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Civil & Environmental Engineering. Faculty Searches, Accreditation & General Update on Departmental Activities. Fall CEE Advisory Council Virtual Meeting December 11, 2007. Agenda. 1:30 to 1:35pm Welcome and the meeting’s outline Dave Reckhow 1:35 to 2:00 pm ABET Visit and Follow-up

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Civil environmental engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Faculty Searches, Accreditation & General Update on Departmental Activities

Fall CEE Advisory Council Virtual Meeting

December 11, 2007


  • 1:30 to 1:35pm Welcome and the meeting’s outline

    • Dave Reckhow

  • 1:35 to 2:00 pm ABET Visit and Follow-up

    • Dave Ahlfeld; BS Civil Engineering

    • John Tobiason; MS Environmental Engineering

  • 2:00 to 2:15 pm Faculty Searches

    • Dave Ahlfeld; Water Resources faculty search

    • Sergio Brena; Structures faculty search

    • John Tobiason; Amherst 250 sensors faculty search

  • 2:15 to 2:50 pm Program Updates

    • John Collura; Transportation Program update

    • John Tobiason; Environmental Engineering Program update

    • Don DeGroot; Geotechnical Program update

    • Scott Civjan, Structures Program update

  • 2:50 to 3:00 pm Wrap up & general discussion

    • Dave Reckhow

Abet visit follow up bsce
ABET Visit & Follow-up: BSCE

  • As part of our regular review process, the Civil Engineering faculty are considering a significant restatement of our CE Program Educational Objectives. We need the input of the CEE Advisory Council on these proposed Objectives.

  • ABET defines Education Objectives as broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that graduates are expected to achieve.

Proposed program educational objectives
Proposed Program Educational Objectives

  • The Educational Objectives of the UMass Civil Engineering Program describe the accomplishments we expect of our graduates.

    • Program graduates will directly enter the engineering profession or continue with graduate studies.

    • Program graduates will be recognized by supervisors and colleagues as possessing the skills needed for a successful engineering career.

    • Program graduates will demonstrate leadership in their profession and in their communities through service to professional societies, on municipal boards, with charitable organizations and similar activities.

    • Throughout their careers program graduates will use educational opportunities to continue to expand their understanding of science and engineering.

Current program educational objectives
Current Program Educational Objectives

  • The Civil Engineering Program has the following educational objectives:

    • Prepare graduates for the professional practice of Civil Engineering through the following five objectives:

      • Provide graduates with an understanding of engineering principles and current engineering techniques.

      • Provide graduates with education in environmental, geotechnical, structural, and transportation engineering and an understanding of the interrelationship of these areas in the practice of Civil Engineering.

      • Prepare graduates to maintain their state-of-the-art competency in the field of Civil Engineering throughout their careers.

      • Provide graduates with an understanding of the civil engineer’s responsibility to society for public health, safety, and a quality environment.

      • Provide graduates with an understanding of the civil engineer’s personal responsibility to participate in, and contribute to, the Civil Engineering profession and community activities throughout their career.

        • and

      • Provide opportunities for students to prepare for graduate school in Civil Engineering.

Ms in environmental engineering abet requirements
MS in Environmental EngineeringABET Requirements

  • UMass is one of 7 ABET accredited MS in Env. Engr. programs in the USA (Arkansas, Cincinnati, GA Tech, VA Tech, Texas, Texas Tech)

  • Meet General Criteria for BS programs, Program Criteria for BS in Environmental Engineering, one academic year beyond BS, demonstrate ability to apply advanced level knowledge in a specialized area.

  • Develop, publish, review educational objectives and program outcomes

Ms in environmental engineering
MS in Environmental Engineering


  • Educate environmental engineers capable of addressing both current and future environmental problems,

  • Promote a sense of professionalism and leadership among our students,

  • Engage students in the generation and dissemination of knowledge for the protection of human health and the environment.

    Outcomes: Students must have/be

  • a fundamental understanding of the both science and mathematics applicable to environmental engineering.

  • thoroughly familiar with and able to use modern engineering techniques, skills, and tools, including those for the analysis and interpretation of data, that are needed to solve environmental engineering problems.

  • able to apply the fundamental knowledge of science and mathematics in conjunction with modern engineering techniques, skills and tools for the identification, formulation and solution of environmental engineering problems including the design and execution of experiments.

  • an understanding of the impact of environmental engineering on society.

