Week of sept 10 14
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Week of Sept. 10-14. Act I, Scene III. Monday, Sept. 10. Choose five of your vocabulary words and write sentences with them. . READ ACT I, SCENE 3. Tuesday, September 11. READING TIME. Wednesday, Sept. 12. Study your vocabulary words. Write drama vocabulary words in your notes.

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Week of Sept. 10-14

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Week of sept 10 14

Week of Sept. 10-14

Act I, Scene III

Monday sept 10

Monday, Sept. 10

  • Choose five of your vocabulary words and write sentences with them.

Read act i scene 3


Tuesday september 11

Tuesday, September 11


Wednesday sept 12

Wednesday, Sept. 12

  • Study your vocabulary words.

  • Write drama vocabulary words in your notes.

Week of sept 10 14

Drama Vocabulary

  • Monologue A long speech by a single character.

  • Act A major division of a play. There are two acts in The Diary of Anne Frank.

  • Antagonist A person or a situation that opposes another character’s goals or desires.

  • Character A personality or role an actor/actress re-creates.

  • Characterization The development and portrayal of a personality through thought, action, dialogue, costuming, and makeup.

  • Scene A short section of a play that usually marks changes of time and place.

  • Stage direction Notes included in a play, in addition to the dialogue, for the purpose of describing how something should be performed on stage.

Thursday sept 13

Thursday, Sept. 13


Friday sept 14

Friday, Sept. 14

List the conflicts that have developed among the characters by the end of Scene 3.

Why are these conflicts dangerous for the people in the Secret Annex?

What other conflicts do you predict might arise? 

Exit slips

Exit Slips

Week of sept 10 14

  • Each member of the Van Daan family has a weakness. Choose a character, identify his / her weakness, prove it with evidence from the play, and predict how this weakness will affect the goal of the group.

Week of sept 10 14

List the major conflicts so far developed in the play. Label these as internal or external. Connect one of these conflicts to the greater outside conflict, the reason for hiding in the first place. What connections, parallels, or ironies exist between the conflicts inside and the conflicts outside of the Annex?

Week of sept 10 14

  • Do Anne and Peter seem to have typical teenage attitudes toward their families?

  • Go back to the text for examples to support your response. 

Week of sept 10 14

Compare Mr. Frank’s and Mr. Van Daan’s reactions to the arrival of Albert Dussel. Which seems like the right way to respond? Why?

Week of sept 10 14

Should Mr. Frank have consulted the other members of the Annex before inviting Mr. Dussel to live there? Why or Why not?

Does he exhibit leadership skills when making this decision? How could this decision present a moral dilemma for him? How might it change his relationships with others in the Annex?

** respond in a well organized paragraph **

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