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Cleaner Streams. Grady Erickson City of Lincoln - Lancaster Health Department & Mandi Conway Watershed Management Division. Who We Are. Watershed Management Division Manage stormwater Reduce flood hazards Improve water quality Outreach & Education

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Cleaner streams

Cleaner Streams

Grady Erickson

City of Lincoln - Lancaster Health Department


Mandi Conway

Watershed Management Division

Who we are
Who We Are

  • Watershed Management Division

    • Manage stormwater

    • Reduce flood hazards

    • Improve water quality

    • Outreach & Education

  • Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

    • Keep America Beautiful

    • Keep Lincoln-Lancaster County Beautiful

  • Work closely with other entities

What we are doing
What We Are Doing

  • Promoting and educating the importance of clean waterways

    • Help reduce Non-Point Source Pollution

    • Keep streams and lakes clean and beautiful

  • EPA has identified non-point source pollution to be the largest threat to the lakes, rivers, and streams of the United States

    • 70% of all pollution

How does this effect lincoln
How Does This Effect Lincoln?

  • Storm drains don’t treat water for pollutants

  • Streams aren’t capable of protecting themselves against chemical and debris influx

  • Water quality directly affects the health of fish, birds, mammals and plants

  • 5 streams in Lincoln don’t meet EPA standards

Pet waste
Pet Waste

  • Illegally dumped down storm drains

    • Storm drains are NOT treated first so waste ends up directly in places such as Holmes Lake

  • Spreads bacteria, illnesses and parasites

    • Ex: E. Coli, cholera and tapeworm

  • EPA classifies pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil.

  • One dog can produce 274lbs of waste annually

    • 60 million dogs in U.S. = 16.4 billion lbs each year

    • 36,358 dogs in Lincoln = 9.96 million lbs each year


  • Too much fertilizer isn’t a good thing

    • Plants can only use so many nutrients

  • One pound of excess phosphorus in a lake can create 300-500pounds of algae

  • Algae blooms create hypoxic water

    • Low oxygen = Fish kills

  • N-P-K on bag, P should be 3 or less

  • Oil

    • Do-it-Yourself oil changes dump or spill more oil in a month than major tanker disasters

    • In the U.S. 200 Million Gallonsof used motoroil is improperly disposed of,Annually

      • The BP Oil Spill and Exxon Valdez Disaster have released 211 Million Gallons. Those occurred 21 Years Apart

  • One quart of motor oil can contaminate 250,000 Gallons of drinking water

  • When poured into water, one quart of motor oil can form an oil slick covering 9,680square yards (almost 2 football fields)

  • Debris

    • Eroding soils create sediment which can change the flow of streams and add unwanted nutrients and microorganisms

      • Sediment pollution causes $16Billion in environmental damage annually.

    • Grass clippings, leaves and organic debris add excess nutrients to water

    • Trash can be appealing to many animals, they can become entangled or ingest them and suffer severe consequences

    Our city
    Our City

    • 5 Streams in the Lincoln area do not meet EPA standards.

    • All streams and lakes impaired in some way


    What will cleaner streams volunteers do
    What Will Cleaner Streams Volunteers Do?

    • Spend 2 – 3 hours picking up litter in and around a stream

    • Sample water for pH, oxygen, turbidity, and temperature

    • Learn about our lakes and streams!

    Things you will do if you join swap
    Things You Will Do If You Join SWAP

    • Mark storm drains with “No Dumping: Drains to Creek” emblem

    • Survey conditions of storm drains

    • Help clean areas around storm drains and some waterways (i.e. neighborhoods)

    • Distribute door hangers to Homes in neighborhoods to educate families

    We need you
    We Need You! Waterways Clean and Healthy