(s) you use the most

  • It becomes easier to teach, and for them to learn if you use them all each year

Practicing multiple presses
Practicing Multiple Presses

  • We introduce at least 2 before the first game (usually the 2-2-1 and another)

  • Over Christmas Break, we add the third one.

  • By the second half of the season, we have added the fourth one.

  • District and Region opponents…will usually see only one or two in our games with them.

  • We work on a different pressing or press-breaking skill daily.

  • “Pressing Defense” Drill

    • 10 minute drill

    • The varsity will defend the jv.

    • I make a lay-up and call out a defense

    • The Varsity must set up that defense, if they get a steal, they try and score…if they score I may call a different defense

    • Basically, they have no idea what defense will be run next, every time it goes through the hoop.

    • We will rotate players in and out…but it will stay Varsity vs JV the whole time

Switching during a game
Switching during a game daily.

  • Out of a timeout, running the half-court trap just one time

  • Late in the game, need a foul or a steal, run the 1-2-1-1, or the jump and run.

  • Switch from one press to another while shooting a free throw (tell your “halfcourt” player)

  • Run a different type of press each quarter.

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts daily.

  • Not every team can be pressed. But the threat of it, will cost them some practice time, and the more they have to prepare for the better for your team.

  • If your team has learned all of these, you can pull one out late in a game, and surprise an opponent.

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