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Vocabulary. Unit 3 Crimes and Civil Wrongs ( Tort ). tort / tɔːt /. W rongful act or an infringement of a right, leading to legal liability. Agravio , falta Wrong. crime / krʌɪm / .

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Unit 3

Crimes and Civil Wrongs (Tort)

Tort t t

  • Wrongful act or an infringement of a right, leading to legal liability.

  • Agravio, falta

  • Wrong

Crime kr m

  • An action which constitutes a serious offence against an individual or the state and is punishable by law.

  • Delito

Assault s lt

  • A violent attack.

  • Agresión

  • Law an act that threatens physical harm to a person, whether or not actual harm is done.

  • Attack, mugging; assault and battery (con lesiones)

Battery batri

  • Law the infliction of unlawful personal violence on another person, even where the contact does no physical harm.

  • Lesiones, agresión

  • Battery is a criminaloffense

Negligence ne l ns

  • Failure to take proper care over something.

  • Law breach of a duty of care which results in damage.

  • Negligencia, descuido

  • Malpractice.

Defamation def me n
defamation [defə'meɪʃən]

  • Types:

    • Written: Libel

    • Notwritten: Slander

  • Shesuedthemfordefamation, les demandó por difamación.

    • defame/dɪˈfeɪm/ ▶damage the good reputation of.

Trespass tresp s

  • Law entry to a person's land or property without their permission.

  • Allanamiento de morada

  • Theywere ~ingon my land

    • Estaban entrado en mi propiedad sin autorización;

  • (onsigns) No trespassing

    • prohibido el paso, propiedad privada

Nuisance nju sns

  • a person or thing causing inconvenience or annoyance.

  • Law an act which is harmful or offensive to the public or a member of it and for which there is a legal remedy.

  • Molestias

  • Synonyms:

    • annoyance

    • Vexation

Deception d sep n

  • the action of deceiving.

  • To deceive: mentir

Fraud fr d
fraud /frɔːd/ 

  • Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

  • fraude, estafa

  • Theprisonercommittedfraud

Theft eft
theft /θeft/

  •   the action or crime of stealingrobom;

  • there have been several cases of ~

    •  ha habidovariosrobos

      -Término general-

Burglary b l ri

  • Robo (en casa) vs Robbery (at a bank)

  • Illegal entry into a building with intent to commit a crime such as theft.

  • -Término específico-

Other important expressions

  • Tosuesbforsth: demandar a alguien

  • Topleadguilty: declararse culpable

  • A fine: una multa

    • “Police can issue fines forminoroffences”

      • La policia puede emitir multas.

Types of tort page 23
Types of Tort (page 23)

  • Neglicence:

    theownwers of thebusinessmightbe in breachof a duty of caretotheiremployees.

    In breachof safety regulations

  • Battery:

    Thepersonpunchingmayalsobechargedwith(ser acusado de)a criminal act (because of physicalharm)

3. Trespasstoproperty:

Itisnotgenerallya crime so theintruderscannotbeprosecuted.

Thedefencecouldbethatthereis a right of way(derecho de paso) acrosstheland.

4. Defamation (libel):

Thefootball manager can suethenewspaper.

Thenewspaper’sdefencecouldbethatthestoryis true orthatitis in thepublicinteresttoreportit.

5. Theft:

Provided(= if) thereisanintentiontopermanentlydeprivetheowner.

6. Homicide:

Thiscouldbemurder(asesinato)ormanslaughter(homicidio), dependingonthefacts of the case and thedefence of it.

7. Burglary:

Thisiswherethesuspectenters a buildingwiththeintention of committing a theft

Synonyms: Breakinginto.