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solderingfluxes. General Chemical Corporation. MIND. OVER. Metals. General Chemical Corporation. General Chemical Corp. - Established in 1980 in Detroit, MI

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General Chemical Corporation

  • General Chemical Corp.

  • - Established in 1980 in Detroit, MI

  • - Only worldwide supplier offering a complete line of ccompatible fluxes, cleaners and lubricants for the cmanufacture of automotive heat exchangers

  • - Leading supplier to the industry

  • - Customers in 59 countries

  • - Technical staff familiar with all aspects of radiator cmanufacturing

  • - Environmentally friendly products

General Chemical Corporation

Copper & Brass Technology


Problem !!!

General Chemical Corporation

Aluminum Technology


Problem !!!

General Chemical Corporation

C o m p a t I b l e





Metal cleaners

General Chemical Corporation

General Chemical Corp.

is a world leader in soldering

Flux technologies for

Automotive Heat Exchanger


General Chemical Corporation

We pioneered  the development 

of non corrosive fluxes

and its wide usage

throughout the industry

General Chemical Corporation

Since 1980 our products

have been used to manufacture


100 million

General Chemical Corporation

Today, We ship our products

as super concentrate

solutions for savings

in freight costs to

65 countries on 5 continents

General Chemical Corporation

Take advantage of our

decades of expertise in

developing fluxes, lubricants,

cleaners and compatible chemicals

for your manufacturing process

General Chemical Corporation

If you have a chemical process

questionor if you have a

manufacturing  problem

contact our technical

experts for solutions

General Chemical Corporation

We are leaders in the

industries we service

And sell to

General Chemical Corporation

  • LOW-COR 401

  • -Best Tube Mill Flux on the market. Currently in use in Australia, eeurope, Asia, Latin America and North America

  • Excellent wetting properties allowing greater solder penetration

  • - Low foaming, suitable for any application

  • - No zinc salts, reduces wastewater treatment costs

  • - Does not promote retention of heavy metals in wastewater

  • - Rapid removal of forming lubricants, mill soils and metal oxides

  • - Leaves virtually no residues

  • - Super concentrate allows for important savings

  • ApplicationWater : Flux

  • Tube Mill 2 - 3 : 1

General Chemical Corporation

HI FLO 2000

- Excellent wetting properties = greater solder penetration

- Clean burning flux = cleaner surfaces easier to paint

- Superior heat stability does not require close temperature & time ccontrol in manufacturing many different types of cores

- No offensive odor = High employee acceptance

- Proven in radiator plants worldwide

- Washing recommended after soldering

- Super concentrate allows for important savings

ApplicationWater : Flux

Core Bake 17 - 23 : 1

Header Dip 3 - 5 : 1

Torch Soldering 1 - 6 : 1

General Chemical Corporation

Ask about our complete line

of Lubricantsfor all

related copper/brass or

aluminum processing

General Chemical Corporation


  • Fin forming Tube forming

  • tube quenching Tube pushing

  • Header forming tank forming

  • Vanishing film Protective film

  • All the products are compatible with the radiator manufacturing process. General Chemical Corp. is the only company in the world doing research and development to formulate process compatible products.

General Chemical Corporation

Our vanishing lubricants and

our easy to remove

stamping/drawing heavy

lubricants have found

worldwide acceptance

General Chemical Corporation

Ask about our line of

non etching

aqueous cleaners

for Aluminum

and copper/Brass

General Chemical Corporation


- Acid or Alkaline products to replace solvent degreasers

- Flux compatible

- Clean and brighten in one operation

- Remove oils, oxides, brazing flux residues

- Spay and soak applications

- Cleaning cycle is only 5 - 6 minutes

- Easy oil removal for extended bath life

- Reduced waste disposal costs

- No oxidizing agents & Non-tarnishing

General Chemical Corporation


  • Crystal flux for solder bath protective cover

  • Sal ammoniac briquettes for solder pump internal ccleaning

  • Leak test tank water clarifier

  • - Flocculent for heavy metals in water treatment

General Chemical Corporation

Our paint removers

are used extensively

by world class paint


General Chemical Corporation

Our peelable films have found

applications in protecting

surfaces during industrial

processing, spray booths and

many other innovative uses

General Chemical Corporation

Our tote & BULK TANK

cleaning solutions

have been used

successfully for

over 18 years