my first time over seas
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My first time over seas

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My first time over seas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My first time over seas. By TeRangimarie. Day 1. On January the 18th me and my brother and the cuzzies were going on a cruse with our koro Tori for 8 days. we were visiting 3 islands in N ew Caledonia. They were N oumea , L ifou , I les of Pine. Day 2.

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day 1
Day 1

On January the 18th me and my brother and the cuzzies were going on a cruse with our koro Tori for 8 days. we were visiting 3 islands in New Caledonia. They were Noumea, Lifou, Iles of Pine.


Day 2

We had our clothes ready to go on to the ship. We set out on the road to go to the ship and we stopped at some places for lunch. We got to the ship and it was huge, it was the size of a big hotel with lots of rooms


Day 3

We said our goodbyes to mum and dad and aunty and then we went on to the ship and we had a huge party for at least 4 hours . we found our rooms and we slept for 2 hours.


Day 4

On the first day on the cruse we had to explore the ship and find the buffet and the restaurant . We found the hang out spot for kids but the only problem was that our little cuzzie wasn’t aloud to come with us in the hang out because she was to young me and my older cousin and koro Tori were angry at the owner of the hang out spot because we always have to look after her.


Day 5

On the second day we went to the restaurant for breakfast . After that we made kiddie cock tails called mock tails and koro Tori was doing ballroom dancing with our nan . each night we had to follow a theme like cowboys and cowgirls, island time , and tuxedo night .


Day 6

We made it to one of the islands Noumea. Man it was hot it almost was impossible to breath but it was fun. We caught the local bus around the city and the beach\'s. there a lot hot spot for fishing and for girls as well . We stopped at one at the beach’s and we went in for a soak . after that we went back to the ship , and said our goodbyes and so we set off for the next island.


Day 7

We made it to second island Lifou . It was beautiful every thing over there was beautiful and the food was just the best. We had fun but also had sun burnt for at lease 4 days.


Day 8

We came to our last island Ile of Pine and that was the best of them all the best part about that was the sea because crystal clear and you can sea the fish swimming next to you you.


Day 9

It was the last day and we had to say goodbye to our friends that we made on the cruise.

The end.