  • a solid understanding of the professional and ethical responsibility of an environmental engineer. In addition, students must recognize the need to engage in life-long learning and continued professional development.

  • the ability to communicate effectively.

  • must participate in an academic environment which includes generating and disseminating knowledge.

  • generate research results and disseminate the results of this work in a written report and a public oral presentation.

  • experience working productively with others who possess different technical skills and backgrounds to design a system, experiment, component or process to meet desired needs.

Ms in environmental engineering abet visit result
MS in Environmental EngineeringABET Visit Result

  • Result of Review: very strong faculty, facilities, students, institutional support, curriculum, etc.

  • Weakness: Program educational objectives

    • Did not demonstrate process in place for constituencies to review/evaluate objectives & extent they are obtained

    • Existing assessment techniques more appropriate for outcomes

  • Weakness: Program outcomes and assessment

    • Not enough evidence that students satisfy outcomes on graduation

    • Need to use assessment results to further program

    • Existing outcomes are different than Criterion 3 “ABET a-k”, so difficult to evaluate meeting those outcomes.

Ms in environmental engineering abet follow up plan
MS in Environmental EngineeringABET Follow-up Plan

  • Establish identified MS Environmental Engineering Advisory Board (subset of CEE Adv Council, plus others?)

  • Revise Program Objectives & Assessment

    • More measurable/quantifiable objectives

    • Revise survey instruments for employers, alumni

  • Revise Program Outcomes & Assessment

    • Adopt Criterion 3 “ABET a-k” and appropriate Program Criteria based outcomes

    • Devise more outcome specific assessment measures (i.e., a specific component of a specific course)

    • Better demonstrate use of assessments to revise/develop the program

Water resources hydrology position
Water Resources/Hydrology Position

  • Description

    • We seek candidates with research interests in one or more of the following areas: surface hydrology, ecohydrology, land-atmosphere interactions, water resources engineering and hydrologic response to climate change. The capability to complement existing research at UMass in hydrogeology, water resources management, numerical modeling and surface and groundwater quality impacts of watershed processes is desirable

  • Applicant review began November 15. 

  • 6 member search committee

  • 79 Applicants to-date

  • Interviews planned for January/February

Structural engineering and mechanics search
Structural Engineering and Mechanics Search

  • Assistant Professor Level, open background

    • Complement existing faculty

  • Search Committee

    • Breña (chair), Arwade, Civjan, Lardner - SEM

    • Ho - GeoTech

    • Clouston - BMAWT

    • Charron – SEM Grad student

  • Advertisement will be posted within 1 week

  • Evaluations commence 2 January 2008

  • Interviews: mid-February – early March 2008

Cee faculty search amherst 250 environmental sensors
CEE Faculty Search – Amherst 250Environmental Sensors

  • Proposed to Provost as part of a cluster hire involving ongoing CEE Water Resources hire and two positions in Geosciences, with focus on hydrology, hydrometerology, watersheds, climate change

  • Provost approved the CEE hire in the Environmental Sensors area, but not the Geosciences hires

  • Seek a person to complement broader civil & environmental engineering research, especially in geotechnical, environmental & water resources

Cee faculty search amherst 250 asst prof environmental sensors
CEE Faculty Search – Amherst 250Asst. Prof., Environmental Sensors

  • Proposed Advertisement:

  • We seek candidates with research interests in the development and application of sensing technologies that support applications in civil and environmental engineering. Technologies at the full range of scales (nano to global) are of interest, with expected applications that complement existing research at UMass-Amherst in hydrology, surface and groundwater quality, geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering processes in natural and engineered systems. Applications in related infrastructure and environmental systems will also be considered.

