Open system solutions a framework for success september 2007
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Open System Solutions a Framework for Success September 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Open System Solutions…a Framework for Success” September 2007. Steve Lucas – Sales Manager, Vykon Security Scott Muench - Technical Sales Manager. © 2007 Tridium, Inc. Agenda. Open Systems Overview The Technology - Niagara Framework Example Solution Integrator Toolkit

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Open system solutions a framework for success september 2007

“Open System Solutions…a Framework for Success”September 2007

Steve Lucas – Sales Manager, Vykon Security

Scott Muench - Technical Sales Manager

© 2007 Tridium, Inc.


  • Open Systems Overview

  • The Technology - Niagara Framework

  • Example Solution

  • Integrator Toolkit

  • Summary of Benefits

  • Q & A



















And More

What Customers Want



Open System


From boiler room to board room – Brings value to the operation

Open System Life Cycle Costs

  • Do they cost more or less than closed systems?

  • How much does it cost to acquire? (Initial Capital Investment)

  • What’s it cost to keep? (Ongoing Maintenance)

  • How does it help or hinder me in day to day activities? (Impact upon Operations)

  • If I need to change, modify or enhance it, what does it cost and how quickly can it be done? (Reconfiguration/Enhancement Costs)

  • Is it worth anything when I’m done with it? (Residual Value)

Key Elements ofOpenness

  • Device connectivity

    • How many products of importance to my application can a given technology or system communicate with? 

  • User Interface Connectivity

    • Can a standard browser be used for Access?

    • Can alarms, messages etc. be emailed, transferred to standard devices such as browsers, phones, servers, PDAs?

    • Can I give anyone access without additional licenses fees?

  • Access to products for initial purchase and expansions

    • Where can I buy these products?

    • Where can I get them installed or serviced?

    • How many suppliers?

    • Is it a competitive situation?

Key Elements ofOpenness

  • Third party development of complimentary enterprise applications

    • Can independent developers create new products and applications that work coherently with the system?

  • Public interfaces (“APIs”) to allow 3rd party access to data

    • Are there published interfaces that makes it easy to access system data?

  • Support for accepted standard protocols

    • Does the system in question support the “lion’s share” of relevant standard communication protocols?

  • Compatibility with standard databases

    • Can data from the system be easily shared with common database formats used throughout my enterprise?

The Customer Test

  • The end use customer is where the buck stops with open systems.

  • They choose the systems, they pay for them, they live with them.

  • Open systems gives the end user the ultimate freedom of choice.

    • Manufacturer of choice

    • Protocol of choice - BACnet, LonTalk, Modbus, SNMP, OPC, and many proprietary devices or systems.

    • Local contractor of choice

    • Choice to select add-on applications and devices from third party suppliers

    • Choice to extend the capabilities of the system through standard software interfaces









Open System Framework Model

The technology niagara framework
The Technology - Niagara Framework

  • Unifies heterogeneous devices, protocols, data via a robust component model foundation

  • Internet standards built in

  • Scalable, embeddable solution – same software can be used in small low cost devices and at enterprise app level

  • Real time – connects real time data from field devices to enterprise applications, provides local control execution

  • Integrated tools support programming for non-programmers: domain experts build end-use applications with a graphical tool – no coding

  • Connects disparate devices for coordinated peer-to-peer control in the field independent of any central server

  • Open development platform (extensive open APIs) allows partners to independently develop differentiated products and apps

Web-server with dynamic

data/e-mail alarming, etc.

Internet connectivity – TCP/IP, HTTP, SNMP

Data logging, archiving

Real-time control

loops/ schedules/ alarming

Java Component Object Model

LON, OPC, MODBUS, BACnet, Legacy, etc.

Integrated, graphical dev toolset

Comprehensive, flexible platform for developing Internet-enabled solutions

User interface/data


Internet connectivity



Control functions

Data normalization



Control Functions

  • Supervisory Control

    • Global algorithms

    • Schedules

    • Data Integration

  • Access System Logic

  • Business Rule Processing

Benefits of open systems solution
Benefits of Open Systems Solution

  • Open Architecture

    • Maximum freedom of choice for end users

    • Competitive marketplace

    • Ease of systems integration / interoperability

    • Reduced installation / upgrade costs

  • Niagara Framework

    • Solutions focused, open framework architecture

    • Capability to support many different communication protocols – legacy and open standards

    • Integrated application development tools to customize solutions

    • Scalable, embedded solution with built in internet standards

Q & A

  • We would like your feedback on today’s TridiumTALK

  • If you have any further questions, comments or topic suggestions, please email them to [email protected]

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Steve Lucas

Rick Weisensale

Scott Muench