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Cse679 prioritized delivery in udp and tcp
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CSE679: Prioritized Delivery in UDP and TCP. Prioritized Delivery in UDP Prioritized Delivery in TCP. Prioritized Delivery for JPEG Data. Prioritized Delivery for MPEG Data. Prioritized Delivery for Audio Data. Playback Jitter. Prioritized Delivery on Transport-layer Protocols. Cyclic-UDP

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CSE679: Prioritized Delivery in UDP and TCP

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Cse679 prioritized delivery in udp and tcp

CSE679: Prioritized Delivery in UDP and TCP

  • Prioritized Delivery in UDP

  • Prioritized Delivery in TCP

Prioritized delivery for jpeg data

Prioritized Delivery for JPEG Data

Prioritized delivery for mpeg data

Prioritized Delivery for MPEG Data

Prioritized delivery for audio data

Prioritized Delivery for Audio Data

Playback jitter

Playback Jitter

Prioritized delivery on transport layer protocols

Prioritized Delivery on Transport-layer Protocols

  • Cyclic-UDP

  • HPF

Cyclic udp

Cyclic UDP

  • Developed at UC Berkeley

  • Notion of rounds -- data sent in a fixed size time units

  • Retransmit data within the round

  • Move on to next round if data not received within round

  • Apply flow control within the round.

Prioritization in cyclic udp

Prioritization in Cyclic UDP

  • Prioritize packets within round

  • Order higher priority packets in front

  • CUDP improves chances of delivery of higher priority packets -- retransmissions have higher priority

  • NACK - indicate not received packets so far on each packet reception

Congestion control in cyclic udp

Congestion Control in Cyclic UDP

  • Rounds allow timely delivery

  • Uses delay and packet losses for determining available BW

  • Adapt to congestion

Issues in cyclic udp

Issues in Cyclic UDP

  • Assumes all available BW can be used

  • Not clear what happens to competing TCP applications

  • Results indicate multiple CUDP flows share available BW

Cse679 prioritized delivery in udp and tcp


  • HPF = Heterogeneous Packet Flows

  • If TCP congestion/flow control is so good, why not retain it?

  • Easy to show that “TCP-friendly”

  • Get rid of reliable/in-order delivery mechanisms that get in the way.

Prioritization in hpf

Prioritization in HPF

  • Allows marking packets high/low priority

  • Provides In-order reliable delivery of high priority packets

  • Allows low priority packets to be delivered when enough BW available

  • If routers support priority, can drop low priority packets ahead of high priority packets

Hpf layers

HPF Layers*

  • Application Framing (AF) -- convert frames into packets, packets into frames

  • Windowing, Reliability, Timing and Flow-control (WRTF) -- window management, flow control, reliability, deadlines

  • Congestion Control (CC) -- congestion response, estimation of RTTs

Hpf architecture

HPF Architecture*

Cse679 prioritized delivery in udp and tcp


Hpf vs tcp


  • Separate the reliable delivery from windowing mechanisms.

  • Multiplicative Decrease/Additive Increase



  • CUDP

    • Allows Timely Delivery and discard of expired packets, prioritization

    • Not clear if more aggressive than TCP

    • Not a multiplicative decrease response

  • HPF

    • UDP-based delivery puts application in charge to do flow control, congestion response etc.

    • Tedious for every application to implement all the basic mechanisms*

    • Separate ALF policies and implementation -HPF does this and follows TCP based congestion response*

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