Transportation engineering program
Transportation Engineering Program

  • Added one more faculty Dr. Song Gao to bring total to 4

  • 2006-2007 Degrees Awarded

    • 10 of 28 CEE/EVE graduate degrees awarded

    • 1 PhD

    • 9 MS

  • 2006-2007 Current Enrollment

  • 22 of 63 CEE/EVE graduate enrollment

    • 5 PhD/17 MS

    • 13 M/9F

    • 15 U.S./7 International

Transportation engineering phd students


Guayama, PR


B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Puerto Rico

M.S. Civil Engineering,

UMass Amherst


Dr. Fisher

Dr. Knodler


Worcester, MA


B.S. Civil Engineering,

UMass Amherst

MBA Clark University


Dr. Hancock

Lisandra Garay-Vega

Chris Ahmadjian


Miami, FL


B.S. Sociology, Smith College

M.S. Civil Engineering,

UMass Amherst


Dr. Collura

Dr. Knodler


Waltham, MA


B.S. Civil Engineering,

UMass Amherst

M.S. Civil Engineering,

UMass Amherst


Dr. Knodler


Beijing, China


B.S. Civil Engineering, Hebei University of Technology

M.S. Transportation Planning and Management, Beijing University of Technology


Dr. Ni

David Hurwitz

Heather Rothenberg

Haizhong Wang

Transportation Engineering PhD Students

Transportation engineering graduate students


Wellesley, MA


B.S. Computer Systems Engineering, UMass Amherst


Dr. Ni

Adam Bailin


Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia


B.S. Applied Math, Moscow Institute of Phys & Tech, Moscow, Russia

M.S. Applied Math, Moscow Institute of Phys & Tech


Dr. Ni

Mariya Maslova


Jinjiang, Jienpxi, China


B.E. Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University


Dr. Gao

Huang He


Easthampton, MA


A.B. Psychology, Smith College

M.S. Exercise and Sports Studies, Smith College


Dr. Knodler

Stacy Metzger


Hyderabad, India


B.Tech Civil Engineering,

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology


Dr. Collura


Guangxi, China


B.E. Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University


Dr. Gao


Westfield, MA


B.A. Economics,

Westfield State College


Dr. Collura


Kingston, NH


B.S. Civil Engineering,

UMass Amherst


Dr. Knodler


Carl Place, NY


B.S. Civil Engineering,

UMass Amherst


Dr. Knodler

K. Pothu Raju


Melissa Paciulli

Arianna Mickee

Hugo Rivera


Beijing, China


B.S. Civil Engineering,

Beijing University


Dr. Collura

Students with no photo available :


Bedford, MA


B.S. Civil Engineering,

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Dr. Collura

Patrick Baxter


Franklin, MA


B.S. Physics,

UMass Amherst


Dr. Knodler

Arthur Bonney


Newton, MA


B.S. Civil Engineering,

Duke University


Dr. Collura

Amitai Lipton


Shenyang, Liaoning


B.S. Transportation,

Northern Jiaotong University


Dr. Collura

Jerry Lu

Francis Wu

Transportation Engineering Graduate Students


St. Paul, MN


B.S. Industrial Engineering,

UMass Amherst


Dr. Collura

Dr. Ni

Loren Barcus

Transportation engineering faculty


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Transportation), 2005, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

M.S. in Civil Engineering (Transportation), 2002, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1999, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Optimization in stochastic networks

Econometric models of (adaptive) travel behavior

Traffic models of uncertain networks with traveler information

Intelligent transportation systems

Transportation planning

Congestion pricing and emission pricing

Freight transportation

EDUCATION:Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Transportation), 1976, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina

M.S.C.E in Civil Engineering (Transportation), 1971, Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania

BSCE in Civil Engineering, 1970, Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts RESEARCH INTERESTS:Transportation Systems Engineering

and Planning

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Public Transportation Systems

Dr. John Collura



Dr. Song Gao


Assistant Professor


Ph.D. (2004) Georgia Institute of Technology (Transportation / Operations Res.)

M.Sc. (2003) Georgia Institute of Technology (Industrial Engineering)

M.Sc. (2001) Georgia Institute of Technology (Transportation)

M.Sc. (1994) Beijing Agricultural Engineering University (Mechanical Engineering)

B.Sc. (1991) Jilin University of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)  


Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Traffic Sensing and Information TechnologyTransportation Logistics and Optimization


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Transportation), 2004 University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts

M.S. in Civil Engineering (Transportation), 2002 University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts

B.S. in Civil Engineering, 1999, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts


Transportation SafetyTraffic Operations and SimulationGeometric DesignHuman Factors and Driving Simulation

Dr. Michael Knodler


Assistant Professor

Dr. Daiheng Ni


Assistant Professor

Transportation Engineering Faculty

Transportation engineering faculty visiting and emeritus

Visiting Professor

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, 1990, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

M.S. in Urban & Regional Planning

1985, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

B.S. in City Engineering, 1982, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea


Transportation Systems Analysis

Transportation Demand Analysis

ITS: Traveler Information and Route Choice Behavior

Transportation and Land Use

EDUCATION:Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering, 1961, University of California - Berkeley

M.S. in Civil Engineering, 1953, University of Illinois

B.S. in Civil Engineering , 1951, University of Illinois

RESEARCH INTERESTS:Transportation Engineering

Transportation and Regional Planning

Environmental Assessment.

