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Societal Impacts

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The Next Big Step. Nanotechnology. Computers. Societal Impacts. Automobiles. Railways. Steam Engines. (Middle Ages). Time. The Next Big Step. Nanotechnology. Computers. Societal Impacts. Automobiles. Railways. Steam Engines. (Middle Ages). Time.

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The Next Big Step







Steam Engines

(Middle Ages)



The NextBigStep







Steam Engines

(Middle Ages)



Some nanotechnology sites


The Issue of BP and pulse fluctuations and patches

  • Science News in 1998 had an article that essential hypertension in about 1/6 people was related to heavy metals trapped in the kidneys.
  • As part of LifeWave’s ongoing research program 24 hour urine collection studies have been done on 20 individuals six times over the course of a week while the individuals were wearing LifeWave patches. These urine studies have shown that wearing LifeWave patches will cause a significant elevation of heavy metals excretion in the urine of mercury, lead, cadmium, antimony arsenic and uranium.
  • In people who have a large body burden of toxic chemicals and or heavy metals this could theoretically increase BP elevations for several days.

The Effect of LW Patches on the Heart and Blood Pressure

  • LifeWave research since 2005 has been directed toward examining this issue.
  • Many people have participated in studies and observed while wearing LifeWave patches by numerous researchers:
  • Dr. Dean Clark (n=200) in Infrared studies,
  • Dr. Frank Shallenberger (n=30) in an exercise study,
  • Melonie Montgomery in the Seefenestra 30 day lab study (n=60),
  • Dr.Homer Nazeran in a Heart Rate Variability Study (n=20),
  • Dr. Quila Rider in a glutathione lab study (n=20),
  • Dr. Thomas Brudzynski in another Heart Rate Variability Study (n= 20)
  • Dr. Bert Jacobson in a weight lifting study (n=41).

The Effect of LW Patches on the Heart and Blood Pressure

  • All totaled 391 subjects have been observed wearing patches in just these studies.
  • No reports were made by any investigator of dizziness, nausea, pulse fluctuations, or blood pressure changes occurring in any subject in these studies.

However I have had several previous reports of transient increase in HR that occurred after putting on Energy Enhancer patches which resolved when the patches were removed and several cases of transient increased BP (thought to be due to rapid detox) that also resolved when the patches were removed.

Several studies have been completed so far looking at cardiac responses.

One HRV study was presented at an international medical conference in Sept. 2005. This study shows that the patches increase the tone of the parasympathetic nervous system. This would have a calmative effect on the conductive system. 

Increased stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system could theoretically slow the heart rate and drop the blood pressure by a few points.


Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s completed a 30 person study looked at energy production (63% had an average of 25.5% increase in total ATP production over placebo). He also monitored for cardiac responses and no problems were noted.  Pacemakers and electrical appliances in the body- no interactions have ever been reported. May use any placement even with metal implants and pacemakers/defibrillators.


Many people have asked questions whether LifeWave patches can help heart conditions such as arrhythmias.

Overall, we cannot make any medical claims that LifeWave patches will help any medical condition, but energy and stamina.

It is possible that LifeWave patches may improve the relaxation response through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system


LifeWave Patches and their effect on the electrical properties of cells

Many distributors have expressed interest in whether LifeWave patches can promote or initiate cellular detoxification processes. In my opinion I think the answer is yes.

Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian electrical engineer. Published in his book called The Secret of Life (1935) that cells are electrical in nature. In his book he described how he could generate high frequency radio waves with an electronic device called a multiwave oscillator. He reported that he could energize malfunctioning cells, which had lower than normal stored electrical charges by exposing the body to electromagnetic energy. His device produced a temporary increase of charge in the cell membranes in cells with low charge. (This is analogous to recharging a flashlight battery. A flashlight with a charged battery works better than a flashlight which has weak batteries.)


LifeWave Patches and their effect on the electrical properties of cells

When dysfunctional cells are energized, waste is expelled and nutrients will be ingested.

While Lakhovsky used an electrical device to send energy into the cells to give cells a temporary charge, LifeWave Energy and IceWave patches send information signals into the cells that cause the cells to produce more energy producing a more sustained effect.


Healing crises and detoxification

One of the known biological effects of both the LifeWave Energy Enhancer and IceWave patches is to increase the electrical charge of cell membranes.

To some extent the body\'s cells function like batteries and healthy cells normally store electrical charges in their cell membranes. These electrical charges are used to power nutrient transport into the cells and toxin release from the cells.

When an individual is ill and/or is chronically exposed to toxins in air, food and water toxins can accumulate in the cells. Chronically ill, older, toxic and even some apparently healthy individuals may have lower than normal cell membrane energy storage, which means that they have difficulty pumping nutrients into their cells and releasing toxins.


Healing crises and detoxification

So when LifeWave patches are placed on the body the energy charge in the cell membranes will begin to move back toward normal. This can result in billions of cells simultaneously deciding to do house cleaning at the same time by dumping stored toxins. (Imagine everyone in New York City flushing their toilets at one time).


