Successful Participation in Trade Fairs

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2. Address of AUMA . Association of theGerman Trade Fair IndustryLittenstrae 910179 BerlinGermanyFon: 49 (0) 30 24 000-0Fax: 49 (0) 30 24 [email protected] 3. Address of FKM . Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition StatisticsLittenstrae 910179 BerlinGermanyFon: 49 (0) 30 24 000-0Fax: 49 (0) 30 24 [email protected]

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Successful Participation in Trade Fairs

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1. 1

2. 2 Address of AUMA Association of the German Trade Fair Industry Littenstraße 9 10179 Berlin Germany Fon: +49 (0) 30 24 000-0 Fax: +49 (0) 30 24 000-330 [email protected]

3. 3 Address of FKM Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics Littenstraße 9 10179 Berlin Germany Fon: +49 (0) 30 24 000-0 Fax: +49 (0) 30 24 000-340 [email protected]

4. 4 Trade Fairs in Germany movement of goods 2008 Import 814,5 bill €

5. 5 Success factors of the Trade Fair Centre Germany Geopolitical situation at the heart of the single European market foreign markets close to home future markets of Eastern Europe visitors and exhibitors from over 180 countries Cooperation with market partners permanent dialogue between organizers and exhibitors efficient market research synergetic effects based on cooperation

6. 6 Success factors of the Trade Fair Centre Germany Quality of infrastructure modern transport infrastructure highly functional exhibition centres 20% of the world's trade fair capacities 3 of the world's 5 largest trade fair centres Quality of the events long-term realization of trade fair concepts little overlapping of themes 2/3 of all world pilot fairs

7. 7 Trade Fairs in Germany Number of events

8. 8 German Trade Fairs statistics

9. 9 Trade Fairs in Germany Origin of foreign exhibitors

10. 10 Regional exhibitions Number of events

11. 11 Regional exhibitions statistics

12. 12 Trade Fairs in Germany Information offices abroad

13. 13 German Foreign Trade Fair Programme

14. 14 German Trade Fair Quality Abroad

15. 15 Selected functions of trade fairs Trade fairs offer market concentration reflecting selected markets Trade fairs are an experience appeal to all human senses Trade fairs guarantee and increase the transparency of the market Trade fairs open up new markets Trade fairs enable a direct comparison of price and performance Trade fairs encourage an intensive exchange of information

16. 16 Participation in a trade fair as part of the marketing mix

17. 17 Trade fairs as part of the communication mix

18. 18 Communication mix public relations advertising personal contact sales promotion market research corporate design

19. 19 Trends developement of trade fair participations

20. 20 Trends trade fair targets

21. 21 Price and conditions mix price credit discount payment service

22. 22 Distributions mix sales organization distribution channels storage transport

23. 23 Product mix product quality product range brand product design

24. 24 Trends investments in participation

25. 25 Company aims

26. 26 Information behavior of trade fair visitors

27. 27 Trends trade fairs in communication mix

28. 28 Trade fair targets

29. 29 Types of trade fairs and exhibitions Typology according to catchment area international trade fairs / exhibitions national trade fairs / exhibitions regional trade fairs / exhibitions Typology according to sector universal trade fairs multi-branch trade fairs specialist trade fairs / exhibitions Congress trade fairs consumer exhibitions

30. 30 Selection criteria your situation and participation aims fit in with the theme of the trade fair representative range of goods on offer your customer groups will be reached new target groups will be attracted

31. 31 Selection of suitable Trade Fairs analysis of trade fair landscape themes titles target groups regional scope own aims pre-selection visit

32. 32 Sources of information dates, product groups, statistics AUMA_Messe Guide Deutschland AUMA_Foreign Trade Fair Programme AUMA German Trade Fair Quality Abroad FKM-Report Trade Fair Company/Organizer additional sources of information Chambers of Industry and Commerce Chambers of Industrial Crafts Trade Associations German Chambers of Commerce abroad

33. 33 Example of cost structure

34. 34 Participation in trade fairs recognition of the importance of the trade fair marketing aquisition of information about Germany, Trade Fair Country formulation of trade fair participation aims selection and decision-making drafting a budget organizational procedures attractive trade fair stand well run stand appropriate advertising and public relation thorough follow-up

35. 35 Participation documents plans of the trade fair grounds plans of the halls registration forms service documents range of spaces available conditions of exhibitions

36. 36 Technical and organizational concept stand size, type, location architecture design programme of exhibits technical installations transport stand assembly and stand disassembly organization

37. 37 Stand types

38. 38 Environmental compatibility

39. 39 Qualities of the stand personnel outstanding theoretical and practical specialist knowledge ability to deal with people and openness confident and proficient manner articulate expression flexibility knowledge of foreign trade fairs stamina (health) willingness to travel

40. 40 Stand managers job description to assume responsibility for the stand before the start of the event to delegate specific tasks to individual employees to provide and monitor, duty rosters and attendance plans to welcome important visitors to assist with customer discussions to pass on important messages to the company head office coordination of monitoring success by TradeFairBenefitCheck

41. 41 Notes on discussion

42. 42 Publicity by the trade fair organizers press work direct advertising to exhibitors and visitors advertising in specialist journals and public media online advertising poster campaigns Trade fair companies publicize the trade fair, not the individual exhibitor!

43. 43 Advertising services offered to the exhibitors by the trade fair organizers distribution of press-releases to trade journals setting copy for logos and stand location plans visitor brochures, posters promotion stickers (for letters) free-entry vouchers trade fair calendars

44. 44 Means for the advertisement of visitors promotional stickers invitation with reply card by letter, fax, e-mail invitation brochures, with reply card attached telephone calls free-entry vouchers invitation gifts affles and competitions entries and announcements in catalogues media package (internet, exhibitor data base online, etc.) entries in the visitor information system external advertising

45. 45 Press releases interesting news information suiting editorial programme easy to understand, (positive), neutral Who, what, when, how, why? Short enough? Detailed enough? Meaningful? sender approvial of customer and/or supplier earliest release date? in good time (8 - 10 weeks in advance) information material

46. 46 Follow up the trade fair thanking important customers prompt mailing of materials discussions within your own company follow-up telephone calling processing inquiries field services, sales office representatives, dealers Prerequisite: meaningful discussion notes!

47. 47 Reaching of targets (quantitative)

48. 48 Reaching of targets (qualitative)

49. 49 Costs control

50. 50 Cost-benefit-comparison

51. 51 Reaching of the company aims

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