Dr. Ikki Kim


Dr. Paul Shuldiner


Transportation Engineering Faculty (Visiting and Emeritus)

National summer transportation institute

National Summer Transportation Institute

UMASS Amherst Summer 2007

Principal Investigator: Mike Knodler

Ph.D. Student David Hurwitz

Guest Lecturers: John Collura and Daiheng Ni

Boston harbor cruise examining port infrastructure
Boston Harbor Cruise: Examining Port Infrastructure

Tour of masshighway operations center
Tour of MassHighwayOperations Center

Environmental engineering program update
Environmental Engineering Program Update

Fall 2007 – 8 full-time, tenure track faculty

  • Two new faculty hired Spring 2007

  • Dr. Chul Park (PhD VA Tech)

    • Biological processes

    • Activated sludge, proteins, process optimization…

  • Dr. Erik Rosenfeldt (PhD Duke)

    • Physicochemical processes

    • Photochemistry (UV), advanced oxidation, emerging contaminants

  • Dr. Sarina Ergas – sabbatical at Technion, Israel, Fall 07

    • Biological processes, membranes

  • Dr. David Reckhow – interim CEE DH

    • Environmental chemistry, physicochemical processes

  • Dr. John Tobiason – EVE Program Coordinator

    • Physicochemical processes, water supply engineering

  • Dr. David Ostendorf

    • Water resources, groundwater, field data, models

  • Dr. David Ahlfeld – chairing water resources search

    • Water resources, groundwater/surface water, modeling

  • Dr. Paula Rees – resigning as of August 2008

    • Water resources, surface water, rainfall/runoff

Geotechnical engineering graduate program status fall 2007
Geotechnical Engineering Graduate Program Status – Fall 2007

  • 1. Faculty

  • Don J. DeGroot (DJD), Coordinator

  • Ching S. Chang (CSC)

  • William H. Highter (WHH)

  • Carlton L. Ho (CLH)

  • Alan J. Lutenegger (AJL)

  • 2. In Residence Funded Research Personnel

  • 1 Post Doc (DJD)

  • 1 Research Fellow (DJD)

  • 2 PhD (DJD)

  • 4 MS (1 AJL and 3 DJD)

  • 3 UG (2 AJL and 1 DJD)

  • 3. 2007Current Funded Research

  • MassHighway – In Situ Testing Research (DJD and AJL)

  • VTrans – Lightweight foam fill (AJL)

  • VTrans – Early warning instrumentation system (DJD and AJL)

  • National Science Foundation – Offshore Geohazards (DJD)

  • MassHighway – Salt Contamination (DWO and DJD)

  • Mass. Board of Higher Education – (AJL)

  • Pending Research Proposals:

  • MassHighway – AJL project on liquefaction

  • MassHighway – CLH Phase II of silt fence project

  • 4 activity highlights
    4. Activity Highlights 2007

    Northeast Geotechnical Graduate Student Research Symposium

    Hosted on Friday October 26, 2007 by the UMass Amherst Geotechnical Engineering Group.

    The Symposium was Chaired by UMass Amherst PhD student Hoang Nguyen and the Proceedings were co-edited by Hoang and UMass Amherst PhD student Adriane Boscardin.

    The Symposium included participants from MIT, Tufts, Northeastern, URI, UMass Lowell, RPI, Clarkson, UVM, and UMass Amherst.

    Twenty-four presentations were given by students from these universities.

    Northeast Geotechnical Graduate Student Research Symposium 2007

    Award Winners

    Geosyntec Consultants sponsored an abstract competition. UMass Amherst graduate students won 3 of the prizes:

    2nd Place to Jeffrey Lloyd for his presentation on "Evaluation of an Automated Early Warning System for Unstable Soil Slopes,"

    Co-3rd place to Cody Jones for "High Quality Deep Water Geotechnical Sampling and Shear Wave Velocity."

    Best Presentation to Matt Ciuffetti for "Full-Scale Pilot Study to Reduce Lateral Stresses in Retaining Structures Using GeoFoam,"

    UMass Amherst Geotechnical Engineering 2007MS student Adriane Boscardin spent January to September 2007 conducting research on offshore geohazards at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) in Oslo, Norway.