The release of stored toxins can also occur with use of the Carnosine and Glutathione patches in the Y-Age product through a different mechanism. Glutathione and Carnosine patches are designed to create signals that cause the cells to produce Glutathione and Carnosine. Both have critical roles in promoting the release of stored toxins by acting as protective cellular antioxidants.


The toxins dumped from the cells must pass through the bloodstream on their way to the organs of elimination (liver, bowels, kidney and skin). Unfortunately, if too many toxins enter the bloodstream too fast an individual will transiently experience various symptoms of toxicity, which can range from mild-to-severe fatigue, headaches, sleepiness, joint pain, aches, foggy thinking, poor concentration, and blood pressure and pulse fluctuations.

These symptoms will typically be short lived, but can be uncomfortable in some high risk individuals (heavy smokers, people exposed to occupational toxins like welders, crop dusters, roofers, painters, etc).

It is important to recognize that this is a natural outcome from any approach that increases cellular membrane charge. It is better to remove poisons from the body than it is to store toxins in the cells where they interfere with normal cellular functions.


The issues of skin rashes when wearing LifeWave patch products

First, it is uncommon to develop a rash while wearing LifeWave patches. Almost all of the people who do develop rashes when using LifeWave patches get rashes because of previous toxin exposure, accumulation and the rapid release of stored toxins.

When several people in the same area get skin rashes it is almost certain that there is a general exposure in that region to one or more environmental toxins.

Certain health conditions will also cause people to store toxins in their bodies. People with certain health conditions (listed below) may develop skin rashes when the LifeWave patches causes the body to start releasing the stored toxins




What can be done to address uncomfortable symptoms?

  • If you begin to feel unwell take the patches off for at least 4 hours or the rest of the day. Always drink plenty of water. Some people only need to wear the patches for a few hours and others need to wear them all day to get the full benefit.
  • A small percentage of people will actually feel nervous when the patches are put in some locations, but not other locations. If you or someone you know begins to feel too charged up and nervous take the patches off and apply them on an alternative location on a different day.

What can be done to address uncomfortable symptoms?

  • Taking extra amounts of vitamin C 500mg to 2000mg 3 to 4 times a day can usually reduce mild symptoms of discomfort due to rapid release of toxins.
  • Certain herbs help release stored toxins and assist in skin detoxification.
  • Alfalfa and mint can be made into teas to help skin detoxification. Other herbs that help the body release stored toxins are basil, red clover, yellow dock, black walnut, milk thistle, and blessed thistle.

A very small percentage of people who use the patches (about 1/3000) people will develop rashes because they are allergic to the adhesive used on the patches. However rashes caused by the adhesive require skin contact.

  • Rashes caused by the patches themselves are due to allergic reactions to the medical acrylate adhesive
  • Rashes that occur when the patches are on the clothing are not caused by allergic reactions to the adhesive on the patches. These rashes are caused by stored toxins that are being released through the skin.
  • If heavy air pollution exists in an area it is not uncommon for several people to develop rashes because they have the same toxins.

summary of some of the basic LifeWave research studies

  • Dr. Homer Nazeran has completed a HRV (Heart Rate Variability) study with the LifeWave energy patches. Dr. Nazeran found that the patches increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system at both rest and exercise. This study shows that the patches cause physiological changes in the autonomic nervous system. His study was presented at the 27th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society September 1-4, 2005 in Shanghai, China (Nazeran et al., 2005).

summary of some of the basic LifeWave research studies

  • Dr. Frank Shallenberger of Carson City, Nevada has completed a placebo controlled, blinded pilot study. He found that the LifeWave energy patches demonstrated significant and dramatic improvement in mitochondrial energy production after only one week of use. More notable yet is the fact that there was an even greater increase in the percentage of energy, both resting and under exertion that was derived from fat (Shallenberger, 2005). Dr. Shallenberger has also completed a 30 person study that is currently being written up.

summary of some of the basic LifeWave research studies

  • The nontransdermal nature of the patches was proven by MVA Scientific Consultants (Brown, 2004). This study was done to prove to the NCAA that LifeWave patches do not put chemicals into the human body.

Dr. Dean Clark has completed a study called “The LifeWave Nanotechnology Energy Patch”. This study was performed on 36 random individuals using infrared imaging as a method of measuring thermal changes that occurred when LifeWave energy enhancing patches were placed on the body. These measurements were done on people ranging in age from 22 to 72. The patches were placed on hyperthermic (warm) areas of the body that were identified with infrared imaging. The patches caused a cooling response in skin temperature readings both locally and distal from the site of application. The measured response of the patches is proof that the patches emit some form of energy to the body to cause a hyperthermic region to cool. This can only be explained by the patches having an influence on the autonomic nervous system via the subcutaneous vascular beds. This study confirmed with a different technology (infrared imaging) that changes occurs in the autonomic nervous system (Clark, 2005).


Changes in the autonomic nervous system were also observed by Dr. Nazeran when he did his HRV study.