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Genetic Material

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Genetic Material. Fun DNA Facts!. DNA is too small to see, but under a microscope it looks like a twisted up ladder!. DNA stands for: D: Deoxyribose N: Nucleic A: Acid.

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Fun DNA Facts!

DNA is too small to see, but under a microscope it looks like a twisted up ladder!

DNA stands for:D: DeoxyriboseN: NucleicA: Acid

Every living thing has DNA. That means that you have something in common with a zebra, a tree, a mushroom and a beetle!!!!

dna is made up of nitrogen bases phosphate and sugars

“Rungs of ladder”


Base (A,T,G or C)

“Legs of ladder”

Phosphate &

Sugar Backbone

DNAis made up ofNitrogen bases, phosphate and sugars
a history of dna
  • Discovery of the DNA double helix

A. Frederick Griffith– Discovers that a factor in diseased bacteria can transform harmless bacteria into deadly bacteria (1928)

B. Rosalind Franklin- X-ray photo of DNA.


C. Watson and Crick- described the DNA molecule from Franklin’s X-ray.



The function of genetic material is to determine characteristics of living things. It is passed from parent to offspring.

The structures found in genetic material are as follows: Base pairs make up the DNA, DNA make up the genes , genes make up the chromosomes and chromosomes are found in the nucleus of cell.