    Adriane completed her MS degree in May 2007 and is now a PhD student in the Geotechnical Engineering Program conducting research on the National Science Foundation project on offshore geohazards. [].

    Adriane pictured above in NGI's laboratory using equipment (on the left) developed as part of her MS research at UMass Amherst. Pictured (from the left) with Tom Lunne (Technical Advisor, NGI), Farrokh Nadim (Director, International Centre for Geohazards) and Knut Anderson (Technical Director, NGI).

    UMass Amherst Geotechnical Engineering 2007PhD student Hoang Nguyen was selected from an international competition to attend the "LAndslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation" (LARAM) school in September 2007 at the Università di Salerno, Italy.

    The two week school brought together faculty, practitioners and graduate students from around the world to learn about and discuss technical issues associated with prediction, assessment and mitigation of landslides.

    Pictured above Hoang Nguyen (in white shirt with stripes) leads a group discussion on site characterization and soil modeling.

    UMass Amherst 2007Post-Doctorate Melissa M. Landon is spending 6 months at the Centre for Offshore Foundations Systems (COFS), University of Western Australia, Perth.

    Melissa is conducting collaborative research with COFS on offshore geohazards and modeling of offshore infrastructure. Soil-structure interaction experiments are being conducted using the centrifuge facilities at COFS.

    Joint Seminar Series with Structural Engineering Group 2007

    During the Fall 2007 semester the Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering Groups are conducting a joint weekly seminar series. Speakers include visitors from industry and academia and students presentations on their research.

    5. 2007Major Program Challenge

    - potential loss of critical mass in graduate program

    - need more graduate students

    - applicant pool was very strong past few years

    - issue is funding; need more sponsored research projects and fellowship money.

    Structural engineering and mechanics

    Structural engineering and mechanics 2007


    Sanjay Arwade

    Sergio Brena

    Scott Civjan

    Tom Lardner

    Structural engineering and mechanics 2007

    Sanjay Arwade

    Mechanics Background

    Coup in getting him here

    Johns Hopkins 4 years

    Already Making huge impact

    Structural engineering and mechanics 2007

    Sanjay’s Collaborations

    • Structural Engineering and Mechanics

    • CEE Department

    • Johns Hopkins

    • Marine Biologist MAINE

    • Health Monitoring MIE

    • Mechanics of Proteins Computer Science

    • BMAWT

    • Geo Sciences Committee

    • Architecture and Design

    Structural engineering and mechanics 2007

    Graduate Students

    9 New, 2PhD (12 Total)

    Excellent Group

    UMass, Smith, Johns Hopkins

    China, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam

    Structural engineering and mechanics 2007

    Current Funding Sources

    National Science Foundation

    Vermont Agency of Transportation

    New England Transportation Consortium

    Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation

    Structural engineering and mechanics 2007

    Top Priority

    New Faculty Position

    Position to Complement Existing Group

    Broad Advertisement

    Assistant Professor

    Search started last week

    Review Applications in January

    Interviews in Late February

    Structural engineering and mechanics 2007

    Growing Pains/Needs

    Contracting Issues



    Faculty balance
    Faculty Balance 2007

    • CEE Department

    Chul park
    Chul Park 2007

    • Dr. Chul Park was hired in the fall of 2007 as an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Engineering program.

      • His experience includes service as an instructor at Virginia Tech and a Study abroad scholar, Department of Civil Engineering, Washington State University, Aug 1998 – Jul 1999


      • Ph.D. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2007

      • M.S. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2002

      • B.S. Department of Environmental Engineering, Yeungnam University, 2000


      • Activated sludge process and biofilms wastewater engineering

      • Sludge digestion and biosolids handling processes

      • Role of metals and extracellular polymeric substances in bacterial aggregation

      • Metaproteomics and metagenomics in complex environmental microbiota

      • Membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment

    Song gao
    Song Gao 2007

    • Dr. Song Gao was hired in the fall of 2007 as an Assistant Professor in the Transportation Engineering program


      • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA:Ph.D. in Transportation, February 2005;

      • Tsinghua University, China:B.S. in Civil Engineering, summa cum laude, July 1999


      • Caliper Corporation, Transportation Engineer, 11/2004-7/2007

    • Research Interests

      • Optimization in stochastic networks

      • Econometric models of (adaptive) travel behavior

      • Traffic models of uncertain networks with traveler information

      • Intelligent transportation systems

      • Transportation planning

    Erik rosenfeldt
    Erik Rosenfeldt 2007

    • Dr. Erik Rosenfeldt was hired in the fall of 2007 as an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Engineering program.

