The music of asia
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The Music of Asia. A BREIF overview. Asia has many countries and each has a unique mix of sounds and styles. We will only look at China, Japan , and Indonesia . Realize that these are just brief looks at the surface of music in Asia!. China. Chinese culture reaches back to 2000 B.C. \

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The music of asia

The Music of Asia

A BREIF overview

China and styles.

  • Chinese culture reaches back to 2000 B.C. \

  • They invented the compass, gunpowder, paper, and printing

  • Their music in characterized by heterophony and the pentatonic scale

Silk and bamboo
Silk and Bamboo and styles.

  • Sizhu (SUH-droo) music played in tea houses

  • a “jam session” with instruments like the erhu and dizi

  • Northern Chinese villages often have suona (so-nah) players.

  • Chinese opera is popular in the cities

  • Opera singers sing with tense-Guttural sounds

Chinese instruments
Chinese instruments and styles.

  • Erhu (ur-hoo): Two string fiddle that rest on the player’s knee

  • Pipa: 4 or 5-string lute held like a small cello

  • Dizi (dee-zee): bamboo flute that buzzes like a kazoo

  • Yangquin (yahn-chin): hammered dulcimer

  • Sheng (shung): small bamboo pipes bound in a circle.

  • Chinese Pop Music: Cui Jian

Japanese taiko
Japanese Taiko and styles.

  • Taiko: a drum ensemble that blends martial arts and music

  • Taiko drums were used in religious ceremonies and in battle to frighten the enemy and issue commands

Japanese instruments
Japanese Instruments and styles.

  • Shamisen: three stringed guitar that is plucked

  • Koto: a 13 string instrument that is plucked with finger picks. The koto is Japan’s national instrument.

  • Shakuhachi: a bamboo flute

  • An ensemble of Shamisen, Koto, and Shakuhachi is called a sankyoku.

Music of thailand
Music of Thailand and styles.

  • There are three major types of classical music in Thailand: Piphat, KhruangSai, and Mahori.

  • Most of the music has small ching hand cymbals and wooden sticks to mark the beat.

  • The Qeej

  • Khong Wong is a circle of gongs similar to the instruments of the Indonesian Gamelan

Indonesian gamelan
Indonesian Gamelan and styles.

  • A gamelan is a set of gong instruments that are struck with padded sticks

  • Gamelan is mainly from the islands of Bali and Java

  • A gamelan cannot be separated into individual instruments or interchanged

  • Gamelan music uses unique scales, or sets of notes, that sound strange to our ears.