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The middle ages
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The Middle Ages. An Overview. Alaric I at the Sack of Rome (410). a violent, dangerous world. I. Effects of the collapse of Roman Civilization. Decline of trade and cities (de-urbanization) Loss of literacy and a common language Personal ties replaced the concept of citizenship

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The Middle Ages

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The middle ages

The Middle Ages

An Overview

Alaric i at the sack of rome 410

Alaric I at the Sack of Rome (410)

A violent dangerous world

a violent, dangerous world

I effects of the collapse of roman civilization

I. Effects of the collapse of Roman Civilization

  • Decline of trade and cities (de-urbanization)

  • Loss of literacy and a common language

  • Personal ties replaced the concept of citizenship

  • Christianity spread and emerged as the only unifying element

    • Missionaries (St. Patrick, Augustine of England)

    • Political “conversions” (Clovis)

    • Monastic life (Benedictine Rule)

Charlemagne first holy roman emperor

Charlemagne: First Holy Roman Emperor

Ii feudal society reciprocity

II. Feudal Society: Reciprocity

  • “Estates”

    • Those who work (serfs and burghers)

    • Those who fight

    • Those who pray

  • Lords and vassals

  • Serfdom





Monks and nuns

Monks and Nuns



The middle ages

Hell was very Real

“How can we avoid going there?”

Obsession with sin salvation and the final judgment

Obsession with sin, salvation and the final judgment

Religions in the west 1200 ad

Religions in the West 1200 AD

Iii problems in the church simony and worldly lives of the clergy

III. Problems in the Church: Simony and Worldly Lives of the Clergy

The investiture controversy

The Investiture Controversy

  • Who is more powerful, pope or emperor?

  • Who should appoint (invest) bishops?

Henry iv begging at canossa

Henry IV begging at Canossa

The middle ages

Problem: Heresy.


Pope urban ii wants more power for the church preaches the 1 st crusade

Pope Urban II wants more power for the Church, preaches the 1st Crusade

The threat of islam

The “threat” of Islam

First crusade to free the holy land

First Crusade to “free” the Holy Land

  • Map 9.2: The First Crusade, 1096–1098 (p. 354)

Siege of jerusalem

Siege of Jerusalem

Iv effects of the crusades on europe

IV. Effects of the Crusades on Europe

  • New military technique and technology.

    • New ideas to use on each other (100 years war)

  • Strengthened the power of kings and the middle class

  • Exchange of ideas and goods

    • Revival of trade

Death comes for everyone

Death comes for everyone…

The middle ages

Death is Coming… 1348-1500

The middle ages

Bubonic Plague

V the babylonian captivity and the great schism

V. The Babylonian Captivity and the Great Schism

  • Babylonian Captivity (1309-1377)

    • Papal seat moved to Avignon, France

    • Suspicion of French control over the Church

  • Great Schism (1378-1417)

    • Mutual excommunication by French and Italian popes

    • Two series of popes until 1417

  • Resulted in suspicion of popes and the church generally.

The middle ages


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