Gage  Repeatability  Reproducibility

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Gage Repeatability Reproducibility

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1. Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility

2. Introduction What is a Gage R&R Definitions Standards that companies use Examples of Gage R&Rs

3. What will not be covered The Equations for Gage R&R There are many statistics programs Go to and type in Gage R&R and there are work sheets

4. Example

5. What is a Gage R&R? A method to check whether a gage is capable of making the appropriate measurements. Doing an Analysis of Variation (ANOVA) of a group of readings to ensure measurement precision and reliability The gage is a constant

6. What is a Gage R&R? A measurement is characterized by Location (accuracy, stability and linearity metrics) and Spread (repeatability and reproducibility). A Gage R&R measures spread

7. Definitions Variation the differences within a piece, from piece to piece, measurement to measurement, and other variation such as process step to process step, etc. Every process has variation including in the measuring gage Want to make sure that variation in the gage is acceptable

8. Definitions Accuracy Bias. Difference between an average of a number of measurements and the true value Gage must be accurate Test for accuracy is calibration The Gage must be calibrated

9. Definitions Repeatability Precision. The ability to repeat the measurements by the same operator at or near the same time Reproducibility Reliability. The ability to reproduce the measurements by different operators at different times.

10. Methodology

11. Standards What are some standards that companies such as GE are using for acceptable gages?

12. Standards For gages that are used to make pass/fail decisions < 30% of the process variation can come from the gage For gages that are used to measure improvements in the process < 10% of the process variation can come from the gage

13. Any Questions?

14. Examples from the simplest measuring gages to more complicated equipment

15. Example of a simple Gage R&R A micrometer is tested by having 3 people measure 5 to 10 parts 3 times each in random order

19. Results Gage R&R %Contribution Source Sigma2 (of Sigma2) Total Gage R&R 7.29E-05 79.12 Repeatability 6.20E-05 67.27 Reproducibility 1.09E-05 11.85 Operator 0.00E+00 0.00 Operator*Sample 1.09E-05 11.85 Part-To-Part 1.92E-05 20.88 Total Variation 9.21E-05 100.00

20. Results

21. Example of a more complicated Gage R&R We had a continuous measurement of width of a flat wire We measure a standard 10 times and compared the measurements

22. Calculation

23. Data

24. Width

25. Summary

26. Review What is a Gage R&R Definitions Standards that companies use Examples of Gage R&Rs

27. Any Questions?

28. Thank You!

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