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Ideas for Topics. Critical Research Study Unit 2734. The Topics. We are offering you a choice of the following topics: Crime and the Media Women and Film World Cinema TV Drama Children and the Media. Crime and the Media. Crime Films/television series True Crime magazines

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Ideas for topics

Ideas for Topics

Critical Research Study

Unit 2734

The topics
The Topics

  • We are offering you a choice of the following topics:

  • Crime and the Media

  • Women and Film

  • World Cinema

  • TV Drama

  • Children and the Media

Crime and the media
Crime and the Media

  • Crime Films/television series

  • True Crime magazines

  • Press representations of crime

  • News reporting of crime

  • Moral panics

  • Trial by the media

  • Media and public perceptions of crime

Some questions for crime and the media
Some questions for Crime and the Media

  • How realistic is the portrayal of criminal activity in The Bill?

  • Do newspapers cast judgements on criminals and their activities?

  • To what extent did the press create a verdict on Michael Jackson before the trial had ended?

  • Does the media glorify crime?

Children and the media
Children and the Media

  • Use of children in media products

  • Media as educative

  • Research into effects theories

  • Children’s reception of media texts

  • Representations of childhood and gender

  • Children as participants in media productions.

Some questions for children and the media
Some questions for Children and the Media

  • Are children exploited when they are used for promoting products?

  • To what extent are children’s television programmes educational?

  • Do computer games have a negative impact on the mood of children?

  • Are teenage magazines appropriate for their audience?

Television drama
Television Drama

  • Place of TV drama in the schedules

  • Representations of social groups

  • Drama series

  • Soap Operas

  • Literary adaptations

  • High culture versus Low culture

  • Audience reception of television drama

Some questions for tv drama
Some questions for TV Drama

  • Are soap operas a clear example of low culture?

  • Why are period dramas so popular?

  • How stereotypical are the representations of social groups in Waterloo Road?

  • Does the series 24 make an accurate portrayal of terrorism?

  • How have Lost and Desperate Housewives changed the fortunes of ABC?

Women and film
Women and Film

  • Gender issues – equality of opportunity

  • Gender representation in films

  • Feminist critical perspectives

  • Audience reception

  • Films made for female audiences

  • Female responses to films

  • Films made by women

Some questions for women and film
Some questions for Women and Film

  • How are women represented differently within the action movie genre?

  • Do female audiences have a different perspective to male ones?

  • To what extent are women portrayed merely for male gratification?

  • Is success in Hollywood dependent on gender.

World cinema
World Cinema

  • Differences of context, audience and genre

  • Hybrids

  • Cultural independence

  • World cinema and politics

  • Cinema as an agent of social and political change

Some questions for world cinema
Some questions for World Cinema

  • How aware are UK audiences of the cinema of other countries?

  • How is the Bollywood movie typical of a cross-genre film?

  • The work of Pedro Almodovar

  • How are social hierarchies demonstrated within Indian Cinema?

  • How are women represented in Japanese Horror movies?