      • His experience includes Visiting Research and Instructor, North Carolina State University 9/06–8/07, Visiting Research, EAWAG, F’03, Project Engineer, Environmental Resources Management, St. Louis, 1999 - 2001


      • Ph.D. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, 2007

      • M.S. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, 2003

      • B.S. Department of Chemical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, 1999


      • UV and advanced oxidation technologies for treating emerging biologically active contaminants in drinking water.

      • Study methods to determine potential oxidant efficacy in waters.

      • biological stability of treated drinking waters in distribution systems using novel flow cytometry methods.

      • oxidative and microbiological technologies to achieve enhanced removal of biologically active contaminants in water

    Richard palmer
    Richard Palmer 2007

    • Dr. Richard Palmer has accepted a position of Professor and Department Head. He plans to join us in mid-March 2008.


      • Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, 1979.

      • M.S. Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California, 1973.

      • B.S. Civil Engineering, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, 1972.


      • 1979 – present; University of Washington, Department of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Sciences Program.

      • 1973 - 1977: Hydrologist, Water Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA


      • 1988 “Service to the Profession” Award from the ASCE

      • 1992 Huber Award for Research Excellence by ASCE

      • 2006 Julian Hinds Award from ASCE for research on impacts of climate change on water resources

    New faculty future
    New Faculty: future 2007

    • Water Resources

      • Rees departure

      • Search is underway

        • Ahlfeld is chair of committee

        • Junior level

    • Structures

      • Edzwald (part); reallocated

      • Search is just beginning

        • Brena is chair of committee

        • Junior level

    • Sensors in CEE

      • A250 position; part of cluster proposal

        • Tobiason will be chair; junior level

    Student satisfaction
    Student satisfaction 2007

    • OIR Graduating student survey

    • CEE ranked 5th of 50 depts overall.

      • The other three Engineering departments were 17th, 27th and 36th.

    • The highlights for CEE were:

      • Faculty accessibility 5th out of 50

      • Access to classes 2nd out of 50

      • Career prep & guidance 2nd out of 50

      • Overall experience w/major 5th out of 50

      • Overall UMass experience 1st out of 50

    Undergraduate counts based on class
    Undergraduate Counts based on Class 2007

    • Increases starting with 2008

    American society of civil engineers asce student chapter
    American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) STUDENT CHAPTER 2007

    • Student President: Mike Sullivan

    • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Civjan and Dr. Sergio Brena

    • ASCE Student Chapter competitions allow students to use technical skills on unique projects. Students build, design, and race in concrete canoes.

    Balsa bridge competition
    Balsa Bridge Competition 2007

    • Other challenging activities include balsa wood and timber bridge building events, hydro power design, and unique local projects such as spaghetti bridge building and egg drop contests.

    Community service
    Community Service 2007

    • ASCE Student Chapters organize public service projects where students apply their classroom skills to real life situations. ASCE offers guided field trips to engineering projects, some of which are still under construction and closed to outsiders. In addition, students may visit major projects already in operation and be escorted by practicing engineers who can explain the details of their work. ASCE invites practicing engineers in the field to discuss unique projects on which they are working.

    Engineers without borders ewb
    Engineers without Borders (EWB) 2007

    • Student President: Bree Carlson

    • Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sharon Long, Dr. John Tobiason, and Dr. David Ahlfeld

    • EWB-UMass is a group of engineering and non-engineering graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Our mission is to assist disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life by developing environmental, equitable, and economically sustainable engineering projects. We believe that engineers are a part of the solution to social inequalities.

    National Conference in Amherst

    April 2007

    Project in Kenya

    Undergraduate student research
    Undergraduate Student Research 2007

    • Catherine Goodrich

      • REU & Honors student

      • Treatment of endocrine disrupters

    Cee career fair
    CEE Career Fair 2007

    • February 22, 2007

    • October 18, 2007

    Open house recruiting
    Open House & Recruiting 2007

    • Saturday; October 13, 2007

      • About 100 prospective freshmen & family members

      • General CEE session

      • Lab tours for Fluids, Transportation & Structures

    • Undergraduate Applications are up by ~25%

    • Concern over retention

    Cee spring picnic
    CEE Spring Picnic 2007

    • May 16, 2007